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Free Hotspot for HTC Thunderbolt Extended to June 15


Since the DROID Charge was delayed over two weeks, Verizon has decided to extend the free hotspot offering for both it and the HTC Thunderbolt until June 15. 

And I just want to point out that if it weren’t for 4G LTE and my phone as a hotspot during IO, it would have been one long conference.  Love me some free 4G. Thanks Big Red!

Via: Twitter

  • Josephbean

    The Thunderbolt’s battery dies when using the hotspot while I have it PLUGGED IN. This is crazy, I have never had a battery die while it was on the charger.

  • Dooley Noted

    I called Verizon to inquire about this…. I was told the following:

    * Hotspot is limited to 2 gigs transfer – After that $10 per gig overage
    * Offer is subject to change.

    I asked what that meant, and she said that they could start charging the $20 per mointh for tethering at any time, but you can cancel tethering as well. She could not reference me to any terms of the offer online, and I cannot find any reference to the offer on Verizon’s website. If I am signing into a two year contract based on this offer, I would expect to have the tethering free for the erm of the contract. (The data over the phone iself is still unlimited – the 2gig is only for tethering)

    Does anyone have a link to this offer on Verizon’s website?

  • Jester4281

    Great, free mobile hotspot to compinsate for the reboots and issues caused by the latest update, thanks for that VZW like a 20 dollar freebie for my 250 dollar phone you messed up. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Great, 1 more month before I have to root my thunderbolt.

    • Anonymous

      i was thinking the same thing

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     So is internet connection mode part of free mobile hotspot??

  • Anonymous

     I’ve said it before, they are using this to test how users react to free tethering.  How many use it, how much do they use it, how much data does it use, what is the effect on their network, etc.  They are testing this and they may soon just give it away.

  •  Wow, that is great, hope we could have that in Bolivia too 🙂

  • JD11669

    I have yet to be able to connect to my TB as a HotSpot.  It get seen by the computer and the phone shows it is connected but no internet access….Free or not…could care less when it isnt working.  Tethering the connection worked fine.  

    • Gwaugh

      Try changing your security from WPA (WPA2) down to WEP or open. If you running Win XP with WPA2 security update credentials, it’l see it, you’ll try to connect and it will fail. If you running vista, try setting a manual IP address. Other wise, SOL. your security from WPA (WPA2) down to WEP or open. If you running Win XP with WPA2 security update credentials, it’l see it, you’ll try to connect and it will fail. If you running vista, try setting a manual IP address. Other wise, SOL.

  • jason6g

    wireless tether: http://www.mediafire.com/?d05q3fmeem7qmhx

    free tethering past june 15th 😀

    • Knightcrusader

       And, according to the FCC rules on the C Block of the spectrum that 4G LTE uses, Verizon CANNOT keep you from using the free wireless tether on your phone or punish you for using it. Google it for more details, buts its there. in writing, from the FCC.

      I want to see what Verizon has to say about that.

  • Ryn_wllmsn

     is it free for htc droid incredible?

    • MOTOX

       no, only 4g devices.

  • Ryn_wllmsn

     does this include the htc droid incredible?

  • chris

     this may be off topic but there is a playstation 3 update which is supposed to fix the security issues but psn is still down. but at least they r making progress.

    • Marvin J

      -UPDATE- PSN is back up. yay!!!!

    • Granted

      No that’s not off topic at all. I would also like to add, some woman added to her scrapbook last week.

    • MOTOX

       who cares about psn where there is xbox 360 which hasn’t been down 🙂

  • Anonymous


    • Granted

      Now I’ve never clicked one of these links, but I bet they only bring shiny goodness to the person who does!

  • Travislufsey

    Just happens to be when the chrome book comes or

  • Whap

    This should be a free service anyway. Not to mention on the TB it is a battery killer…

    • Mr.Joe

      That would make a great argument.

      Make hotspot free on the TB cause by the time we get to 512MB of data the phones dead! 

    • Anonymous

      Careful, if you mention that here you’ll get called a troll by the kiddies. Hotspot actually works on the TB so they won’t make it free as it doesn’t stand with their business model of fleecing the consumer at every opportunity. On the battery life though, I’m getting consistent 15 +- hours daily now without using hotspot and about 8ish when hotspot is on the whole time.

      • jason6g

         phone comes off the charger at 5am and when i get home around 7ish i still have 60% battery left. rooting and romming was the best thing to happen to my t-bolt’s battery life.

        for what its worth, its also handy to have a second battery. have one of verizon’s customer service reps send you a replacement battery – every time ive had that done they processed the transaction as a sale discounted to $0 so free second battery 😉

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t mention that I’m not rooted, I should have. Up until last week I was getting 4.5 hours average.

        • HeathCliff

          What ROM and kernel are you using? What’s your secret to battery longevity?

    • Riley1290

      I just had sex with a kitten and was taking pictures then the phone died..

  • Mr.Joe

    Does CM stand for CyanogenMod? 

    • Muddy B00ts


      • Mr.Joe

        Why would verizon reference CyanogenMod in a tweet….

        Could vzw be working with CM on a Verizon based Android ROM?  That will go on all their non Droid phones?  Kind of like that crappy Sprint ID? 

        • Muddy B00ts

          haha my bad.  I answered before looking for context.  I thought you were just asking a general question.  Please disregard my previous “yep”.  I have no idea what that one stands for. 

  • Lord_20_bucks

    Ya what does happen do they start billing you right away?

    • Anonymous

       You will get a pop up (new feature after this latest update) that tells you the features is paid only and directs you to sign up for it. Right now the popup notifies that feature is only free for a limited time. Before the update there was no popup notifying you of anything, so the lawyers must have gotten their panties in a wad and screamed at development to put it in.

  • Game

    cool:) i can jack off more now 

    • Riley1290

      I Agree GaMe

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate what Big Reds doing, but my Thunderbolt gets waayy too hot to warrant using the hotspot. And I still lose battery even when plugged in.

    • I guess that’s why they call it HOTspot 

    • Game

       put your phone in a cup of water  when it gets  hot  you should be fine

  • Sweet! More pr0n!

  • sdrchv

    This is a pretty awesome way to start my 12 hour shift at work… Thanks!

  • gaylordmi

    Big Red, you have redeemed yourself

  • Anonymous

    what happens after june 15th? monthly fee?

    oh, and first.

    • $20 for 2GB and then $10 for every Gig after

      • no thats incorrect, the existing 3G hotspot pricing is not going to carry over to 4G devices. There are no pricing details for 4G hotspot yet, regardless of what u may read online, unless you see a press release from Verizon don’t go by it. 

    • You get raped for using it afterwards.. How? The way Alex explained it 

    • Marvin J

       Verizon personally comes to your house and rapes the sh** outta you and your family. then robs you