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DROID Charge Attempts to Sell Its $300 Self Through New Ad

The DROID Charge finally went on sale just days ago which means it’s time for the mega-marketing push that almost always accompanies what Verizon has deemed the next big “DROID.”  So to start it all off, this new Charge ad has been released and talks about one of the few positives we’ve seen from the device, its beautiful Super AMOLED Plus display.  Is this going to be enough to justify it’s extremely large $300 price tag?  We’ll see.

Anyone pick up a Charge this weekend?  

  • Godschild2012

    Idk what most of you are talking about the DROID Charge is an excellent phone in every regard have you guys even used it before? I got mine launch day and paid full price for it and couldn’t be happier it’s damn sure better than the g2x and atrix Just for the screen alone I mean this things flys and looks good doing it…

  •  people who have bought the phone i see are very happy with the phone and the ones who didn’t buy the phone are bashing it…yea its expensive, if you don’t have 4g in your area then wait, 4g for verizon is not even 1 year old yet, its only been months.  I know all of NYC to long island (montauk) will be covered in 4g by the end of the summer, and I’m pretty sure a lot of other suburban towns around the major cities will be covered as well.  Your paying that much for the 4G connection, pretty damn good phone, the phone runs smoothly even if its not dual core I rather save battery than have a overpowerful phone.  T-mobile charges cheap because they don’t have a “4G” network, they just invested little money like at&t and named it 4G, verizon spent millions of dollars to make a network that is 5-12 times faster than their own 3g network.  I see people coming in the store all the time complaining about at&t or t-mobile or sprint and switching to us and they are happy with our service, so verizon is doing something right, no?

  • Tomtom

     I am so glade I just renewed for two years at Costco and got a DX for fifty dollars,I will give them 18 months to get though all of this hype and stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I find it interesting Verizon allowed the ad to go through with the word ‘infuse’ in it. Direct ATT competitor phone, just launched yesterday too…

  • Genius

     I think it’s just plain UGLY. Sorry, to me the Thunderbolt looks way sleeker.

  • redone1

     this add makes me want get a Droid Charge…….

  • So far there are no dual core LTE phones on the market.  Is it possible the manufacturers are experiencing power consumption issues with designs that include both dual core and LTE?

    I really doubt they are releasing single core LTE phones just to swindle consumers out of their money.  If you do not like the phone, then do not buy it.  It is not as if Verizon is holding a gun to you head. 

    • GoodNote

      Well said.  Just because dual-core LTE phones are on the horizon, it doesn’t mean a single-core phone is unsatisfactory.  ALL the smart phones that millions of us have used and continue to use are single-core.  And Eric’s very right, sometimes with portable devices ya gotta balance “power” with “power consumption.” Believe me, Droid Charge is very fast and snappy, based on my spending hours playing around it since I got mine. 

      • Agreed. I compared TBolt to Atrix, and Atrix is not any faster (in regular use at least). It may have a higher test scores, bust as far as usability is concerned I don’t see a difference. They both fast.

  • Spiderman_00

    Sold one this weekend and that screen sells itself! Super crisp…just beautiful. Its way faster and more responsive than my X and the price isn’t that bad. What sucks is the money you make on it but such is life when selling smartphones. Thank god for dumbphones 🙂

  • Gg101

    This device makes me sad because it likely means we wont be seeing the GS2 on VZW anytime soon. Especially considering they gave it the Droid moniker. 

    • Anonymous

      Names are leaked for the top 3 carriers here. It’s the Verizon Samsung Function. ATT will call theirs Attain, and Sprint to call theirs Within.

  • GoodNote

    I bought a Droid Charge on Sunday.  So far I am 100% happy with it. I am finding that everything is working fast and smoothly. Large, high-quality screen is a major factor.  I agree with those who complain about Samsung Touchwiz, but so far I am finding that I can pretty much customize my screens and settings to my liking (that’s the advantage of Android). And I am finding that browsing, mapping, switching between apps, etc — everything working great, and great-looking.  As to the price, I do NOT think it’s a bad deal.  You’re getting an extra-powerful battery, you’re getting 32 MG card, you’re getting large 4’3″ Super Amoled screen, you’re getting one of the first 4G phones, you’re getting extraordinary camera quality, and IMO Samsung produces well-built, well-engineered products.  If you don’t feel like spending $300, that’s fine …. that’s called the “free market”, go ahead and buy some other phone or stick with the phone you already have which is probably fine, too!  Besides, the price will probably drop a bit over time — as is often the case, the early-adapter pays a bit more …. what’s the big problem?  If you’re in the market for a new phone this spring, Droid Charge is an excellent option, people.

