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Breaking: HTC Thunderbolt Update is Available Now! (Updated)

HTC Thunderbolt owners, you may want to head into Settings>Software update and hit the “Check New” button…

This would be the same update we uncovered almost two weeks ago and is also the same one that was cancelled on the day it was supposed to be released to the world.  After updating, you should have a much stronger 3G connection and better GPS functionality.  Feel free to accept it, although we’re not sure how that will affect root at this time.

Update:  We thought this was funny.  The Verizon support site for the Thunderbolt claims that the update is rolling out tomorrow…of course we know that’s not the case. (Cheers @DroidMatters!)

Cheers George and @snmemx!

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  • Acbs003

    I have always heard about how rooted phones are so much better… help
    me out here I am completely in the dark when it comes to complicated (at
    least to me) things like this. I want to make sure that I back
    everything up on my phone and that it is possible to unroot if need be.
    So I probably sound really dumb but I am asking for advice before I
    screw my phone up. I have never attempted anything like this before.

  • Lilcricketgt

    my phone crashed after i did this update on a rooted phone. I would suggest dont do it unless you know how to fix it. looks like i have toss mine in the toilet and get a new one 🙁   (this sux)

  • Hoespeak

    The inadequacies of my Thunderbolt a tainting my vies of Verizon and are becoming embarassing, 

  • vegasjones

     Am I missing something here? I downloaded the file, renamed it properly (triple checked), put it on the root of my SD and when I go into recovery it kicks me into a red triangle/exclamation point screen. I’d really like to get this update because as of now I hate the TB because of connection issues and only have a few more days before my 14 day return period is up and really want to like this phone and hoping this update helps. Thanks in advance.Am I missing something here? I downloaded the file, renamed it properly (triple checked), put it on the root of my SD and when I go into recovery it kicks me into a red triangle/exclamation point screen. I’d really like to get this update because as of now I hate the TB because of connection issues and only have a few more days before my 14 day return period is up and really want to like this phone and hoping this update helps. Thanks in advance.

  • Kb17

     After update quite a few power cycling issues. Sigh.. i want to love this phone but i sense more fail coming.

  • Marty B

    what’s the best way too root the tbolt 

  • Teelo7

    I’ve gotten several random reboots since the update yesterday. I have had my Thunderbolt since March 27th and have NEVER had a random reboot. This update is definately the reboot culprit. I hope they fix this. Its annoying! 

  • Smtxom

    My phone randomly reboots on its own after I installed the update yesterday afternoon. Has done it twice now (that Ive noticed).  Im using a stock Tbolt, non rooted.

  • Anyone else having issues with their news widget not updating anymore?

  • Mikesk84life

    is it out already bc i just pressed check new update and an error came out…. help !! 

  • Trombone Dixie

    My phone got all sorts of messed up today and was stuck on 1X for the longest time. The update was only showing up on 1X and it would queue out and cancel the download. Now that I’m back on 4G it’s not showing up when I check for it. WTF Big Red? This is so damned ridiculous!

  • Tswonger84

    Tried it, started download, then said download error, notw keeps sayng service unavailable, seriously, wtf…… 

  •  Here is a link to the update


  • tomNasty

    In Vegas…downloaded it on 1X,,,,no problems so far. I dont use maps so can’t see no difference yet….NON ROOTED

  •  Is anyone else having severe problems post update with text messages.  Since I updated, every message i send just sits pending, until i reboot the phone, then it will send after i reboot.  I cant deal with this, not being able to text is killing me

  • Imbombero

    HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!
    Tried to install this upadate on my rooted TB….when it restarts it only gets to anime of file being loaded and then freezes with exclamation point surrounded by triangle little droid looking on….DID I JUST BRICK MY PHONE???
    Anyone know how to get back to running normal??
    Please help….

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh heres a problem after

  • Just got my update at 730pm EST so far so good !!!

  • just got my upate at 730pm EST so far so good !!!!!!

