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Pick Yourself Up A *Refurbished* Galaxy Tab Today Only For $260

Been in the market for a tablet? Not feeling lucky that you’ll win one from us? Well take a look at Woot today. They’re selling refurbished 7″ Galaxy WiFi+Sprint 3G Tablets today only, and for $260, that’s a pretty darn good deal. It’s even known that they’ll receive the Gingerbread update. Being that it’s the 3G capable version alone makes it worth the deal. I know some of you are not all about dealing with refurbished products, but at least Woot offers their 90 Day Warranty. So what do you think? Gonna pick one up?

Check the deal yourself at Woot!

Cheers Kellex’s Dad, and Kyle!

  • Anonymous

    For just $150 more, I can get a relevant Honeycomb tablet from Asus that turns into a netbook. Why is this news? Maybe I misread the sarcasm in there somewhere?

    • Bob

      3G so not tied down to wifi?  doesn’t have honeycombs bugs?  solid device with gorilla glass?  don’t have time to type more…

      • Anonymous

        3g tethered to my rooted phone, or better yet my $25 unlimited data
        virginmobile phone means no additional $$$ for 3g. No bugs seen to date on
        my eee. Not banging my tablet anywhere that I might remotely need gorilla
        glass, but fyi it DOES have gorilla glass.

  • Anonymous

    sold out!

  • SetNick

    Sold out!  Bummer….and I am switching to Sprint.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a great little tablet. I’m not sure the 7″ size is for everyone, but I find it far more pleasant than my iPad (much lighter, more portable).

  • Mr.Joe

    That’s the price it should be NEW.

  • Tempting!

  • Jeremy Gentry


  • lol It’s sold out already!

  • Awesome a cheap Honeycomb tablet….. oh wait! 2.2 nvm I have a 2.2 phone

  • Anonymous

    and its gone

  • Rob

    Looks like a slightly larger version of my thunderbolt. No thanks. After I saw the new galaxy tab (from google i/o), this looks archaic. 

  • Phil Austin

    ordered one today!

  • Or you can buy a BN Nook Color and root it.  Basic functionality difference is the lack of cameras.

    • PyroHoltz

      I completely agree. The NC has a slightly slower CPU and half the GPU performance.

      But this Galaxy has 3G support…from Sprint, ewww.

  • If you get one and do not want to activate, follow these steps:

    On the activation screen all you have to do is:

    1. Press “Volume Up” once.

    2. Press “Volume Down” twice.

    3. Press “Volume Up” three times.

    4. Press “Volume Down” four times.

    • And if you want it to turn into a Tron lightcycle, ll you have to do it type up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-Start from the activation screen

      • bad4u6669

        Or *select then start for your friend to get one too

    • Davros

      lol. up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,A,B,select,start. Congratulations, you just got 30 extra lives in Contra 🙂

      • Jake


      • Jake


      • It is B,A, not A,B http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konami_Code

        • Davros

          Sorry, I was going off of my memory and I haven’t played this game in about 20-25 years.

  • DanSke

     Eh, I wanted one of these awhile ago, but I took the plunge into the Transformer. Two OS updates above this, faster, smarter and better. I’m happy.

  • Anonymous

    I bought a G Tablet a few months ago from Woot and love it!  I even had to send the original one back since it had a stuck pixel and they sent me a new one. RMA was fast and very easy!

  • Anonymous

    I would exercise caution on this one. I buy a lot of stuff of Woot, and you have to do a little footwork to see if you’re getting a bargain. For example, is this refurb’d by Samsung or a third party? Their refurb’d Apple items, are not refurb’d by Apple, and have a shorter warranty (from Woot, not Apple) than you get when you buy a refurb directly from Apple.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with a shorter warranty, or somebody else’s refurb process, but you should know these before buying, in order to determine whether or not you’re really getting a bargain.

    • Completely agreed!

      • Michael Kader


  • Anonymous

    if you want this, better jump on it now.. woot just tweeted that its about to be sold out:

    $259.99 : Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ 16GB Android Tablet – Wi-Fi + 3G : LAST CALL http://www.woot.com

    • Anonymous

      The “I want one” button is jumping! Means there are less than 10% left!

  • Anonymous

    ahh woot. you never cease to amaze me with your fancy refurbs

  • i don’t think its even worth that haha

  • eee this thing is so ugly lol… the borders on the side are what killed it IMO.

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    • Noah Flowers

      I didn’t know you could first your own article

      • Anonymous

        He’s a moderator. He can delete and repost himself first if he wanted! =Þ

      • Soon I’ll post the unwritten rules of “First”….but wait….then they wouldn’t be unwritten. CRAP!

    • “Muahaha!”   

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        • skaguyy

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    • Leehblanc

      Is there anything more lame than “FIRST”ing your own article?  That said, I LOL’d  🙂  Nice.