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HTC Thunderbolt Users Experiencing Random Reboots After Update

How’s everyone doing after receiving the HTC Thunderbolt update that went live yesterday?  All good?  Not good?  Experiencing random reboots?  We’re not surprised at all.  This same update was leaked out a few weeks ago and gave users the exact same problem.  In fact, our buddy Justin Case has been tweeting about it since day one and we were hoping was the reason that it was initially delayed.  I guess we hoped wrong.

We’ve already heard from a number of readers who accepted the update and are now hating life as a Thunderbolt owner.  In fact, one reader (Brian) has had at least 6 in just the last 24 hours since he pulled the update to his phone.  He’s not the only one though – our Twitter account isn’t all that pretty with Tbolt @mentions.

So please, let us know in the comments if you are experiencing this known issue.  We’ll be reaching out to Verizon.

*Tip – If you are struggling to get the update to pop up on your device, try this:

##778## thing and change the RevA setting to “enable” instead of “eHRPD” – then use LTEOnOff to switch to CDMA auto (PRL)

Cheers Aaron, Brian and everyone else!

  • Muncherw

     I’ve experienced 5 or 6 reboots since the update (about 3 days ago I think) when I previously hadn’t had a single reboot.

  • my phone has been restarting since i did the update 6 times today alone. it’s driving me nuts!

  • Sheree

    2 reboots/day in Portland, OR since the “update.”  Reboots cause data connection to stop working until I enable/disable Airplane Mode, and also cause Swype to stop working.

    I set up Tasker to write to a log file when it reboots, so it’s an accurate count.

  • Anonymous

     Mine rebooted on me three times today (that I know of). Could have been more. It just kills the battery when it does it, too. Never did it a single time before the update.

  • Jd

    2 reboots a day in Chicago 

  • Dlrosas76

     The new update messed up my phone. My phone now shuts down all the time and i can not turn it back on unless i plug in my phone to charge it and it is already fully charged. I wish they would hurry up and fix this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jester4281

    Any idea on when VZW will have this resolved because my HTC paper weight is about to become a HTC frisbee and a call to assurian for a replacement.
    But don’t worry VZW will credit all thunderbolt owners for the inconvenience, oh, I mean bill us more to makeup the fees for debugging their mess up.
    Loved how before I could talk and work but this updates got the screen flickering on and off when on voice call trying to use data……FU VZW TIRED OF DROPPING $250 ON A PHONE YOU MAKE ME WAIT MONTHS FOR UPDATES ON…….WHERE’S THE PROVIDER SUCKS CLAUSE IN MY CONTRACT SO I CAN JUMP SHIP.

  • Tmiller918

    Took my phone into a VW store because I was getting so many SMS errors, my front facing camera had stopped working, and a few other glitches (ie. the maps not updating unless you close and reopen a few times).  The store rep first tweaked the settings he said to make sure I was locking onto the right mobile towers.  Then he forced the software update.  Now, my phone has been rebooting itself about three times a day.  WTH?  This is crazy and I’m about done with VW.

    • Tmiller918

       BTW, I’m in Tulsa, OK and my VW rep said LTE would be here in about a month…

  • Joshualanden
  • Chris

    “Glad” to hear I’m not the only one, YES after the most recent release my thunderbolt randomly restarts. Probably twice every 3 days or so.

  • Robdturner

     Hey I took my T-Bolt to Verizon they pulled the LTE Sim card and then reinstalled it been working perfect since. It was rebooting every few mins or so. 

    • Maxxmentum

       Hi, did it solve any of the other problems?  GPS, SMS/MMS

    • Anonymous

      Just a matter of pulling out the SIM card and putting it back in and turning it back on? Is that all that they did? 

  • Osiridean

    Mine is rebooting as well, but battery lasts longer, SMS better, GPS  locks on quicker!

  • Tdwta2001

    mine is doing the same at least reboots in the last 24 hours.. 

  • Tdwta2001

    mine is doing the same at least reboots in the last 24 hours.. 

  • MattSSmith10

    I’ve had my TB for 2 days now and i have probably experienced 20 reboots, some even occurring within minutes of each other. within minutes of each other.

    • Arpu31

      can you take out your SD card, use a different SD card and see if that stops so many reboots?

  • Leetrowell

    8 times today for me…this shouldn’t have happened until the bugs were worked out!