  • Khoff566

    I wonder if this update will remove the free mobile hotspot function.

    • Sssbbb

      Intrigued by your comment, I went and checked.  It’s been a week or two since I used the feature, but this is the first time I’ve seen this message: 

      “For a limited time, Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Broadband Connect services are available on this device for no additional charge.  When the promotional period expires, you will need to subscribe to the applicable service to continue using this application.”

      That being said, the mobile hotspot still looks like it’s working for me.

  • Anonymous

    This definitely fixes the GPS, If you still notice the GPS being very slow, “searching for gps” pull your battery. I did the update and GPS actually took longer to load. I pulled the battery and powered it back on, GPS found the directions instantly, no wait time at all.

  • For those getting service not available, switching the phone to CDMA (1x) only works. I used the LTE on/off to make that switch.

    • Axroblesjr

       Sad… This finally got it to pull for me as well.

    • Axroblesjr

       Sad… This finally got it to pull for me as well.

    • Barlog

      Thanks for the tip! It took forever to download but it worked 🙂

  • Those getting service not available, I tried about 20 times and got this. As someone else posted, if you change to CDMA (1x) only it will download. At least it did for me using the LTE on/off app.

  • mario7

    Notes on status screen read v. …605.6 but actual SW info shows …605.7. Significance?

  • mario7

    Notes on status screen read v. …605.6 but actual SW info shows …605.7. Significance?

  • Tom

    Got it!

  • Somekindarobot

    i keep getting an error that says to try again when there is service, tried it a few times with wifi on and a few just over 4g and i keep getting the same mes

  • Reilly44

    Has anyone in Boston received the update yet?


    anyone notice their gps still sucks?

    • Anonymous


      • MOTOX

        any fix or anything?

        • Anonymous

          If you still notice the GPS being very slow, “searching for gps” pull your battery. I did the update and GPS actually took longer to load. I pulled the battery and powered it back on, GPS found the directions instantly, no wait time at all.

  • Anonymous

    guys.. the devs at xda have already confirmed this OTA update is exactly the same as the one that was leaked 20 days ago. So if you are rooted/unrooted.. whatever your case might be.. head over to XDA forum. Both the standalone OTA update and the rooted and unrooted RUU are available there.

  • Chris

    No love for the EVO then?

  • gabe

    anyone rooted download it yet?

  • Anonymous

    did Verizon just turn on their 4G networks in a few cities? I am in Sacramento area and my 3G signal changed to 4GLTE.. wohooooooooooo!!! Thanks Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      which are of Sacramento are you in. because Verizon already has 4G near sac int’l airport

      • Anonymous

        Still waiting for Vacaville to get it!  Where in Sac is there service?  Arden? Rancho? West Sac? 

      • Anonymous

         yea I know.. it was only in the airport before.. they turned it up near downtown for a couple of hours yesterday… thought it was on for good.. but I was wrong.. but I am guessing since they tested it.. they should be turning it on pretty soon.

  • Anonymous

    So about 99% of us have issues with our TBolts and there are 1% of you out there who are saying the update is great because you can now lock on to your location under 3 minutes – a vast improvement to some. *rolls eyes* My question is what the hell is going to be done about this? Should we question Verizon? I mean why roll out something that doesn’t work?

    • mario7

      GPS lock way faster for me. 

  • guest

    haven’t been able to get the update yet, message disappear or service unavailable, has anyone from upstate NY gotten it yet?

    • Anonymous

      head over to xda forum.. the OTA is available there

    • Warlike1919

       yes i have.

  • Did anybody get the update.zip? Still getting “SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” here.

    • Anonymous

      it’s available in xda forum.. the actual OTA that is.

  • Trombone Dixie

    I tried manually searching for the update and received a message telling me the service was unavailable. anyone else experiencing this issue?

    My battery was eaten alive today and it was in my pocket all day with the display turned off. Visited three websites and received 4 text messages is all… so strange.

  • Pauly814

    I’ve done the update. Google NAV still took 2 minutes to lock on gps.

