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Asus Begins Teasing PhonePad Hybrid Device

Anyone interested in a PhonePad?  A Phonablet?  Tabhone? Phablet?  Asus is apparently preparing to unveil one at Computex 2011 and have opened up a teaser site for it with the slogan “Break the Rules:  Pad or Phone?”  Our instinct is definitely telling us to assume it’ll run Android especially after seeing some early success from their Transformer Honeycomb tablet, but is a hybrid phone/tablet something to get excited over?  We’ve already seen 7″ unsuccessful slates from big time players like Samsung and 5″ Dell Streaks that no one bought, so what would make Asus stand out from the crowd?  It’s tough to tell from the images that have been released through Tech in Style, so we’ll leave the creativity and imagination to you.

Pics after the jump.  

  • I was at the Verizon store today & I picked up the Xoom & immedietly -this thing is heavy.  Made my mind up a 7″  will do me fine.
    (To add: if they can make smart phones so inept why isn’t this in a tablet?)

  • 10″ is better see with but possibly easy to steal, 7″ may seem small but easy to carry (we all use backpacks?) & if able to make calls with (any size) is an excellent idea for many past the visual age. To have a real all in one is something I’ve been waiting a long time for. The youngsters may not appreciate this but those of us elders might really enjoy this product.

  • Mk17
  • Robert Brunner

    I think that if Asus did give this phone a removable phone attachment that most likely It would be more like a drone or at lest I hope(aka what I have wanted for a bit). The drone would more or less be an included accessory. It’s fictionality would be simply to provide the phone menu on your android phone with more flex with contacts accessed by smaller touch screen and that’s it. No other function at all except maybe text and a weather widget. The table would be the real reason we buy smartphones, everything else but with tablet size functionality. Two things that make me see this as possible (or at lest if they don’t do It some one should it would be the next big step to a one device does all). One that being that ICS is a merge of phone and tablet divisions of android, a fully functional tablet ui with a voice connection is going to be easier to obtain. Second googles announcement of the developer kit for the Android Open Accessory API, despite that it’s intended for USB I wonder how much of stretch it would phase this on bluetooth or any other wireless connection? Ehhh… Who knows just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    idk if anyone said this before but maybe the bump is like a phone that u can like pop out of the back of the phone and they like share a camera and the tablet could like recharge the phone too hence the Pad or Phone question…. but of course if asus wanted to take the easy way out it could just be a stand like the ipad case or something
    it also seems to be a 7 incher based on the title picture
    Edit: but like the tablet could still function by itself also it would be cool to see this as like the flagship device for ice cream sandwich much like the xoom is for honeycomb because then the tablet wouldnt have to run gingerbread of dual boot to switch between gingerbread and honeycomb…. also whos up for some Tegra Kal-el processors?

  • Djenks24

    OMG!!!  I’ve been asking for this for a year, I don’t care if I’m the only one that buys one, its mine!!!!  Now, I hope it goes to Verizon:/

  • Djenks24

    OMG!!!  I’ve been asking for this for a year, I don’t care if I’m the only one that buys one, its mine!!!!  Now, I hope it goes to Verizon:/

  • My hope is that the phone (please be an awesome new one) snaps into the back of the tablet (ala the Atrix) and provides the processing for the tablet itself. Plus there’d have to be battery storage in it as well.

    I’d definitely want one of those. IF the specs of the phone and tablet display are good stuff and IF the tablet part is affordable. ($200 or less)

  • Postal Janitor

    I think in respect to the failure of some tablets the response are easily identified.
    1. Why would I want a bigger version of my phone that can’t make calls and doesn’t offer me a better resolution?
    2. Why would I want the 2.2 OS when the future for tablets clearly dictate that HoneyComb
    Is the starting point for the future?
    And last but not least
    Price: $500+ is not what I would refer to as a compelling price point especially if you want to see morethan one
    Of these items in a house hold. I love my droid, but it is sill an item of convenience ( though I am looking forward to the quickly approaching day when this is not the case)


  • Looks like a tablet, but with phone docked in the back.

  • Boblank84

    off topic:  Just had someone come in my office with an iphone4 and ask me if i wouldn’t mind looking up a phone number for them..  Its amazing the type of people that buy smart phone and have no clue what they can do with them.  im pretty sure even the soccer mom phone can do that?

  • Erie215

    Hey I have a Dell Streak 5 and it may not have sold well but I love it and it sure gets me attention when I pull the little monster out 🙂

  • EC8CH

    How ’bout a “tablet dock” for a phone similar to the Atrix “Laptop dock”

    Plug your phone into it and blam… bigger screen and avoid all of this paying for tethering nonsense

  • FortitudineVincimus

    a phone is a phone and a tablet is a tablet, the 2 should simply not be combined

    • Djenks24

      Why not?  I haven’t bought a tablet because my phone can do what the tablet can but I would have a tablet with a phone in it to take to the office and use on the road.

