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LetsTalk.com Joins the Memorial Day Weekend Android Sale: DROIDX2 for $119 and Incredible 2 at $63.99

Let me just say that if you have an upgrade available to use, this could be the best weekend of your life to use it.  Many of you are probably waiting for the DROID Bionic, and I completely understand why, but if dual-core and LTE together is something you can live without for another 20 months, it’s time to jump onto a new device.  Amazon is holding it down with some impressive 4G phone prices, Verizon may be handing out Thunderbolts for $99, and now LetsTalk.com is joining the party with their own set of deals.  While they aren’t going to attempt to match Amazon’s 4G sale, they are willing to undercut them on Big Red’s new 3G smartphone lineup which includes the DROIDX2 (our hands-on), Incredible 2 (our review), and the Xperia PLAY (our hands-on).

Here is what they just dropped in our inbox:

Until May 31st, we have the following:

•       Free Overnight Shipping (This is actually for all carriers)
•       A 20% off coupon for all new Verizon Android Devices (coupon code = 7c7f3319)

Here’s the rundown of top non-4G Verizon devices and their price relative to Amazon once the coupon is applied:

•       Droid X2 @ $119.99 (vs. $149.99 at Amazon, $199.99 at Verizon)
•       Droid Incredible 2 @ $63.99 (vs. $79.99 at Amazon, $199.99 at Verizon)
•       Xperia Play @ $79.99 (vs. $99.99 at Amazon, $199.99 at Verizon)

Be sure to use that coupon code.  Buy.

  • RG1966

    We bought two Incredible 2’s last week at Costco for $79.00 each after instant rebate. The cool thing is it comes with a car charger, screen protectors and you only pay sales tax on $79.00 not $439.00 as you do at the Verizon store. Yes, even without 4G we are very happy with these phones.

  • Linyantang
  • Anonymous

    I’m not seeing ANY of these prices on Amazon — they all look normal to me. Anyone else? Thunderbolt at 199, Incredible 2 at 149 like always.

  • Aesthetically..I’d say both the Droid X and Incredible are better than their new brothers. 
    According to software…the newer ones are obviously better. But yeah…their looks are kind of atrocious. 

    I wish the Nexus S was a Big Red device. 😛 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Amazing offers all around just if I were in the United States to grab those offers. 

  • Granted

    Damnit all to hell! Damnit! I absolutely hate two year effing wait periods top get a new phone, that and paying the retarded persons full retail price if you don’t wait.

    Man, with prices like these, it’s an amazing steal to get these phones, but I have to wait until next damn effing year! I even have the money for full retail, but man it Judy seems like such a waste! I’d snatch these up in a heartbeat if I could, and I could care less about dual core or 4G, because I work at home and strictly use wifi for my connection. And really the only reason I want them is to have test phones for testing out my games and other apps on the Market.

    But just like anything in technology, the moment you buy the “latest and greatest”, the next day it becomes obsolete. So by the time June rolls around next year, I’ll have octocore and 24G phones to choose from anyways, but after I buy one of those, it will be obsolete because the new smart phone brain implant will be ready to be released and there will no longer be any fast G-somethings, you’ll just teleport to the things you want to connect to.

    As far as cancer and other horrible diseases go, technology is too damn slow, but as for new phones coming out every week, it’s a little too fast for “my” tastes.

  • Anonymous


  • Cb3fsu

    their plans seem to be more expensive than what Verizon offers.  

  • Anonymous


  • This is tempting. I really might pick up the DX2, but the locked bootloader is a huge turn off. I don’t even root. I have always had stock with OG Droid. I REALLY do need a new device, and I know I will jump on one if tiered pricing is coming. I won’t give up unlimited. If the DX2 had a front facing camera and some more ROM/RAM I would be all over it, but I am big on future proofing and I don’t know if the DX2 will be supportd like the Targa will be.

    • Hsuede7

      Why does a locked bootloader matter if you don’t root anyway?

      • I like having the option. Look at those Fascinate users. They just now got froyo. That was a high end device that really got snubbed on the updates. I would have definitely rooted and ran cynagon if I had a fascinate. Motorola is good about keeping their highend and flagship devices up to snuff, but I like having that insurance. 

  • chris debacker

    are you required to sign up for a 2 year contract to get the phone at that price? or can i just buy the droidx 2 or incredible 2 and use it on wifi and as a media player. kinda like an ipod touch but the android version.

    • those prices are only with a new 2-year contract

      • Anonymous

        So it had to be a NEW 2 year contract? What about upgrades?

        • you almost always only get these bottom-line prices with new contracts, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

      • Gsbjackson

        Or upgrade to existing lines, but still a 2 yr commitment.

  • Meh

    20 months?  boo-urns…

  • If I had an upgrade coming, the absolute LAST thing I would buy would be something made by Motorola.  Until they get rid of the locked bootloaders, if their next device was a superphone that could make and fetch me coffee and beer and do my job for me, I still wouldn’t buy it for $1.

  • Wareaglevi

    I am seroiusly tempted in getting the DroidX2. If Verizon matches or undercuts these guys, I’m in.

  • Doc

    Sure wish the D3 was out so it could be part of these sales.

  • James_Ever

    Man, I wish the Droid 3 would be released this weekend….I bet it gets released next week after Memorial Day… Good deal for those wanting a Droid X2 though.

    • Doc

      Apparently we were thinking and typing the same thing at the same time.

  • Steelertown7

    Why is the Incredible 2 that much less than the others?
    Id take that over the others.

  • Anonymous

    Tempting, my OG Droid is waiting to be upgraded.

    But I think I might pass for the 4G LTE Dual Core Verizon phone.

    Actually I’m thinking about the Incredible 2…. HTC might unlock the bootloader soon

    • Stephen D

      Might is the key word. The Incredible S(same phone, GSM variant in Europe) STILL doesn’t have permanent root, and neither does the Inc2. They said future phone will be unlocked, they didn’t say anything about current locked phones.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm any suggestions? Should I wait for 4G and get those crappy tiered plans or stick to a 3G phone? I wouldn’t mind a D3 but I also want a new HTC phone cuz of the bootloader… So confused. I wish all OG D1 owners would take a stand and pick a phone to get and the whole ROM community follow.

        • James_Ever

          If HTC is able to pull this off Motorola is really gonna start panicking, if they aren’t already, I bet they haven’t been allowed to leave with endless meeting saying we have to do something fast, can’t just keep blaming it on the carriers anymore. Their forum has gone to **** because of HTC’s announcement. And they deserve the hell they’re getting right now.

          • Jim Dandy


        • Craigg

          The Samsung Charge is 4G, it’s easy to root, it will lock you into the unlimited 4G plan, and overall it’s a decent phone. It’s not perfect but it’s the best that Verizon has to offer.

          • Anonymous

            Dual core? I might buy it but its 300

        • Craigg

          The Samsung Charge is 4G, it’s easy to root, it will lock you into the unlimited 4G plan, and overall it’s a decent phone. It’s not perfect but it’s the best that Verizon has to offer.

        • Stephen D

          Don’t know. I’m personally waiting for the Galaxy S2. I don’t care if that’s 4G or not, it is easily the BEST Android phone for awhile.

    • Slowpok22

      I spoke with the HTC people on the phone last night and they said that Verizon would have to give us the code to unlock the bootloader, going in tomorrow to talk with them, was going to upgrade my BB storm but can’t figure out which phone to get, at $79 the incredible 2 seems like the one for me now. 🙂

  • Gabe