  • Interstellarmind

    manhattan, here: i keep on getting a “download failed” after selecting “OK” on the download the update screen.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on it watson!!

  • Kblondina

    Finished the update and now the GPS is definitely more accurate. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stayes this way

  • chris

    I updated at 12 and within 2 hours of having th new update my phone restarted twice which its never done. I don’t know if its because of the update or not

  • DCABuckcye

    Anyone notice PicSayPro and Footprints?

    • Danford884

      What about them?

  • Anonymous

    just an FYI, I am in a 4G market area. I could not receive this update and got the “service unavailable” error when I was on 3G. I had to be on 4G to receive this update. i don’t know if you have to be on 4G or not, but I definitely had to be.

  • chris

    much better 3g connection? that sounds good. but since this is a 4g phone how about a much better 4g connection?

    • Mgangrock

      Can i hear an Amen to that my brudda,,,what a joke….

      • Anonymous


  • I haven’t rooted yet, but am considering doing so. Should I download this and then root or root first? Can I update after I root? Thanks for the help.

    • Teknurd

      I updated after rooting and it didn’t turn out well. The update failed and I had to wipe the cache to get out of a boot loop. The phone would come online and then just reboot. So i’d unroot if you plan to update.

    • Teknurd

      I updated after rooting and it didn’t turn out well. The update failed and I had to wipe the cache to get out of a boot loop. The phone would come online and then just reboot. So i’d unroot if you plan to update.

    • Anonymous

      if you are going to only root, I would do the update first, then root, if you are going to flash a new rom the update wont really matter because any newer rom you get is going to already have everything this update and and more.

  • Jayrod718

    when will droid incredible 2 get gingerbread 🙁

  • viewthis66

    i’ve noticed an improvement with the GPS connection time and accuracy. SMS seems to work cleaner especially the send button not being inactive, that annoyed me to no end. other than that since i’m in a 4G area i’m not sure what else to look for as far as improvements.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Kamaron Rianda best thing i found so far was to restore a backup

  • Khoff566

    I checked on the Verizon web site and it says it will be available starting 5/13/2011

  • Rob

    updated. battery meter seemed to drop quite a bit too, even though it was plugged in during update.

  • After installation, and several automatic reboots, I dove into Google Maps.

    At first, my present location was about 2 blocks off. After about another 90 seconds, it tightened up and is now accurate within about 10 feet.

    Vast improvement!

    • Anonymous

      Well consider yourself the minority 1% – the rest of us 99% have no fixes and if anything problems. Also, 90 secodns for GPS to lock on to location is terrible. My Moto Droid locks on in 4 seconds man and is accurate to about 10=20 feet. My TBolt is up to a mile away in most cases which is unacceptable

  • I have the update. Download it from my dropbox… http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7618868/OTAPkg%20%28HTC%20Thunderbolt%205-12-11%29.zip

    • Axrobles

      Sorry I have a stupid question… How do I install it after?

      • should rename it to “update.zip” and place on SD Card. boot into recovery and “apply update.zip” i would wait a little while though. i’ve been reading that some people are having some slight issues (random reboots).

        • Axrobles

          thanks, I just dont know how to boot into recovery on this phone though. Hopefully I just actually get the real one soon

          • i think it’s VOLUME UP AND POWER. google cause i don’t remember myself 🙂

  • @The_Hein_Line

    Download completed 5 mins ago, no sign of improved gps or 3g though : (

  • Boogie37b

    Update went smooth…Woodbridge, VA..

  • My HTC TB has about a 25% failuer-to-connect rate with 2011 Infiniti G37. From what I’ve read on the message boards (here and elsewhere) a whole slew of other HTC TB users with a variety of vehicles experience this as well…. Other issue is vehicle showing connection made, but when attempting to place a call, it says “CALL FAILED.” Very annoying, having to reboot phone while in the car.