  • Rudybikerpunk

    So far gotten a few random reboots hmmm slightly better battery life not much

  • DavidK

     Updated T/B on Thursday night.  Three random reboots – called Verizon.  Their advice – master reset.  Done.  Two reboots since then.  Called HTC.  Their solution – uninstall ATK.  One reboot since then.  That’s six since the update.

  • Yagermeister

    Applied the update and now it reboots 4-6 times a day. I get numerous white screens of death because HTC Sense keeps force closing now 4-6 times a day (different times than the reboots). Battery life is 2-3 times worse than it was before.

  • Korbi Rice

     Mine keeps rebooting, trying to get in contact with verizon now because it rebooted while I was on the phone.

  • Anonymous


    Figures this update would be a mass reboot fest. I know I did. Luckily I don’t have to deal with it unlike those who are still stock. 😀

  • Aratheff

    Never had any reboots prior to update, have had about 7 or 8 now. I am currently in Tucson AZ. Hope this gets cleared up soon.

  • Anonymous

    My phone reboots for no reason at all.  In my pocket, sitting on the table, playing a game… it’s even rebooted in the middle of a phone call.  Also, it seems to frequently reboot when in navigation, which as you may know, is a huge problem when you don’t know where you are going and driving around.

    However, I applied this update a couple weeks ago and I didn’t like the reboots, so I did a nandroid restore back.  Since then, the reboots have continued. 

    I wonder if the new RUU can not be changed back via nandroid?  Do you have to apply the old RUU to truly get back?  I NEVER had reboot issues until I applied the new RUU.  I’m still running the old RUU and the reboots still persist.  Dunno…

    • Eclipsegst4mee

       You have to flash the old radio via the bootloader as doing a nandroid is only going to restore your rom you backed up and all it’s settings.  It will not switch your radio.  Go to XDA you can find the old radio in one of jcase’s posts although I’d recommend being patient as they will fix the reboot issues soon as they upgrade towers.

      • Anonymous

        Can the old radio software be installed on a non-rooted Thunderbolt? 

  • Madcity1974

     My Thunderbolt reboots about twice a day, after update

  • I am having the issue. Sucks. Sat on a charger for 8 hours (at work) and rebooted 6 times total.

    Doesn’t seem to happen as often off charger.

  • Maxxmentum

    Does this happen problem only happen to TB running a stock ROM?

    • Maxxmentum

       I mean with cyanogen or daf banf or ectc…

    • Maxxmentum

       I mean with cyanogen or daf banf or ectc…

  • Maxxmentum

    Does this happen problem only happen to TB running a stock ROM?

  • kaymo

    I’ve been experiencing random rebooting on my DX the past month or so. Not sure why it’s affecting my phone though.

  • Tnakids

    5 random reboots since updat late last night 🙁 . (it never self rebooted before) on the other hand my txt msgs have stopped force closing.  But I’d rather that than the whole darn phone force closing itself.   

  • blu

    Three or four random reboot thus far today. I’m almost ready to go back to my Incredible, I am so fed up with the problems on this phone.

    • Arpu31

      can you take out your SD card, use a different SD card and see if that stops so many reboots

  • Nick

    7-8 reboots today!!

    • Arpu31

      can you take out your SD card, use a different SD card and see if that stops so many reboots

  • Eclipsegst4mee

    For all of those who are getting replacement phones, your new phone is still going to reboot after receiving the update as the phone isn’t rebooting due to any software related issue on your phone.  Instead the towers in your area need to be updated which is part of the reason for the large 4g outage a few weeks ago. Those not having any reboots is because the towers in your area has already received the software update.

    Simple answer – wait until they update the towers in your area.

    Might be helpful to post what area you are in so we can see if people in the same areas are getting reboots or not getting reboots.  Just a thought……

    Here in Indy, getting several reboots, however they are also updating towers and about to open up LTE.

    • Maxxmentum

       Hi, I am in phx az.  No reboot issues. Now that I think about it I think I had one or two unexpected reboots 1 or 2 weeks back, but I dismissed it because it seemed flukey.  GPS still off, video record volume now functional. Rooted with leaked patch.  Battery life is ok, seems to last a lot longer  with wifi on.  Every once in a while  (9-14 days) battery drops to 2-4 hours, maybe a app was left on, not sure.  Not sure if SMS is working any different or not.

      FYI, my city was one of the first to go LTE

    • Immolate

      I never had a reboot until yesterday and I’ve been on Bamf remix 1.6.X since it released. The update didn’t have anything to do with the reboot, at least in my case. 

