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Sense 3.0 ROMs Popping Up for HTC Incredible and Thunderbolt (Updated)

When the HTC EVO 3D was announced as running Sense 3.0, there were a few of us with Thunderbolts and Incredibles that were possibly a little jealous.  That new lock screen was just too sexy to not envy, plus we love that the notification bar has built-in toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.  Well, guess what?  Some of our fine friends in the ROM game have already popped out fully-working Sense 3.0 Gingerbread ports for you to try out.  Actually, I shouldn’t say “try out” since almost everything seems to be working on them and would easily hold up as your daily driver.




1.  Download the ROM that fits your device and drop it on your SD card.
2.  Boot into Clockwork Recovery and backup your current settings.
3.  Then perform a factory reset/full wipe.
4.  Load up the .zip of the ROM that you downloaded above.
5.  Enjoy!

Cheers Nicholas!

  • aa

    does it WORK?

  • Benny liaw

    after install this room my htc increadible s is gone..send back to factory change motherboard…huh

  • Matt

    Is the 3d scrolling on this download? thanks 🙂

  • Oscar011187

    you need to have root for this??

  • Anonisgray

    Does my phone have to be rooted to do this?

  • Chatti_09

    I need help, step by step && do i have to erase everything in my phone to get it?

  • Paul

    Mine wont reboot and just shows the htc incredible white screen?

  • AmoreAndroid

    Not very stable, also cant download anything from the appstore with this rom…

  • Kph6696

    For some reason the lock screen wont even come up on my Incredible. Someone please help.

  • Alex_w2010

    they all leave me with no service what do i do?

  • Jreed2560

    You HAVE TO FLASH GINGERBREAD RADIOS FOR THE ROMS TO WORK! Something that should have been clearly stated from the beginning.

  • Is data not working on anyone else’s? I can’t text/call people, even on wifi.

  • BP

    maybe a dumb question, do you have to be running gingerbread before you flash this?

  • Cmonkey

    Neither maps nor navigation are working on the Dinc Kingdom Gingersense rom, is anybody else getting this problem?

  • My poor DInc wants to like it, but so far it’s making molasses look fast…  Thread mentions triple wiping and double flashing which seems to have maybe helped.  The sync icon on the statusbar isn’t spinning; perhaps it isn’t supposed to…  Looks sweet when it’s not FC’ing all over and grinding to a halt.  That’s Alpha I guess.

    Looks like I might be trying the TMartin Ginger leak in a bit.

  • Ckj1536

    I just flashed BAMF 2.0-5 in recovery, flashed the Ginger radio in HBoot, and also wiped EVERYTHING! When I turned my phone on it stays a screen showing: no signal, battery, and time (military time). No icons, icon bar, status bar pull down, or anything just the HTC sense wallpaper and that’s it. I can’t even turn the phone off by the power button. I can get to the HBoot screen, but can’t get into recovery because it wants to load the update every time I try. Is there a way to bypass the update  when I press volume down + power and get into my recovery? I was thinking I could get a mini SD adapter and erase the radio update (PG. . . .zip file) and replace it with the one that I gained root with, would that work? I would appreciate any help!

  • There is no custom rom worth mentioning anymore.  There is always something wrong with them.  CM7 is the closest to great, but now that Google is even starting to throttle what is available based on root or no root, I think it’s time for me to wander… 

  • Maxxmentum

    Hi all, Just in case my experience was taken the wrong way.  I was just reporting what happen to me, and may work differently for others.  No slight against any of the individuals and teams, they rock and have my appreciation.  Trust me when my phone had no radio or keyboard I was sweating bullets, but II fixed it (3 cheers for Clockwork).   It’s frustrating when it does not work, but that’s part of the deal and what makes android great. So I cant use Gingerrities ( sucks cause its awesome) I still got to see and and give total props to the team, but das bamf my work, hell I got two other shots.  JTC

  • Klavis1321

    Why are you guys hating on the Bamf team? Whatever the reason, get over yourselves, they’re the best, hard working team out there! And if you’re hating on the best what does that say about you and your site? Bias mofo!

  • This is extremely slow on my DINC… I can’t even get past the lockscreen

  • Cmarison

    Tried out the incredible port. Found a lot of quirks that make it unuseable like a frequently crashing google maps and the 10 min boot. On top of that i sure can keep my hands toasty on a cold day with the amour of heat that it puts out. Other than that it’s awesome.

  • Underoath403

    do any of these have data?  every time i install any of these i have to use wifi only

  • Maxxmentum

    The Gingeritus is unbelievably cool, so many well done features.  However I lost my radio when I installed it.  So I restored, used the newest radio patch (from the link) with my restored rom, and then the radio on the restore stopped working.  DOH!  so I used the ROM from the original leaked, and restored my radio. Granted I was one of the ones that did not have the reboot issue, so no bitchin.  Just reporting what happen.  Anyone have a similar problem with the radio?  I might have to try one of the others, has anyone tried them yet?

  • nna


  • Roshan John

    Im a physical thrapist and ROMs just mean range of motion. what the hell does all this shit mean. If I DL this because in-fact Sense 3.0 is the sexiest thing ever, will i be able to do all the normal stuff i do on my phone? 

  • i am assuming htc watch isnt on this… but thats not a big deal

  •  Ive been a sense hater for ever, and I got the LiquidGinger rom last night, and I will be a sense user forever now.. 3.0 is amazing.. 

  • cant get out of sense looping. i was running cm7. i rebooted serveral times. any ideas? 

    • Mptetrault

      Try hot rebooting.