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Contest: Two Limited Edition Droid Life Hoodies Up for Grabs! (Updated)

Update:  Winners picked!

With it being Reader Appreciation Week here at DL, it’s time to give more stuff away!  How about a couple of our favorite hoodies?  We made sure to hang on to a few of the extra special Limited Edition Droid Life ones just for occasions like this.  What do we mean by “extra special?”  Well, we put out the limited version on sale for one week only, but we had some custom made just for the DL crew with pink lettering to give it that extra flair.  So these really are something that no one else can have except for the lucky two that we’ll be picking from the comments of this post.

So here’s how this will go down:

1.  You have to be a U.S. resident.
2.  Leave a comment in this post telling us what your dream device would be.
3.  That’s it.  Comment and you are entered.
4.  We’ll pick the two winners in the morning!

*Note – When you fill out the comment form, be sure to include a real email address so that we can get a hold of you.  And don’t worry, only admins can see your email address which is me, Tato, and Picolas.

And don’t forget to continue to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Tato has already handed out a DL t-shirt and two LauncherPro Plus keys through both of those services.  More free goodies to come tomorrow though, including the announcement of the Asus Transformer giveaway!

  • Matthew Majeika

    Dream Device would be a simple upgrade to the new Razr M. Nothing fancy.

  • Anonymous

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  • James E. Price


  • Rick00770

    mine= look like the g2 x except bigger screen, maybe 4.5, have at least a 12 hr batt.

  • Oscar

    A Droid with the ability to boot into iOS or Windows Phone 7

  • Misterstickabee

    Easy. A Droid with a currency minting device. Maybe with the USB DK… and government permission, of course…

  • Michelle apperson

    My dream phone would be android, slide out keyboard, 4g, global, gingerbread..with netflix capabilities! oh and direct to connect! Rugged style for my clumsy fingers! 

    • Michelle apperson

      oh and amoled screen

  • Mine would be a 4g unlocked device by moto.

  • Aaron Lozano

    A C3PO droid 3 with the new tegra and ice cream sandwich!

    • Rocktoonz

      ROFL would that be basically a Gold-clad Droid 3 that whines when the battery gets low about how exhausted it is?

  • Crawldad12

    HTC Thunderbolt! That’s my dream device. Its a beast!!!!

  • amorphous

    still eying the bionic

  • urdaddi

    A phone that worked right out of the box.   Never needing to buy an app to make something work.   Not needing to buy an extended battery to replace the one it came with which gets 3 hours of use. A phone that gets an update when the update is first made available instead of using some stupid system where some phones get it and others dont.

  • Joe Procopio

    dual 2ghz, 4.3″ Amoled Plus screen, 32gb int storage, 2gb ram, crystal clear speakers, internal and speakerphone, fastest GPU available, and sexy as all get out

  • toosurreal01

    10″ Quad-core tablet with flash to completely replace my netbook/laptop

  • AWOL

    I want a tablet that transforms like in the commercial.  And it has to be fast.  Like Star Wars fast.

  • David

    My dream phone would be a flexible display that could be folded into any size screen; for instance a 10″ tablet into a 4.5″ phone into an even smaller 1″ square to fit comfortably into your pocket. It would be a Nexus Device that actually ran on Verizon’s (a boy can dream, right?) 5G network that doesn’t decimate battery life. It could be charged through body heat so I would never have to worry about plugging in.

  • Hmmm Quad core, honeycomb, 4.3 inch super hd screen and 60 day battery life, 32gig sd card and 16gigs internal, unlocked bootlocker with a sprinkle of fairy dust?

  • Bdkaye12

    Would love to see a 4″ super amoled plus with a slid out qwerty keyboard as good the htc touch pro 2.  It will have a the next gen nvida tegra quad core with 2gb ram.  The device will be capable of both 1080p playback and video capture.  Battery should be capable of lasting a full day.  Should  be fully stock and totally unlocked, come with the lastest version of OS out the box with assurance that when the OS does get upgrade it wont take months for this phone to be updated

  • Xhaxol

    Something like the thunderbolt but with CM7, dualcore or qudacore(not pick), hdmi out, qhd display, and it would need a camera that can spank iphone 4.

  • Raven

    My “realistic” dream device would simply have a 4″ super AmoLED with at least qHD resolution, a 5 row slider style physical keyboard, quad-core processor, dual front and rear cameras, LTE support of course, running stock Android with unlocked everything, and a HUGE battery to run it all for a couple of days.  It would basically be my dream Droid 4.

  • Brian Jager

    MMoto Xoom with 4g and double battery life!

  • Jrod196

    My dream phone is one that works as advertised. Dual Core, 4g, amazing camera, 4.3 inch screen. 1080p display. 

  • Marc

    How sweet would it be to have your car’s Nav/Radio system run by some 3.1 or higher Android build with at least Tegras backing it up. Google Maps… Built in to your car?!?! Plus all your music/movies, contacts and Pandora from the Android Market. 

    I’ll take the Bionic though, who the F wouldn’t?

  • Inotpi

    iPhone 5 engneering

    Rooted Icecream

    Latest & greatest processor

    QWERTY kboard

  • Logan3414

    quad core processor
    powerful graphics 
    48 hour battery life
    4.5″ HD screen
    fully unlocked and stock
    64 GB internal and 64GB micro SD card
    12 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera, and record 1080p HD video