      • Eclipsegst4mee

         If you are using BAMF 1.5+ you have more than likely already upgraded to the leaked radio before the update came out.  It is identical as the update which would be why you have the reboots.

        • Maxxmentum

          Do u have mms and GPS issues with band? Thx for the intel

          • I’m in Fair Oaks, a suburb of Sacramento, CA and i’m getting reboots 2-5 times a day, but when i go into Sacramento for school, where there’s 4G, I never have the reboot problems.  I definitely agree that its a tower problem.  Glad I didn’t do a hard reset or exchange the phone! 

    • TheNunz

      Two reboots a day since update and have service here in New Castle, Pa.  

    • I am in Indy and get reboots.  A ton today.  When I am at home (NE of Indy) I get far less . . . so the tower thing makes sense.  
      I was downtown last Thursday night and LTE was up!  I am working inside the 465 loop (but barely) and have not seen LTE yet.  The official date is June 22, but I know they want much of Indy ready for race weekend.  

      I am hoping today’s ugliness (I am on about 6 reboots and have not had lunch yet) is a good sign, but for that to be true, the towers have to be going through several changes and not a one per update.  

  • Brett

     They didn’t fix GPS…

  • Ignitros

     I’m seeing 3-4 reboots a day and upwards of 2 where my phone just shuts off and doesn’t come back on. I’m running a completely stock TB.

  • Danfox52

     I tried the ##778## thing. What do I use for password to enter edit mode?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     I just got a Thunderbolt yesterday and started having reboots today.  I was about to return the phone tomorrow when I saw this post.  Now I guess I’ll wait.

  •  I got so much crap from everybody when I kept saying this phone is just a tweaked, rebadged EVO.  I never understood why anyone was excited about this phone.  Now that it has been such a turd, I feel slightly vindicated…

  • Crgggltn

     battery drain big time as it drained completely in 2 hours.  also now having trouble syncing with work mail server. The DINC was amazing and this phone is fading quickly.  too bad as i had high hopes.  

  • Chester362

    My phone keeps randomly rebooting….annoying… 

  • Teelo7

    several reboots yesterday after update and a few today. Before this, my phone NEVER rebooted on its own. Super annoying, especially when I’m right in the middle of something!. I hope they get meds out for my now bi-polar Thunderbolt . Ugh!

  • Neo

    Just had it happen to me for the first time right in the middle of typing a txt message. Don’t know if it’s happened while sitting on my hip or not, but so far once for sure.  

  • Quentin8171

    Just got my first random reboot this is bull****….I’m getting sick of this crap from Verizon bout to go to Sprint

  • Tundaboat

     well… I skipped this official release and went straight to rooting and flashing das BAMF 1.6.3 REMIX rom. works like a charm, although my gps still lacks locking where it should; hawaii isn’t hard to get around anyways ^_^

  • Queball744

     i called verizon and had no fix so now they are sending me a new phone

  • Dameon81

    Ive had at least 2 reboots that I noticed in the last 24 hours since my getting the update.  Wife has the same phone, not sure if she has or not.  Ahhh… technology 🙁 

  • Dameon81

    Ive had at least 2 reboots that I noticed in the last 24 hours since my getting the update.  Wife has the same phone, not sure if she has or not.  Ahhh… technology 🙁 

  • Maxxmentum

    I did the leaked update and I have not experienced this.  I was thinking about letting the new update happen but now I am spooked.  Though I have noticed this, some days my battery seems to last (6-7+ hours), but every so often BAM its seems to drain like crazy (2-3 hours).   Maybe the LTE network goes wanky, not sure.  Yeah my GPS is a little off, says i am sitting in the house next to mine.  But turn by Turn directions seems to work okay.  Call Qual seems the same, was decent to start with. 

    So is it the phone or the network asking something of the phone?  

    Mine: rooted, stock kernel. Task killer, for the most part debloated, and no My Verizon app ( never worked for me).

    Does everyone have the TB sense for the update or are they running das bamf or something like that?

  • Gengenruiz

    I rooted my thunderbolt and it wont take the new update  

  • Mapes0725

    I never even got the update and when I try and pull it in I get and error message… anyone else? 

  •  Just got our phones on Monday! 3 random reboots, 2 in the past hour, since it updated this morning. My husband said his rebooted yesterday, haven’t talked to him yet today. Will getting a replacement fix this?? I don’t want to have to set up a new phone, I just got this one customized the way I want!