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Get Notified When the Amazon App of the Day Changes Using this App

If we aren’t doing a good enough job of reminding you about Amazon’s Free App of the Day and you continually forget to check for yourself, then you’ll want to grab this app from XDA member cody_04l.  You can set it up to trigger a notification that will tell you what Amazon’s app is for that day and even direct you into the Appstore for download.  Simple and easy.

Download:  AAOTD_Reminder.apk

Via:  XDA

  • Anonymous

    Quick! Someone make an app that reminds me to download this app!

  • This is a stellar idea. Installed!

  • I’ve missed some cool free apps — glad to have this. I’m surprised Amazon doesn’t take the opportunity to remind us themselves. Thanks Cody! PS I’m getting some force closes on my Thunderbolt (nonrooted, Android 2.2.1), but it seems to still work despite the FCs. Worth it 🙂

  • tomNasty

    How do i get that number in my battery….i’m running HTC TB rooted GB 3.0 ROM

  • Anonymous

    Usually gets updated around 3am est I’ve noticed and yes I’m a night owl.

  • Anonymous

    naise this is great, been checking dialy for the free app and this saves me time 😀 😀

  • CmonNow

    why not just set a daily reminder in calender?  lol.   

  • Anonymous

     Awesome! I kept forgetting to check and missed a couple of good ones.

  • Sweet this will come in handy, id forget my head if it wasnt attached

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for the heads up, Kellex!

  • BostonRS19

    Thanks for the fix Mark

  • Rob

    Kellex, what are the “Notifications” and “Quick Settings” tabs at the bottom of your pull down? I’ve never seen those before.

    •  Its a Gingerbread Sense ROM.

    • John

      part of a ROM. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1084474

    • Muddy B00ts

      Pretty sure it’s a sense 2.1 thing.  It’s in the new ROMs for the Thunderbolt. 

  • what, no QR? 

  • what, no QR? 

  •  I was sad when I saw it wasn’t Plants vs Zombies today.

  • Anonymous

     If you download from phone, use a file explorer to rename the file from .txt to .apk, then install

    • Muddy B00ts

      +1 I had to do the same.  I renamed it aaotd.apk so I could find it again on my sd.  Worked like a charm. 

      • Anonymous

        Same here! Strange…wonder why it’s doing that. Oh well…just rename it and it works out fine.

  •  Cute…..but I would have to be a fool to forget that Amazon is giving away free sh*t everyday 😛

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but regardless, still a decently useful app!

      • Anonymous

        Hardly. All that will do is take up space. Everyone has sites that they check in the mornings. Just add this to it. I have the App store bookmarked in my favorites so I just go down the line and get to this.

        • Beth Ruths

          I disagree. Right now my life is too turned upside down to remember or keep track of things (Mom went to hospice, so that’s an all-consuming thing right now). Still, I want to snag good free stuff so this will be one more thing that is an automated reminder. Very useful for me for now. Probably not forever, but for now, I can use all the help I can get to remember!

  • Nice! that will be pretty handy! I myself use  the Amazon App Store twitter account (https://twitter.com/amazonappstore) and get mobile updates (they tweet the new game at 3AM) and also has other deals. For people who want another solution.

    • Anonymous

      i do something similiar, i added their twitter feed to my reader, since i’m in there everyday anyway 

    • Anonymous

      I do this. Instead of opening Twitter, I just have their tweets send me an SMS.. Free Alerts without another app having to fetch.