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Google Wallet and Offers Announced, NFC Payments are the Future

Google is on stage in NYC and just announced their Google Wallet and Offers services.  We’re watching it right here.  

  • Google Wallet and Offers combined, allows you to purchase goods from groceries stores, clothing shops, etc. all without ever swiping a physical credit card.  All of your information is stored securely on your phone and then transacted using the built-in NFC chip.
  • The first partners are Citi, Mastercard, First Data and Sprint.
  • First retail partners are Macy’s, American Eagle, Subway, Noah’s Bagel, and more.
  • The first cities are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C.
  • Not launching until this summer on the Nexus S 4G.
  • The app:

  • And Google Offers (starting in Portland and NYC):

  • A walk-through of the Wallet app:

  • Google Wallet site is live.
  • You can shop for items online, find an offer and send those directly to your Wallet app:

  • You can even include all of your rewards cards from retailers:

  • They demoed a transaction at American Eagle – signatures are still required.  No wallet though!
  • Talking heads up now…
  • Who wants a Nexus S 4G?


  • Google is taking more convenient steps in case of mobile banking by introducing Google wallet service. It may be next logical step in mobile banking. With the Google wallet, you access your bank accounts at anytime in anywhere. This big achievement is done by launching the NFC chips which allows the user to make each and every money transaction with their mobile phone. I like the photographs of this article.

  • If the Nexus S 4G was on Verizon I would already have it!

  • I will keep my Verizon Thunderbolt and keep my LTE network.. not sure I would sacrifice it for Sprints Network or customer service. @google #wallet


    Make the Nexus S 4g the the next edition….dual core etc…and verizon 4g lte, and we have a deal.

    • Ronniefoxxx

      New Nexus devices are scheduled for release each year starting with the Nexus 1. Rumors so far for the next Nexus are: it will be made by Samsung again, have a 4.65″ Super AMOLED Plus HD screen, dual core 1.2 or 1.5 Texas Instruments Omap processor and will launch on Verizon.

  • Rocktoonz

    Personally I’m much more interested in the Offers than the Wallet.  I’m not real sure I want my phone broadcasting my CC info everywhere I go.  Call me paranoid, but I guarantee this is going to have MAJOR ID theft implications, not to mention random charges popping up in CC bills.  No thanks.

  • Rocktoonz

    I’ll take a Nexus 4G!

  • Waiting for Verizon to launch Nexus 4G

  • Ron_Rusk

    And now, the Multi Billion $ Influx of money to all the security software companies who will promise to protect your credit card Information, and Won’t!!!!

  • Jon

    google wallet website suggest I buy a phone from sprint and get a Mastercard. Fail. 

  • Ed

    Does it work on regular Nexus S?

  • Mctypething

    Will the bootloader be unlocked?

    • Ronniefoxxx

      On what?

  • It will be great when all the ideas like this come to fruition in 2 years and can use things like this.

  • I sure wish we had a nexus on verizon!

  • EC8CH

    Who wants a Nexus S 4G???
    ON VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nice idea. however, like some others, I’m concerned about lost/stolen phones. What about NFC hacking? Is it feasible that someone could be searching out NFC devices with one of their own which can steal this info? Haven’t seen the presentation yet, but I hope that those questions have been touched on.

  • I’ll stick with my Droid Charge that everyone thinks is lame, but I love.

  • Greg ✓

    I want the google wallet .apk. Who has it!

  • Davis1062

    If you’re able to see the numbers you guys are pretty good morons!!! The numbers are x’d out except for the last 4!

  • Rob

    Great. So now when your phone dies, you’ll not only be ticketed for driving without a license (uh, hang on offifer, i have to charge my license, er phone…), but you wont be able to eat either.

    I keep a tiny citi credit card under my battery door, just in case 😉

  • Joe

    EH-HEM – You may want to remove the pic with Osama’s card number on it.

  • Anonymous

    Even more reason to steal people’s phones

  • Anonymous

    Even more reason to steal people’s phones

    • Ronniefoxxx

      Protip: Screen lock and remote wipe.

  • Lets just hope they don’t “block” this from rooted devices as well  🙂 

  • Joe

    What’s really crazy is that when I’m looking at the guy Osama and just listening.  He sounds exactly like Barack Obama.  Crazy.

  • Joe

    What’s really crazy is that when I’m looking at the guy Osama and just listening.  He sounds exactly like Barack Obama.  Crazy.

    • Joe

      I meant to say that when I am NOT looking at him and just listening.  

    • Joe

      I meant to say that when I am NOT looking at him and just listening.  

  • now all they need is a driver license app and i wouldn’t have to carry my wallet at all.

    • Joe

      It will be integrated eventually.  They said that in the presentation.

    • Joe

      It will be integrated eventually.  They said that in the presentation.

    • EC8CH

      still need Health Insurance Card App

      • Shindo107

        thats called evernote…

    • EC8CH

      the two combined would make paying for speeding tickets a breeze

      • Anonymous

        now that you say that we can also combine the GPS to make the phone itself give you the speeding tickets too. lol

        • EC8CH

          Install one of those police scanner apps and it could call the cops on you for aggression violations too 😛

  • Very cool… looking forward to this.

  • )v(urphy

    He’s gonna have to get a new card now..I saw a number and exp date. And yes…the video will get to many placees lol

    • Anonymous

      hopefully it’s already cancelled 😛

  • 11knives

    Release date?

  • I’m listening.

  • No Visa? I am disappoint.

    • palomosan

      No Verizon phone with this capability, even worst. 

  • dima

    do want

  • Riverjao


  • Anonymous

    This charges everything . . . again.

    • james

      not really…

      • Troll or stupidity? The world may never know….