    • I got mine saturday and I completely agree with everything you said. I am very happy with this phone. Touchwiz is just a launcher where you either love it or hate it. I for one dont like it but I can put up with it plus I have bought ADW launcher EX on my OG Droid so I could just throw that on.

      I feel people should not hate on a phone because of a certain launcher being on it considering that you can easily root this phone with an unlocked bootloader and remove it.  

      • joe.

        people should absolutely hate on a phone because of a preloaded laucher you can’t remove without rooting. a lot of people don’t want to bother with that given it voids the warranty and they’re not experienced with coding. if you could remove touchwiz, that’d be a whole different story. 

    •  32GB not MG

  • Robvanwinkle

     This is a Fascinate in new body with a larger screen and 4g. Same exact ram and processor as Fascinate.

  • Missthetrain

    They cutoff supplies (screen) to their partners because their Fugly, Crappy, and overall POS products were being outsold. They’re not getting a penny from me…well…not directly anyway.Sc#% you Samsung.

    • GoodNote

      Don’t you have anything in life or in the world that’s a more worthy object of your anger than a Samsung phone? 

      • Missthetrain

        My ex!…oh wait, I am with my ex now.Steve Job!…uhhh no, I am typing this on my iMac.Bin Laden!….Well… he’s dead isn’t he?I guess it’s just Samsung Phones.

  •  People will drop $300 for a 32GB iPhone, don’t see why those same people would have a problem dropping $300 on an Android phone with better features and the same amount of memory (slightly more, actually, though I can’t remember what comes built-in…) That being said, still prefer my Thunderbolt. 

  • Nobody

     When has Samsung manufactured anything worth $300?

    • TVs, laptops? 

    • Waknatious

       Samsung builds lots of great products across many genres.  Good company to work with overall.

  • MFG

     This is a really nice device. My brother just got one this weekend and the screen is amazing, the build is surprisingly good, and the 4G works well!

  • Anonymous

     VZW is desperate to sell these before the real phones come out – dual core with gingerbread

  • Rmj4chihuahua

    Got mine Saturday. Like it so far. Got 50.00 employee discount through work. Good battery life.

  • Anonymous

    Sticking with my T-Bolt. Sammy has never treated me very well in the past…

  • FortitudineVincimus

     $300.. bwaa haaa ha haaa

    what’s next, see these phones on the side of the road holding “Buy Me” signs.

  • Anonymous

    $300 = rip off.

  • Dadoblade

     Too much money for a subsidized phone.  It won’t do well at that price point.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    i’ll stick with my amazing rooted thunderbolt! 🙂

  • Anonymous

     If this phone is at $300, I wonder what the Samsung Galaxy S will price itself for on Verizon.. come on Verizon, drop this down to $200 and it will surely sell well enough for it’s technology.

    • Tootsie Roll

      Makes you wonder what the Droid X 2 is gonna go for…..I have heard rumors its tagged at 400 

      • Nothing confirmed at this point, but there’s no way in hell VZW is that stupid enough to price a revision for this much ON CONTRACT.

      • Anonymous

        With 16GB card it’ll be 199$ with a 32GB card it’ll be 299$
        Anything else, obvisouly in-between! 🙂

    • GoodNote

      SheckyXero, you know and I know and Samsung knows and Verizon knows that in a few months it probably will drop down in price.  That’s the way of things.  Happens with Android phones, Apple phones. These are “for-profit” companies so they are trying to initially sell a bunch at “peak” price, then they’ll drop it. Betcha it’ll be same with latest Galaxy phone coming to U.S. later this year — it’ll be priced higher than you’d like at first, eventually will drop down.  Everyone just take a deep breath and deal with it. 

  • Blackttc6

    Is there an ETA on the bionic release yet?

  • Mr.Joe

    Something tells me that come summer Verizon is going to cut the prices on the Charge and TB and make it seem like you’re getting a deal. 

  • Tootsie Roll

    How can they even come close to justifying a 300 dollar price tag when other carriers are selling dual core phones that are also “4g”  for 100 bucks less???

    • EC8CH

      It’s the network? 😛

      seriously, your right VZ is pretty ballzy to assume customers are so loyal that’s they’ll stick with them even though the phones are becoming under speced and over priced all at the same time. 

      • Tootsie Roll

        My opinion is Verizon is loosing out big time by not having a better line up of phones. And now they wanna charge you premium prices for phones with last years specs and a 4g radio, and the bad part of it is if you don’t have 4g in your area its useless. They should really look at what is going on around them and see what the competion is doing and for cheaper. T-mobile may not have the coverage that big red does but they have superior phones and thats pretty sad to me. 