    • I haven’t had a failure with my car (GM), but it definitely takes a lot longer to connect after vehicle start compared to my Palm Pre, Droid 1, 2 and D2G that I’ve had previously.

  • Downloading now — thanks for the tip! Now we move on to the issue of sporadic bluetooth connectivity on the HTC TB…

    • Never had a problem with bluetooth, I use the Plantronics Pro

  • I just got it, but the GPS doesn’t seem any faster.

    (Unrooted Thunderbolt)

  • guest

    everytime i check new it just disappears after 3 seconds, have tried 3g and 4g on and off, wifi on and off, nothing works

  • Anonymous

    OK I’m pretty bummed out – update successful but the GPS still sucks and is way off and the phone seems to be lagging when before there was no lag. What’s up with this???

    • chris

      how is your gps way off? havent tryed it after the update but before the update the gps was literally only a few feet off. the gps was actually so accurate it even showed my exact location in my house as i moved around.

  • gaylordmi

    Got it! Gaylord MI no 4g here…

  • Bigsike

    Sweet! this means the DX update is only months or years away! :p

  • Anonymous

    Got the update. I don’t have 4G here, so nothing special for me except that my GPS now acquires a less accurate lock, slower.

  • @The_Hein_Line

    Wifi can not be turned on to update for service unavailable people

  • Young1

    I got the update, my GPS is still poor in locating me, and my 4G is worse than ever. Keeps on switching to different radios 4G/3G/1X more than previously. I guess i will go back to just 3G for now


  • Anonymous

    …got “Service Unavailable”, at first. Turned off Wi-fi, tried again…went live! On a side note, I love my Thunderbolt and this site has been invaluable but I’m a bit…confused about the “Switch to iPad Version” when I access the page from my iPad. (forced to buy one for work)

  • Guest

    Downloading here in Dallas – stock – no root

  • wonder

    are the sms bugs fixed?

  • Anonymous

    Update went fast and clean. Only difference I’ve “noticed” is that now when I select “settings”, “software update”, “status”, there is actually information there when there was none before.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    ok i have downloaded it and tried to install it on my rooted thunderbolt and it just powercycles. its getting stuck trying to go to bootloader and install. the CMW recovery keeps loading instead of the one needed to install the update

    • Teknurd

      Clear your cache, it will delete the downloaded update. Boot normally and you’ll get a message stating that the update failed. You should be good to go. Then wait for someone to let us know how wo tproceed on rooted devices…at least that’s what I’m going to do…

  • JayBeEzy

    anyone in California get this update yet?

    • Jaker1

      Yes, San Diego area, got it no problem.

      • JayBeEzy

        damn lucky! haha i’m in the Thousand Oaks area… still nothing =

  • Still no luck here. I keep getting the “SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” error. I’ll keep trying a couple times an hour.

  • Stock TBolt in Boston, MA (full 4G coverage) start to finish about 12 minutes from reading post to full boot and confirmation of install.

    GPS seems a little quicker, and i’ll know more as I walk around the city in a few minutes. Far to early to comment on battery life.

  • Rooted Stock….found update downloaded rebooted and no it it gets stuck at applying the update. running Clockwork Recovery =(

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Is your phone stuck in a boot cycle too?

      • Yea when i back out of CRM and reboot it turns on then shuts down right away

        • Fattie McDoogles

          yep stuck at the same place and everything i try doesnt work

          • Teknurd

            Clear your cache while in recovery. You can press the Menu button to get away from the white exclamation error icon. Then once your cache is cleared you can boot.

        • turned off signature verification seeing if that might work

    • Fattie McDoogles

      i think i might have found a fix for it about to install i will let you know how it goes.

  • Anonymous

    Updating now – New Haven, CT over 4G LTE super fast! I look forward to the changes and will post anything unusual…….

  • Kraezbhtcub

    Got it. Seems to have fixed GPS issue I’ve had. It’s funny how this update lands right after the HRPD network was brought back up. Since the LTE outage my phone was always on EVDO rev A in 3G only areas. So this update along with the release of the Merge? Coincidence?

