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Verizon Silently Drops Prices on Devices for Customers with Upgrades and to New Lines

If you have an upgrade available or were thinking about adding a new line to your existing Verizon account, you may be entitled to a solid $40-$50 discount that they haven’t made much of a big deal over.  We’re hearing from a number of you who still have 1-year and NE2 upgrades that prices for phones through VZW.com are showing up at least $40 under normal pricing – some of them as much as $50.  I was also able to verify that you can get an instant $50 off just by adding a new line, but something tells me (responses from Twitter) that some of these other discounts are regional.  If you have an upgrade on the way, it may be worth your time to login to your account.

I would say that this is just another sign of the flexibility Verizon has now that they’ve gotten rid of those pesky mail-in-rebates.  Instant discounts are always a good sight to see, especially with 2-year contract prices hovering around $300 for 4G LTE phones.

Cheers Aaron and everyone who helped out on Twitter!

  • Anonymous


  • Joshua Dudash

    This is some bull$hit. LOL 

  • Joshua Dudash

    Im eligible for my last NE2 but no discount here… (Port Charlotte, Florida)

  • Appreciate the gesture, VZW, but that doesn’t change the fact that they still have NO phone I’m interested in buying right now. I’ll pass and hang on to my Droid 1.

    • Sublime8696


  • rp33

    I’d like a device that doesn’t have to reset, gets updated in a timely fashion and has a dedicated numeric row!

  • rp33

    I’d like a device that doesn’t have to reset, gets updated in a timely fashion and has a dedicated numeric row!

  • Sacchinthms

    Ah I hope this sticks around, I’ve had an upgrade since February but I haven’t used it because none of these phones right now have that “ah” factor about them. I was waiting for BIONIC but at this rate I don’t know if its worth it anymore :/

  • Also, I asked in store (Upland, CA) and they told me it was an online only thing and was particular to each individual contract. 

  • Brett McBride

    Most of the discounts on some new phones are actually related to the corporate discounts on the account.  Discounts range in price from $5 to $50 depending on what company the discount is through.  Check with your employee discount for what equipment matrix you fall under for phone pricing.

  • Dellbx

    Too late. Have made up my mind. Switching to Sprint as soon as the EVO 3D hits.

  • Wickedjoe23

    Wow its only giving me a $5 discount 🙁

  • chris debacker

    i bought my thunderbolt for $200 a few weeks ago because of a special discount my dad has at verizon store.

  • Edward M Yang

    Definitely regional… at least for now. TBolt is still $250 for me.

  • i’m up for upgrade but it isn’t showing those prices….

  • Andrew Akker

    Just an update, I got my TB a week ago, called about this price drop and they adjusted for me. Worth a shot for people who bought it recently.

  • Anonymous

    This is only for people with a discount on their account.. I have a Verizon account with a corp discount and one without. The one without doesn’t show any of these discount rates. 

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Dang I looked mine were only down about 20$ or 10$ which is nice and all but not huge on the upgrade phones….

  • kriven4437

    saved me 50$ thx !

  • Ls1tiger

     Yes its true 414 AREA -1337(primary line)Motorola DROIDUpgrade at Discounted Price + $50 Credit  You are eligible to upgrade with discounted pricing and receive additional loyalty discount.Transfer upgrade to another line

  • Anonymous

     It didn’t apply to me either…  Due for upgrade, still show 249 for Tbolt, 299 for Charge.

  • Bigdav1178

    This doesn’t seem to apply to everyone… I’ve got a line that’s been eligible for upgrade since September, and I’ve got a corporate discount through my work, yet I’ve only been offered a $5 discount over the regularly advertised prices.

  • masiril85

     I didn’t get a discount for my Thunderbolt last Friday. 🙁

  • Anonymous

     i got my n2 in july but i’m not renewing until dec until i know where the nexus 3 is going, hopefully verizon carries it…

  • Aaron

    My first tip and it gets posted with my name. Awesome! Now to decide if I should pick up a Thunderbolt or not…

  • screeme18

    It’s been like this for me for awhile.  All the recent releases are discounted $50.  ($100 if you count my $50 credit).  I’m eligible to upgrade now, but I’m not sure if I’ll stick with Verizon.

    • I’m in the same boat as you. I’m tempted to get to DX2 or the DInc 2 though. 

  •  Holy crap, I just checked and I can get the Inc2 and the DX2 for $109.99, a thunderbolt for $169.99, or the Charge for $209!!

  • Anonymous

    I got a Thunderbolt Friday before last. It was going to be $250 until I asked them about my corporate discount. That dropped it down to $200, but with this now maybe it should be $150?

  • Mr.Joe

    $149 for the X2?


  • Mr.Joe

    $149 for the X2?


    •  I got mine for $99.
      But I used my new every 2 online discount. 🙂

  • Cjportmann

     I had a message that I could upgrade now, or wait until my NE2 upgrade date in September and get even more off.

  • Cjportmann

     I had a message that I could upgrade now, or wait until my NE2 upgrade date in September and get even more off.

  • Nkmett15

     Yep, saw this today. I was waiting for another reason to get the X2 and this is it!!

  • Boblevel

     Good to hear. $300 for the mediocre Charge is ludicrous, $249 a bit better, $199 might actually make it a good seller..

  • FortitudineVincimus

     Incredible 2 is $159 through VZW and $80 through Amazon!

    • Anonymous

      Holy crap, I just checked and you are right, $80 on Amazon!  Wow, that is crazy. 

  • PDX_Disc

    I was able to get this added discount for an upgrade – V store argued with me and refused to honor pricing even after making me log into my account infront of Verizon rep.  But got the upgrade online.

  •  No change on the prices here…Tbolt has been $209.99 forever, and the Charge on mine is $259.99 as it’s been since it came out.

  •  My contract is set to renew today, but I want to wait for the Droid 3!

  • Anonymous

     X-peria play-144
    DX2            -144
    DI2             -144
    Charge        -244
    Thunderbolt -194
    All on 2yr for me.

  • RB

    Unless I am mistaken I think this only applies if you have some kind of corporate discount on your account.

  • Nutriahunter

    Check tweets from @contrisciani

  • Not sure if it was from my corporate discount or this new additional discount but the Xperia Play is showing up for $169 for me. Although the pre-order system is not honoring that. Nor will they allow you bill it against your account yet.

  • Guest

    Old news, I got my thunderbolt for $150 because of this.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    guys, the quicker you upgrade your phone, the quicker you can get your next upgrade. there will always be something better on the market. just a pro tip 😀

  • Anonymous

     Yeah, the Thunderbolt is still $250 and the charge is $300 on mine.

  • tjhrulz

     Good my contract is set to go up soon, now all we need is some good phones