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Download: Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) for DROID Incredible

Thanks to XDA member Tmartin03, the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) leak for the DROID Incredible that popped up this morning is zipped up and ready for flashing.  From what I can tell, everything works including the camera.  And I apologize if I’m behind in Incredible updates, but FastBoot appears to now be available and 720p video recording is back(?).  It’s still old Sense and doesn’t have switchable skins or anything, but it will bring you up to Android 2.3.3.  

Download:  TMartinPPC_GingerInc_v1.0.zip | New Radio


*Includes Superuser.


1.  Download the GB file from above and drop it on your SD card.
2.  Boot into Clockwork Recovery and perform a factory reset.
3.  Choose “install zip for sd card” and locate the file from above.
4.  Install it.
5.  Enjoy!

Update Radio:

1.  Download “New Radio” file from above and drop on root of SD card.
2.  Boot into HBOOT by holding Volume Down and Power until it loads.
3.  Follow prompts to flash the PB31IMG.zip file.

Via:  XDA, XDA (radio)

  • disqus_V78dp8gnDr

    can anyone help if how to install pdf software into my android so that i can view pdf file into my mobile phone..thanks

  • Anonymous

    My phone and apps reacts much faster now with the update. Try out this really cool app called Mobeep https://market.android.com/details?id=com.Ozura.MoBeep&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5PenVyYS5Nb0JlZXAiXQ..

  • would android 2.3 work on my htc tp 2 ?? 

  • Mhangell

    I keep getting the 404 Not Found
    error when i click on the file. What should i do?

  • Eshka

    the link doesn`t work!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ionxchanger

    Installed the GB rom from above…everything went great…but lately GTALK is closing unexpectedly …not able to start GTALK on phone now… it was working when i first started GB

  • Ionxchanger

    Installed on D Inc with ROM above..works great … lately GTALK is closing unexpectedly …is anyone facing the same issue?

  • Dinky

    my phone exploded upon install

    • Soon2BXdroidowner

      It seems the Droid OS is becoming so tainted with all this rooting that we cannot trust these rooted builds anymore. You rooted and updated, and blew up your phone. iphone would never have this problem. I AM SO READY TO PROUDLY SAY I AM NO LONGER PART OF THE GEEK SQUAD ANDROID COMMUNITY. 

  • Soon2BXdroidowner

    Is anyone else getting as tired of the whole you can’t get the latest Droid operating system updates unless you have rooted your phone crap! I have been a Droid fan for several years now. But have decided that it is just easier to get the latest and greatest OS “guaranteed” if I switch to an iphone. None of this rooting and reading endlessly about how Droid is picking and choosing which phones will get what updates. GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK! I am so looking forward to becoming an iphone owner, things will just be so much easier than this complicated Droid community.

  • Flashed to 2.3, kept getting stuck at the droid eye. Luckily I made a backup of my phone before I did it. Guess I’ll wait for the OTA update.

  • Tna_tj

    its tht support for acer liquid E????

  • Ashique Zakariyya

    Get best details from http://www.osbuzzer.com/f7/android-2-3-3-gingerbread-droid-incredible-129/

  • Little Help Please

    I successfully updated my phone, but there’s no way(that I can figure) for restoring to factory defaults(It remains updated to 2.3.3).  I think I’d rather go back to 2.2 with my phone rooted.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help is appreciated.

    • Did you make a backup of your phone before your flashed it?

  • Jp371776

    anyone having issues with GB2.3 on Incredible 1… not being able to view certain apps in the app store?  The MLB.tv app worked fine on my Froyo but is not even showing up in the Android Market after re rooted to Gingerbread

  • Tyler Scheunemann

    you could have a android phone if you have a google acount go to app inventor.com