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App of the Day: News360

If you own a Honeycomb tablet (like the XOOM we are giving away), then News360 is probably the only news app you’ll need to install.  Other than the fact that it has an amazing UI, you’ll also be more than pleased with the 1,500+ sources it’s constantly pulling from.  It can be personalized to your favorite topics, learn from your Facebook “likes”, pull up local news with a single click, and most of all is FREE.  The only annoyance that I’ve seen, which will likely be fixed the more I play with it, is the ridiculous amounts of soccer coverage in the sports section.  It’s clear that this app was not made in the U.S.  Took me 5 minutes to find one article on last night’s Eastern Conference Finals.  Other than that though, this thing is top notch.  

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*Today’s free paid app from Amazon App Store is Abduction! 2. Normally $1.99 cents and has a current AAS rating of 3.5 stars.

*Yesterday we featured  GhostTown.

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  • Kellex aren’t you from the northwest? It’s soccer crazy up here

    • soccer is best left to children and Europeans  

      • Anonymous

        Actually, it’s Football, Soccer is an American term.

        • Anonymous

          Football, err I mean Soccer is also MUCH bigger in the world than American Football, and it’s gotten pretty popular here as well.  No, I don’t play myself, I’m just pointing these things out 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sweetness, was just about to start investigating readers for my Transformer (robots in disguise)… sorry, can’t help it

  • in what ways is this better than pulse?

    • Binglut9

      Pretty much every way dl it…its free its really nice

      • just downloaded it  has a different use then wahti use Pulse for, so  I shall have them both   

  • Gfacekilla

    This is a nice app, I’ve had it for a few days. Hangs sometimes and depending on the page you looking, you may get strange browser action.

  • WTF Kellex! Stop with the soccer hate! It’s a real sport, too =(

    • Toddy_rbs

      LOL, real sport? its THE most played sport in the world. Where do you see american football being played besides in america? They are just jealous.. and call a game played with hands Football.. whatever

  • I love this app on my Transformer, but just as a head’s up for others interested in this app: it does not support pulling in any feeds you might have in Google Reader (or even let you add any RSS feeds to the list). Personally, I use it and Feedly on my tablet, gives me any news I may want.

  • Anonymous

    news360 is pretty great, but did anyone else notice that newsr is free all of the sudden? i got it this morning!

  • I love the headline of the top story on the screenshot there lol

  • this would go great with the Xoom I could be winning 😀