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DROIDX Gingerbread Update Available for Manual Download June 1

Word spread this morning that the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update for the DROIDX would become available to some starting May 27 (this Friday), but according to a VZW employee at their community forums, the availability of the manual “pull” update for those not prompted, won’t go live until the following week on June 1.  Feel free to start checking your phone on Friday through next Wednesday though, (Settings>About>System Updates) as you may be one of the lucky few who gets it early.

Cheers Rick!

  • No

    still no update, June 1st.

  • John

    hope they roll this out on time this week

  • I just called Motorola and It will start tonight at 11:59 for the Droid X OTA in batches of 1000 phones at a time

  • h3liosaint

    Will I be able to update from the GB 4.5.588 leak?

    • malevoleneofman


  • Timrogers1956

    is this for real this time. lol

  • Carlos

    What happens to all my apps when I do the OTA? do they have to be reinstalled?

  • Drakopulos

    Ugly, maybe when it’s rooted and a good Rom comes out.
    Also I wonder if the tether will be gone?
    –from my DroidX gummyJar 2.5 :p

  • Anonymous


  • SD Scott

    I too will be waiting until a rooted version of this comes out…