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Verizon Nexus S Pops Up in Android Market – Real, Fake or Just Confusing? (Updated)

Update:  There is absolutely no way to tell if this is 100% real, so we’re moving on from it.  You can apparently edit the HTML with Chrome’s developer tools as well to show whatever device you want.  Sorry all.  Form your own opinions, but we’re sticking with the strong possibility of it being fake.

Update 2:  The guy has now admitted that he changed his build.prop to get Netflix working and that’s why it is showing up like this.  He has apologized, and like we already said, are moving on with life.  Sorry folks!

So as many of you know, we received the picture from above of a Verizon Samsung Nexus S, but were quickly skeptical of it being real due to the fact that you can easily update the name of your device in your Market Account settings.  We shoved the post back to page two because we didn’t want to lead you all on, and then we received this second shot from the same reader to help his case.

Here is his Market Account settings page with the make, model and carrier showing as the Verizon Samsung Nexus S.  These fields cannot be altered from what I can tell, so now we’re back to just being confused.  This screen is also showing that he (or someone) used the device today and that it was registered back in April, but the guy swears he doesn’t own one.

So again, did a tester’s Nexus S somehow get attached to his account?  Are we all being duped?  What?

We’ll let you guys decide.

  • )v(urphy

    But is it dual-core??

  • Anonymous

    It’s very easy to edit the HTML with Chrome’s developer tools. http://joe-bass.com/verizonnexuss.jpg

  • Stevewest87

     that sounds wonderful and all really i would love a vzw nexus s…..but id rather have a droid 3 with vanilla android and LTE…..

  • Stevewest87

     that sounds wonderful and all really i would love a vzw nexus s…..but id rather have a droid 3 with vanilla android and LTE…..

  • Goblueboy

     DO WANT

  • Goblueboy

     DO WANT

  • SBD

    i would trade my soul for an unmolested verizon nexus S with LTE

  • The Observer

    If VZW released a Nexus S LTE, I’d get rid of my TBolt in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t even matter that it was single-core. Nexus S LTE would own all.

    Now, if it were a Nexus S without LTE, I’m not so sure what I would do. I love having/using 4G. That said, the thought of a vanilla Android experience on VZW might be too good to pass up.

  • Anonymous

    *sad face* you’ve been had… I know because I just did this… http://yfrog.com/h7nyd8j 

  • Rousellbrandon

    Selling thunderbolt? Stock Android updates with no wait time…….please can I have one….VZW?

  • stm^


  • Trophynuts

    i would pay full retail for a VZW Nexus device….well as long as it was global 🙂 lol 

  • Swooshbb

     This would hurt, I just broke contract this past weekend from my OG Droid on VZW to get the Nexus S on Sprint.  I take solace in knowing that if VZW did get the Nexus S they would probably put BING as the search engine.

  • EC8CH




    • Stephen D

      Make it a Verizon Nexus S2. LTE radio, all the hardware of the Galaxy S2, with the shape and design of the Nexus S, just enlarged. And the curved screen. THIS phone would be worth 300 bucks.

  • Anonymous

     I would love to see it, but its likely these people are pulling your leg.

  • Mr.Joe

    I really don’t see why people like the NEXUS S so much.  No SD slot and no notification light screams sucky to me.  OH and it’s hardware is super outdated right?  At least that’s what you keep saying about all these new phones. 

    • I wasn’t too hyped on the lack of SD card slot at first, either, but Google Music and Amazon Cloud Music are making this lack an afterthought for me. 

      • Mr.Joe

        True, but I still like having the option to expand my memory if I wish. 

    • Swooshbb

       I agree that the no notification light was a bummer especially coming from the multi-colored light on the OG Droid but even with somewhat dated hardware it still runs like a dream and it’s hard to put on a price on  real plain vanilla Android.  Especially of the gingerbread variety.

    • I hate the notification light i use an app to turn it off! 

      • Mr.Joe

        Well you’re just an odd duck aren’t you . 

      • Muddy B00ts

        That is odd.  It sounds petty but I had a Fascinate for like a day but the lack of a notification light killed it for me.   

  • Anonymous

     I’d be excited if it was based on a Galaxy S 2, but single core seems so 2010.

  •  I would die for a Nexus S to be available on Verizon.

  • If Verizon gets the Nexus S, it may just save me as a customer…

  • Landale

    I would just hope that a Verizon Nexus S would be based off the Galaxy S II instead of the original year old Galaxy S platform.  After all isn’t the Nexus supposed to be a halo phone?

  •  Guessing a custom ROM installed and Market pulling incorrect info?

    • Anonymous

      Or….like I said earlier….build.prop change causing the device to be scene as a Nexus S…. 

    • prob so (unless just the market name change).  herd a guy post a comment once lauging at the fact of getting a “congratulations on upgrading your Nexus S”… when in reality he was using an DInc.

  • You can give your device any nickname you want on the market website and it will show up in that window. I can rename my Droid X as “Verizon Nexus S” and it will show up that way. Go to My Market Account then the Settings tab.

  • Reysan86

    dont tease us please us!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

     I’d love a Verizon Nexus S….but I think I know what this is….people are changing their build.prop file in the /system folder so they can run Netflix! ;D

    • Pilotbluemike

       oh man dont ruin my hopes and reams like that

      • Anonymous

        I know….I’d LIKE a standard phone with no Blur, Sense, touchwiz…..but I don’t think that’s going to happen…..at least not right away. 

      • Anonymous

        I know….I’d LIKE a standard phone with no Blur, Sense, touchwiz…..but I don’t think that’s going to happen…..at least not right away. 

  • Anonymous

    My next phone if true (My OG Droid contract expires in a couple of months…) 

    • Anonymous

      Just get the Galaxy S II when it comes to Verizon.

  •  a Verizon Nexus S running Ice Cream Sandwich O.o

  • Markopolo1022

    aawwwww i waned to be first!!! to coomment

  • gregmr

     Oh god I hope this is true, and if and when it does grace my hands, it will not be pre-loaded with crapware or VZW customizations

  •  If VZW comes out with a Nexus S with LTE, I’d probably sell my Thunderbolt and grab it. This TB (and HTC in general) has been pissing me off lately anyways. 

  • Sam P.

     Ehhhhh, come September when my contract is up I’m going Dual-Core or bust

  • NikonD300

    Anyone want my Thunderbolt!!??

  •  Is it lte?

  •  I’d sell my Thunderbolt and get a Nexus S on Verizon in a heartbeat.  I know the talk about wanting “one-of-a-kind phones” on VZW being the reason they skin the fool out of these things, but are there any other phones on Verizon running stock currently?  No.  And the definition of “one-of-a-kind” is…?  #DuhMoment

    • The origional droid runs a stock skin on verizon so it has been done before.

  • Ralph

     i’m crying right now…. please let this be true…… please………. 

  • Pilotbluemike

    please let this happen.. ive been drooling over the Nexus S ever since it came out.. this would make me give up my OG Droid.

  • Jaydee56


    • Anonymous

      CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! Want a cookie? 

    • Anonymous

      srsly? get a life, bro… go back to 2006 and leave the grown-ups to our business. Thx.

      • Someone is Jelly they not getting cookie? 😛