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DL Sweatshirt Winners Are…

We asked you last night what your dream device would be and boy did you guys come through in a big way.  With over 2,000 comments that just took me an hour to sift through, we’ve picked two winners.  The decision was not easy…


Verizon, motorola, nexus, unlocked. Enough said.


My dream tablet:

-Would suffer from processor WINE…yes that’s right…the processor would produce wine. If you’re playing Angry Birds, it would dispense chilled white wine. If you’re watchin videos, room temperature red wine.

-Would be powered by a remote charger with unlimited range…the power source for this charger would be Governor Tom Corbett running in a human hamster wheel…one mile for each dollar he cuts from education funding.

-Would be free but supported by ads for Preparation H with the following slogan: “If you don’t have hemorrhoids, you don’t have hemorrhoids.” Of course I fully anticipate a lawsuit from Apple for overwhelming marketing similarities…and they would be right…both hemorrhoids and the iPhone are a pain in the rear.


And don’t forget to continue to follow us on Twitter and Facebook because we are about to start dropping more goodies on both.  Announcement of the Asus Transformer giveaway is less than 5 hours away!

  • I didn’t know we got points for humor :/ I just put my real dream phone. Congrats though!!! ^_^

  • I didn’t know we got points for humor :/ I just put my real dream phone. Congrats though!!! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    this is BULLS**T!!!!! I never win anything! :*(

  • Anonymous

    this is BULLS**T!!!!! I never win anything! :*(

  • Anonymous

    congratz to winners

  • Yo momma like it


  • for starters, today is my 34th birthday >:D So I need these toys! But what I’d really like to do is give it to my 5 year old son who has a birthday June 15th and believe it or not is a fan of Andy the Android… 

    I do follow you on twitter so here goes.. MY favorite toy a a kid was a Lucas licensed Yoda puppet. I was in Kindergarten and we had play time before school and this other kid would always get their before me and snag the puppet. If I saw one today I’d totally snatch it up.

  • Greg ✓

    <—Sore loser here.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to the winners…enjoy your new found Droid-Life sweatshirts!

  • Gratz on the win .. 🙂

  • Dollyllama

    This is AWESOME!!!  Thank you so much!  I’ve never won anything before so I have to tell this story…

    What’s really funny is that I’m a teacher and I happened to be showing
    my newly purchased Xoom to our office staff and superintendent and to
    show them the browser, I clicked on Droid-Life from the Bookmarks Widget
    on my home screen and the conversation went like this:

    “So here you have your homescreen with a widget for email and another
    one for web…we’ll just click here on the web and …see the page loads
    really fast and….HOLY CRAP I WON!!?!?!”

  • Congrats guys

  • Jon52772

    congrats people if you live in weather like we have been getting lately youll be glad you got these for sure to keep you warm:)

  • JT

    ah… I understood we just comment to enter. Didn’t know it had to be creative.

  • Jessesmith888

    I won woohoo!

  • Rain_king46

    Congrats. Love this site!

  • Congrats guys, ^_^. Find some way to post pics of you guys wearing them if you can, ^_^.

  • 2000 comments and they pick the alcoholic. 

    Just kidding. Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats  ladies and gentleman and I do use that term loosely “P

  • congrats!

  • I would normally be a little sad that a silly answer won but I am ok with it because I am from PA.

  • slappynutz


  • jeremy shores

    its ok, as long as i win something! congratulations to the winners.

  • Mctypething

    Shouldn’t the winning entry be at least something in the realm of possibility? I mean, Dollyllama’s post was funny and all, but really?

    • Andrea

      I’m glad that they picked something on the creative/funny side. There were no guidelines or rules stating that our entries had to be something in the realm of possibility therefore awarding a prize to an impossible dream device should not be an issue.

      • tjhrulz

        i agree i am glad they choose the best of both worlds one plausible and one that is creative and funny

  • EC8CH

    Congrats Winners.

    My only consolation will be the ASUS Transformer I’ll be winning later this afternoon 😛

    • Anonymous

      Hah, Ww will see about that 😛

    • El El Kool J

      Who says I would let you borrow it after I win? 😛

  • John

    DAMN! 🙁

  • Congrats!

  • Tsteege


  • JDunn82

    congratz, I hope i find my way into winning something here.. maybe a hug?!

    • )v(urphy

      Ok fine… ::hug::

  • Anonymous