        • Dean2359

          TR is absolutely correct,just check out the sensation on T mobile:dual core 1.2’s,sense 3.0,hi def display all in a compact design. For $199! Whats up with that verizon? I want that phone! i’m even considering leaving verizon for that beast. Come on big red,get yer sh*t together!

          • Shnyda

            Then why is T-Mobile loosing customers by the Milllions? 

          • Malonzo85

             Because they no longer have Catherine Zeta?

          • Malonzo85

             Because they no longer have Catherine Zeta?

          • Missthetrain

            Because of the AT&T takeover talk. I would bail too if I am in the same situation.

        • Sparter33

          Let s take a look at some comparisons. Verizon is competing with other carriersbyes but it also is still competing with the iPhone itself sounds crazy I know but to be honest the group called Apple and the customers for Verizon are the only beneficiary of the iphone coming to Verizon although Verizon get more subscribers they aren’t really able to turn a profit from iPhone users. The only reason Verizon has the device is to counteract attt’s market share and Forwarding of the Verizon Brand. The eventuality that the Over time Verizon will see profit from iPhone users is not even in the cards until more US carriers have the device. But with that being said. The iPhone 32GB is currently $299 it has a smaller screen than the charge less memory 3G radios but it is still $299

          So for the carrier that carries this device what is it saying to the consumer about android. That its products are not premium even though it is on a more advanced network. That would make a lot of sense right. Mr customer even though the Droid Charge is on a superior network and more advantages within its hardwAre and arguably its software the the iPhone 3G it is still priced under an ironic device. That’s the right message to send. It would be brutal for Verizon to do so because of its relationship with Apple but also to send a message like this to its subscriber base would becounterproductive to all parties involved. This is the hand that Apple dealt and its subscribers.

      • Anonymous

         I totally agree, seems like the other carriers are bidding higher than Verizon for the better devices from the OEM’s. 

        Verizon is milking these phones to the last drop.  They know a device life span is short and will captiolize on that fact with the quickness.  IMHO this devcie is not my next phone, The Thunderbolt is still looking good at this pont over the Charge even with it’s issues. 

      • Anonymous

         I totally agree, seems like the other carriers are bidding higher than Verizon for the better devices from the OEM’s. 

        Verizon is milking these phones to the last drop.  They know a device life span is short and will captiolize on that fact with the quickness.  IMHO this devcie is not my next phone, The Thunderbolt is still looking good at this pont over the Charge even with it’s issues. 

    • at the same time people are willing to drop $300 on a 32 GB iphone with much weaker specs without a second thought, consumers man. i dont think this will do much more than boost thunderbolt sales, a better 4G smartphone for 50 bucks less? why not 

  • d-roids

    did they charge an extra dollar for every extra subpixel they added. what the hell is this…. im sure the phone is nice but is it worth 300 bucks and even though google said it would work out companies to bring out updates faster, does it mean that samsung will even bother to update they’re phones?

  • Dshudson


  • rob

    Picked one up the day it came out on the 14th and I have to say that I Love It.  The screen is absolutely gorgeous. I actually paid 250 for after my 50 dollar business discount on the phone. The 1gz processor is really very snappy.  Don’t let anybody tell you that the phone sucks or that it feels to much like plastic. The phone is really very well built. The 4g network of Verizon is the fastest of any carrier. I have tried all other so called 4g networks on other carriers and I cannot believe they can say they have 4g. Most of their signals cannot even penetrate your own house. I love this phone.!!

    • Straylight


      I’m curious, Whats the Flash performance like? have you tried watching anything in HD?

    • GoodNote

      Right on, Rob … you and I agree — I’m very happy so far my my Samsung Droid and I believe “snappy” and “well built” are very accurate terms to describe how it works and how it feels. 

  • Streetlightman

     bought it on amazon yesterday!  can’t wait till wednesday

  • Mctypething

    One of the “few positives”? Weren’t you guys hyping the crap out of this phone about a month ago? 

    • I was thinking the same thing.  Quality around here has gone down hill fast in the past few months. A lot of contradicting going on.  And fanboys can spare me the “go somewhere else then” because trust me, at this point I do, I’m just really trying to still like droid-life.

      Where’s this review we’ve been hearing about for a month that was supposed to help the readers decide if it was worth it?

      • As far as I remembered they never hyped this phone.  T-Bolt hyped yes, but they just did a basic review and said that the battery life is light years beyond the T-Bolt. 