      • Waknatious

        Yeah, what would be wrong with a nice workhorse of a tablet, with built in speakerphone or even just a bluetooth headset?  I would totally use that.

  • I would replace my phone for a 5″ tablet/phone hybrid prolly, maybe upwards to 6-7″.

  • Eric

    Personally i think this would be great. The only problem i see is a carrier picking it up. Since I got my Xoom I hardly use my phone anymore and I would have gotten a Galaxy tab if it wasn’t for the damn carriers being greedy for money and disabling the phone function. I think think that also had a hand in the G-Tabs demise.

  • Mr.Joe

    Oh poo!

    I was hoping this was a verizon phone.  Obviously it won’t.  I wish there was a way to separate Verizon/Droid news from regular android news. 

    • How about not clicking in the article?

      Problem  solved

      • Mr.Joe

        I didn’t click on the article.  That’s the weird part.

    • Anonymous

      petition to resurrect the much maligned Android Life.

      • Mr.Joe

        I have!

      • Mr.Joe

        I have!

  • I actually think a 7 inch tablet is about a perfect size. I am running CM7 on my new Nook Color (couldn’t justify the expense for the actual tablets) and I really like the way it feels in my hands. I don’t know about using it as a phone, that’s a whole other issue, though a bluetooth headset would change the problems…and I don’t have any trouble taking it around everywhere with me, except at work, where I can’t have my phone anyway – I work in a warehouse.

    • Anonymous

      I’m testing the 7″ Flyer right now and its funny after I put it away and pick up my T-Bolt, the phone feels so tiny…

      • Yeah, definitely same here with my DX. 

  • Shaun

    Id like to see a regular 4.3″ phone but with an Atrix-esque dock that makes it a 10″ tablet.

    • Anonymous

      (Just an expression of course, at least on my part but great minds think alike?:P

    • Jg127

      This is pretty much what I was thinking too.  Asus already showed they dig “docking” with the transformer… why not dock your phone into a sexy tablet to use the processing power and data network from your phone?  I like that idea.

    • Andrew Hewitt

      I second that, and the third picture almost makes it look like that’s the case.

    • EC8CH


      so long as their able to do it in a sleek looking way and not outrageously overpriced.

  • Anonymous

    I can see this working with a 10inch tablet but having a Bluetooth ear peice. that would be cool but i would still have my phone device so it kinda mean you would still have twodevice. Your regular phone then a tablet with the phone option.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the third photo makes me think of a device where the tablet itself is a dock providing a bigger battery, and screen. With the possibility of it switching from Froyo/Gingerbread on the phone to honeycomb and borrowing the internals of the phone for power? I know that wasn’t really the idea in the article and I’m probably just letting my imagination run a little wild, but.. maybe? (Excuse my punctuation and grammer please)
    [email protected]

    • smark

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, and am hoping, for!

  • Did the Galaxy Tab have voice call features?  An actual PhonePad that I can make calls on would definately be a replacement for my droid x and xoom.  Only if it’s running android…

    • Anonymous

      I believe the Euro version did/does.

      • I didn’t get to buy one in the states so it doesn’t count for me =P

  • Anonymous

    I have an iPad 2 (long story) and I use it A LOT, but I couldn’t imagine trying to drag it around everywhere I go so I could use it as a phone.  I just can’t see this being successful. 

  • viewthis66

    i hope it’s not 7″. 5″ would be perfect. that’s about as big i think a device could be in order for one to not look like they are holding something other than a phone up to their face to talk.

  • viewthis66

    a phablet hahaha!!

  • 11knives

    I would like to see tablets with much larger screens before phone tablets

    • javroch

      How much larger are you talking? I have a 10.1″ Transformer and can’t imagine holding / using anything any bigger than that.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t want another 7 inches in my pants! ;]

    • Mr.Joe

      Why do you need two pads?

      • EC8CH

        maybe your flow is extra heavy that month?

        • Mr.Joe

          Maybe it is even depends?

    • that’s what she said 😛

    • Hand Banana

      I bet if you ask nicely, the other gentleman would be happy remove his seven inches so that your pants could accommodate seven of your own 😉

  • Lionel Y.

    were the sales of the galaxy tab that bad?

    • Anonymous

      The Galaxy Tab had phone functionality?  

      • Lionel Y.

        Yes the European version had it

    • Anonymous

      only because during its launch week samsung started hyping up its dual core 10″ honeycomb tablet. very poor timing and marketing