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DROIDX Gingerbread Update Soak Test Available (Updated)

Our inbox blew up about an hour ago with readers who were able to “pull” the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update for the DROIDX.  It’s tough to tell if all of these folks were “soak test” members or not, but we’ve known in the past that if the update goes live on Moto’s servers, that almost any can pull it.  So if you are running stock 2.2 and want to upgrade, now would be the time to check Settings>About>System Updates.

Oh, we should point out that our buddy @p3droid mentioned that you are able to SBF back to 2.3.340 afterwards in case this thing never gets rooted.

Update:  P3 is already preparing a .596 update for rooted users running the leaked .595.  Stay tuned, folks!

Cheers L, B, J, J, and S!

  • Chad

    made sweet love to my droid x in hopes it would get gingerbread…
    didn’t work.
    still no gingerbread and now i need to clean myself up

  • Chad

    Just got chipotle. Took  a shit. Some blood came out. Fucked the dog again. Ate my shit.

    Still no gingerbread.

    • Duke Earl 27

      pull the battery then try

    • Damn Chad, leave that poor Dog alone lol. I hope for the Dog’s sake that you get get Gingerbread ASAP. Stay patient Chad, you’ll get GB and be too happy to bang. 

  • Ray

    Just threw my phone on the floor– yup, for sure not getting gingerbread. 

    • Drumbasher

      Ready to do the same…..

  • Chad

    just fucked a dog.
    still no gingerbread

  • Monstergarageone

    Maybe after midnight on the west coast….Nothing yet in Socal:(((

    • Tay

      Yea us people in Southern Cali are gonna have to wait after midnight possibly tomorrow.

  • AJH

    nothing yet in jersey 🙁

    • Got mine in jersey

      • AJH

        are you a soak tester?

        • yes

          • Jason Purp


          • AJH

            i’m not, guess that’s why.

  • Chad

    closed my eyes.
    pretended some neighbor i dont like was gingerbread.
    ate the gingerbread neighbor.
    4 people currently dead (if you count a dog as a person)

    oh, and still no gingerbread update.

  • Drumbasher

    1:32 AM Wisconsin
    Nothing here

  • Dania Ebanks


  • Trick254

    Nothing in texas

  • Davros

    P3, you are on top of your game and the reason why I don’t wait for OTA’s 🙂

  • Here is a picture for proof. I hope all of you get GB as soon as possible. I think you all will be extremely happy with the update. 

    • Hey did it fix the turning off and on problem and the laging???

      • Yes, my phone is running fast and smooth. It has not shut down and lagging seems to be a thing of the past. 

        *Side Note* About an hour before I was able to pull the update, my phone shut down on me randomly and it was running very (very) slow. The main icons (Dialer, App Arrow and Contacts) were on the top right hand side instead of the in the middle where they normally are. I don’t know if this had anything to do we me being able to pull the update. I would keep an eye out if your DX starts acting weird because mine was acting real weird prior to me being able to pull the update.

        • Drumbasher

          Mine acted similar last night, along with getting the message about not being able to contact the server to check for updates. Ended up doing a battery pull cuz it froze, but no GB….

          • Mine did exactly the same last night and I just thought it was my phone……should we maybe check into this? Im currently running .588

      • Duke Earl 27

        mine wont turn on

  • Chad

    neightbors neighbor just called cops
    still no gingerbread

    • Drumbasher

      Cops love gingerbread too!

  • adam

    11:24 San Francisco, CA


  • Chad

    spilt blood on my droid x …damnit.

    kill update: my son and neighbor and neighbors dog i believe the dogs name was spike


    I want Gingerbread  and I want it now! I want Gingerbread and I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Wheeler

    nothing 11:23 Seattle WA

  • need manual upgrade..
    using my dx like an ipod touch.. 
    no 3g network.. 

  • Chad

    im clicking system updates as much as possible inbetween killing people. by people i mean human beings with families and loved ones and pets and potential happy futures without gingerbread.

  • k3v72

    Nothing in Central MT 12:18 am

  • Leering

    Nothing here Central Ny. 2:17 am.

  • Dejaca74

    Nothing in San Diego, 11:16 PM PST

  • Chad

    im going to kill a person every 5 minutes until i get gingerbread.

    • Mr.Joe

      That’s nice that you want to help population, but what will that do to get you GB?

    • Mcneilmoe


    • Mcneilmoe


  • I’m a soak tester and haven’t been able to pull it.

    • Sketch2000

      You gotta soak it in cider

  • I pulled the Gingerbread Update at 12:03 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. I was not part of the “Soak Test” but I’m not complaining about being able to pull the update. 

    P.S. Official Gingerbread is awesome


  • Chad

    i just killed someone. still no gingerbread.


    nothing in Chicago, Illinois. Wish Verizon would just get a phone like the galaxy s. FML

  • Austingood4

    Just got it pushed to me 1210 Denver time. Not a tester. Running regular froyo not rooted.

  • No GB love yet, here in Philly. :-PPPPPP

  • Djmeyer28

    Nothing in St. Louis, MO

  • Anonymous

    Not getting it here in NM, non root, stock froyo

  • Kyle

    1:02 am Central time, no update yet.  Then again, I’m not a tester.

  • 2:07 Nothing here in Orlando, FL. 

  • Droidx12

    I want it so bad, droid why u no update 🙂

  • On stock.  My X is like willing and ready but VZ is catching ZZZZZZ’s

  • Rlorenz

    IIf you want the OTA, you need to be on stock froyo, 2.3.340.

  • either have to be on froyo or on stock .595 GB

    • Roberto Taylor

      .595 will NOT take the update as it was originally said. You need to be on stock Froyo to pull the update now.

  • Mygolazo

    nothing yet in hamlet north carolina,2:00 am,,,running froyo rooted, and stock

  • you can sbf or go up to stock .595 and try…

  • Nothing in WV

  • I’m trying to get the ota on 2 DX’s I have, one on stock .595 and the other on stock froyo…haven’t gotten it on either and was wondering what others that got the OTA are running?

    • Rlorenz

      According to p3, you need to be on stock froyo. 595 won’t cut it.

  • Brad

    Nothing in Pittsburgh yet either

  • Chad

    i think i would kill for gingerbread. kill a person.

  • MJZ2112

    100% stock and unrooted and cannot pull. 

  • Bigsike

    So do you have to sbf back from GB leak .573 ? and if so anyone have a link with instructions

  • Jason Purp

    Nothing in New York…

  • Daniel Ogilvie

    Don’t forget that this can’t be rooted!

  • Galennewton


  • Lunaticmo87

    Nothing in Kansas City MO

  • I’ll wait for my root 😀 but nothing yet in Indiana