      • Eric

        couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Benjamin Clay

        From what I remember, they constantly said “is it worth the cost compared to incredible 2?” They asked this because it was supposed to come out on the same day

      • Benjamin Clay

        From what I remember, they constantly said “is it worth the cost compared to incredible 2?” They asked this because it was supposed to come out on the same day

      • Benjamin Clay

        From what I remember, they constantly said “is it worth the cost compared to incredible 2?” They asked this because it was supposed to come out on the same day

      • Benjamin Clay

        From what I remember, they constantly said “is it worth the cost compared to incredible 2?” They asked this because it was supposed to come out on the same day

      • Carmen Diva

        So true….I miss the days of droid life when it was just the OG droid and Droid eris
        and there was no Elitist feeling when reading article.

        if you didnt know already, Phandroid and androidcentral(I think) posted amazing reviews
        for this phone…Hell, engadget did a decent one.

        I was hoping to actually do one myself for youtube but my schedule does not permit me too do so ( 

        • Mctypething

          I agree. While I still enjoy going to this site and will continue to do so (which is all that matters to them…traffic), it has definitely gone down hill lately. Too many unfounded rumors, not enough mentions of new apps, and too much name dropping and elitism while talking about new devices received, free devices received, parties attended, etc… This post is a good example. I swear it was just yesterday that kellex was talking about how polished and smooth this phone was, and now it has “few positives”? Huh? When and how did that happen?

        • THEGOD


          • Carmen Diva

            THANKS BABES :p 

    • EC8CH

      I think we all know this phone was NOT the hype-beast. 

  • Anonymous

     I picked one up for my son and I wish I could trade my Tbolt in for one… I have always liked Samsung and the screen on this Charge is THAT good…

  • Diesel

    $250 on the verizon website.

  • Carmen Diva

     I brought mine on Friday 🙂

    It’s a great phone…I think 300 is a bit too much for it but
    then again I think 250 is too much for an HTC Thunderbolt.

    Excellent Hardware, Great UI/OS and I love the camera and the battery life.
    This camera came in GREAT for taking pics for nights out on the town with 
    the girls this weekend 🙂

    But if they can overcharge a thunderbolt for 50 dollars more then it’s worth then why not go
    ahead and overcharge for a charge for 50 bucks more than it’s worth lol

    • yeah, remember back in 99 they were selling the motorola startec for $299 all day long.  Curious how much 299 back in 99 is worth now, probably $400…the nice thing though back with the startec was when I had alltel they allowed you to finance it for free over the course of 24 months.  I feel as if we are coming back down to reality on the price of phones.  With the 4g being unlimited, and the general use of data increasing it seems as if they are trying to get back to the profit margin that they had 5 years ago

      • I’m actually amazed that people don’t see the value of a 4G radio and a 32 GB microSD in a phone, like those two things are free. Just look at the off-contract price of the Samsung wireless hotspot, it’s $400. I guess I just can’t figure out why people expect these things to not cost a penny more than a phone with 3G radios and a 16 GB card.

        • Anonymous

          Their off contract prices are inflated plain and simple.  It costs them about a third of what they charge to make the things.

          •  Sure, if all you’re taking into account is the cost of manufacturing. They have a lot of overhead costs as well; R&D, administrative costs, FCC testing and approval, and other costs on top of building the device. iSuppli only takes into account the costs of the components, but a lot more goes into building a 4G device than just the sum of its costs.

          • Anonymous

            Most of those are not recurring costs and are recovered rather quickly. If it was that expensive Apple and Samsung wouldn’t be making billions of dollars in profit every year.

  • The Dave

     Yeah, 300 bucks for a phone who’s only true calling card is the screen is too rich for my blood.

    It has 4G too, but come on now.

    • Mr.Joe

      Don’t forget the 32GB microSD card. 

    •  It also appears to have one of the best out of the box battery life ratings of any Android/Droid as well as the best non-iPhone4 camera.  I’m not justifying the price, just noting it.  After playing with it, I wouldn’t do an even trade for my TBolt.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve got an iPhone 4 (Please don’t hate me) and LOVE the camera on this. However, I’m hearing what you said – Alot. I hear the camera on the charge is just incredible. To me anyways, that’s a huge positive when buying a smartphone nowadays. The camera on my DX was not that great, and it was decent on my fascinate. I’ll probably end up getting a Galaxy S II when released on VZW

        • How often do some of you people switch phones?

          I am still stuck on my Droid 1, and I am not eligible for an uprgrade until August/September.

          Sure I could pay full price for a new phone, but not really interested paying that much for a new phone. 

  • I bought one. Yay for a large tax refund!

  • Dan

     “Extremely lard $300 price”

    I like it!