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Samsung Infuse 4G Easily Rooted Using Super One Click

It may be an AT&T device and that’s normally not our area of concern, but since the Samsung Infuse 4G is the first device from them that allows sideloading of apps and HSUPA out of the box, we figured there might be at least a few of you interested.  And what if we told you that it can be rooted instantly using a 1-click we haven’t heard from in a while, Super One Click?  According to the pics we just received, that’s all it took for this 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus device to feel free.   

Cheers D!

  • Mr. Noob

    I am having problems using super one click.  I get to  Step #7 and it freezes.  What should I do? Its been stuck like this since 9:45 and it is now 10:13

  • Steelersfan1985

    How many has had a successful root with this?

  • Tonybennett205

    My phonee is messed up and locked….i am suing you all call me at 313-538-6250

  • Francis11210

    For some reason I’m not able to tag anyone on my Facebook status. Someone help please

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Oh, super one click. How far we’ve come. Those were the good ‘ol days.

  • Calculatorwatch

    Gotta say I’ve been starting to feel some love for Samsung lately. Sure their interface is cheesy and they’re still trying to look wayy too much like the iphone, but I think the whole not providing updates issue is way overblown. And rootability is my #1 concern when looking for my next phone.

  • Finire

    Has an.droid-life.com been abandoned now?

  • Gee

    BUWHAHAHAHAHAHA it has 4g on it… We all know thats a lie

    • Zeadaplaya

      Your SERIOUSLY gunna start another one of these, kid calm yourself.

  • Mr.Joe

    OMG OMG !


    This should be in Android Life! No one on Verizon gives a funk a doodle do about AT&T and their amazingly fast true 4G network!

    • Tesseract 3


    • Anonymous

       with the last post on Adroid Life from March, i’d say the A-Life death knell is tolling.

  • Djenks24

    I like a 4.5″ screen. I know people will call me crazy but a 5 or 6″ screen would be great! Here’s an idea, put a phone in a tablet.

    • Hai Tran

      You have an ability to see so far into the future :))


    Verizon/Motorola could learn a thing or two from Samsung on how to do business RIGHT. Trying to stop people from rooting is ridiculous. We pay enough for the damn things.

    • Rt

      a tablet can act as a phone if you have a 3g/4g data tablet unlike the wi-fi one… They have successfully made you able to either receive or make calls but one one and not the other… for the xoom… its getting to the point where a tablet is the phone and everything between…

  • Stephen D

    And Samsung and LG are the last manufacturers with phones this easy to root. It’s a shame that HTC and Moto lock the bootloaders like they do. The Incredible S and 2 don’t even have permanent root yet.

  • Guessa

    Why couldn’t verizon get this phone?! It looks like verizon will have by far the worst phone line up of all the carriers this summer. so sad…

    • Anonymous

      The lineup is starting to look pretty shaky. DX2 would have been win, but without a front-facing camera, it’s old news. D3 could be big though, and the Targa (New Bionic) will be nice, but they might not be out for months. It could get realy boring around here. 🙁

      • Stephen D

        Droid 3 COULD be big, but it’s rumored to not have LTE. The DX2 is a re-hash if the DX with better internals. The Bionic/Targa/whatever it is, is delayed until the summer. At least the LG Revolution is coming out soon(even though it was supposed to be today), and the Xperia Play. And possibly the Galaxy S2 in the near future, let’s just hope Verizon doesn’t ruin it with Bing and all that junk. But who knows if they could fit the LTE radio with how thin it is. Otherwise, Verizon is back to the same way before the Droid. Phones that have the specs and features of other carrier’s from last year at a higher price point. I am really considering switching carriers, especially Sprint….

      • Guessa

        Droid-Life could never get boring! As long as we have a new device to hypebeast, and with verizon we have plenty to choose from. Any word on the Droid Charge?

        • Anonymous

          For sure hypebeastin’ 4 lyfe.

          No word on the Charge which is not a good sign. We’re two weeks out now and I know mine is still having 3G issues.

          • Stephen D

            If it’s having 3G issues still, you need to call Verizon tech support, ask to be elevated to level 2, and get an ESN swap or DMU reset. When the LTE network went down, a bunch of data on their end became corrupted, and that’s how you fix it. I recently had to call for my Fascinate. Apparently at 1 am on Apr 28th, when they launched LTE in the new cities, it started switching constantly between 3G and 1X, and on the 3rd, it stopped connecting to 3G entirely. They did a DMU reset and it’s fixed now.

          • MOTOX

            hmmm, anywords about a dual core htc 3d this fall winter kellex?

  • Cjreyes666

    were is android-life

    • who cares about android-life. People are talking bout the thunderbolt and nobody is complaining. The T-Bolt should on android-life if you feel that way. Personally I like it how they put all of the information on here. Everybody I know calls any android device a droid. They do this as short hand. So lets keep it like this, I like hearing about the other carriers, even though I will not use an AT&T device.

      • Interstellarmind

        actually, it’s called “droid-life” because originally it was about the first Droid phone, the OG (it then went to the droid frenchise, and i think nowadays, kellex says he covers verzon phones). Coincidentally, people started calling all android phones “droids” because of verizimoto’s uber-successful marketing of the OG. it’s an affect similar to that of the “quizenart (or however it’s spelled).” but this sites name and that marketing-effect are mutually exclusive.

        THAT BEING SAID, i agree, this blog can cover other carriers, phones, and it won’t bother me. i nfact, i’d welcome it. i’m a tbolt owner and i’d LOVE to see more tbolt content. i think it should just cover the best and brightest android has to offer (at the very least, whichever phone I happen to have at the time! haha!).

    • Eric

      its still up but for some stupid reason Kellex doesn’t update it, at the same time he won’t take it down b/c it the extra hits means extra money in his pocket.

      • Interstellarmind

        that’s a good thing, in my view. kellex, and his droid-life crew, have made owning an adroid phone all the more fun.