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DROIDX Gingerbread Update “Soak” Test Starts Tonight


We were told earlier in the week by Verizon that the DROIDX Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update would start rolling out today, but it appears now as if only members of the “soak test” through Motorola’s support forums will see it initially.  We had assumed that the soak would have started days ago to test and prepare for the mass update which would start today, so this is a little surprising.  And of course, there is that chance soak test members are just being grouped together with non-soak test members, and the rollout will happen as planned to a bunch of you throughout the weekend.  

Here are a couple of notes from Motorola about the GB update:

  • The update will be pushed late tonight. If you go to bed, it should be waiting for you in the morning. West Coast members and night owls may be up to see it.
  • It’s a good idea to keep your phone charged if possible and plugged in overnight. You don’t have to keep it on, but you can.
  • If you are rooted, you must flash back to the standard Droid X software to receive the update. (Even then we can’t guarantee the update will work.)

Interesting little note there about being rooted.  I would hope that anyone running leaked software would know by now that you would need to roll back in order to accept it.  I’ll point out again though that we’re hearing awful things about root with this update.  If you want to stay rooted going forward, you might want to wait until the devs have a few days to crack on this thing.  Would hate to see all of you hoping to be on “official” software and not see root for the rest of your device’s life.

Cheers B and everyone else!


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  • Jpepsi222

    do we still need to unroot even if we dont use a rom?

  • Malymal73

    Out of all these ex users one guy got the update? Whats up with that man, im still on 2.2.1 damnit. So did anyone get it yet or are we all still waiting?

  • 123

    How do we know this is a soak only tonight? I mean hasn’t the soak already been done? This is where the leak versions came from NO?

  • 123

     I thought the soak had already been done. I mean isn’t that where these other leaked versions came from? Where in anything has it lead people to the asumption this is a soak only tonight?

  • Scottbroe

    Proof plz Michael 

  • michael scott

    Im downloading the gb soak now!!!

    • The Doctor


  • Mneighbo2

    OMG after having Gingerbread, I DO NOT LIKE Froyo. At all!! Lol. Seriously, GB is much nicer. 

  • Anonymous

    what if i “rooted,” but didnt install anything? I just rid my phone of the bloatware…
    and, what is the best process to “flash back?”

  • guest

    If i update, will I lose my contacts & messages?

  • guest

    Will I lose my contacts & messages if I update?

    • Kamee Mitchell

      No you wont lose your contacts & messages

  • Anonymous