  • Jeremy Gentry

    does this affect rooted users running custom roms?

    • Fattie McDoogles

      software updates should be turned off in the rom. most developers shut it off because it can mess up the phone so you probably dont even have the option to download it

      • Jeremy Gentry

        thanks for the quick response! 😀

  • Mark1householder

    Justt got the update not sure of changes yet…..

  • Mr. Joshua


  • updating now (stock, unrooted). took 2 times of Checking New, though.

  • BasilofBakerStreet

    Is Car Mode new??

    • BasilofBakerStreet

      Sorry, Car Panel…

      • It was there but I could only see it in the app drawer when using Launcher Pro and not Sense. I meant to ask someone about that but never got around to it.

      • Anonymous

        The Car Panel app was there before but for some reason there was no icon for it (like there is on the original Droid and others). You could still access the Car Panel app by using utilities such as Tasker and Elixir. If Car Panel appears in the app drawer after this update, then that would be one of the fixes.

      • Anonymous

        I just applied the update. No Car Panel icon. So you still need something like Tasker or Elixir (which can create home page icons for any app) or use a launcher replacement like Launcher Pro as Eric Huaser pointed out.

  • nooooobe

    I think I got the update. Is it supposed to be version 2.2.1? Sorry I’m an idiot….ha.

  • Is anyone in AZ able to get the update?

  • Downloaded fine, took a few min to do tho. Stock Phone, Metro Detroit area……

  • Still getting the error on my side. Not rooted and stock.

  • Nbird0784

    Saying no new software update. Not rooted

  • LionStone

    oh yea! downloading….Thanks so much for the heads up!

  • Anonymous

    THANK…. FRIGGIN……GOD….. What a great birthday gift! Lets hope for the best!

  • Androidfan

    Anybody who is rooted been able to download this update?

  • Geckos

    I have it saying it wants to install but Rejecting I do not want to lose root…

  • Bunie

    Damn Thunderbolt and Xoom both beat the DX. lol

    • Havent got the update to my Xoom yet, lol. TBolt update went without a hitch.

  • Anonymous

    When I read this, I immediately ran to the bathroom

    • Anonymous

      I soiled myself too!

      • Anonymous

        i think he meant that he came in his pants

        • Anonymous

          oh.. that’s embarrassing.. does anyone want a picture of my soiled underwear?

  • playball04

    Mine looks for a new software update, but then comes back saying “Finish No New Software Update Available”… Running BAMF 1.6.3 nte Ideas? My baseband is still at

    • Champlification

      Try not being rooted when you look for the update.

    • Anonymous

      lots of roms intentionally block OTA updates from carrier.

      This is because their update will de-root your phone. You will be screwed until they figure out how to root the new version 🙂

      • Gaswalla

        I’m on stock: “service not avail”

  • Downloaded and installed fine for me. Hoping to see some improvements from this…

  • Anonymous

    Well, GPS performance doesn’t seem to be any better. Bummer.

  • Khoff566

    I just tried it and got service unavailable

    • Anonymous

      I tried as soon as saw this post and it worked first try? I am however on wi-fi, not sure if that means anything, try wi-fi or maybe rebooting, I’m sure its just because everyone is trying to get the update at once.

  • Getting the same “SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” error.

  • SugaShane

    Motorola, I feel neglected.

    • verizon has no problem shitting an update out for their flagship phone, but one that’s near its end of life (droidx) just gets left in the dust for months on end.

      good business model!

      • SugaShane


      • Immolate

        DroidX has one-click root and Gingerbread available for quite a while now. Those who live by the carrier, die by the carrier.

  • Getting the same error about the service not being available.

  • highway

    thanks for the post, but i forgot to turn 4g on before downloading 😛

    i keep it off for batt life.

  • I really wish it was possible to download firmware updates over Wifi. I get horrible reception (1X only typically) in my office. This will take forever.

    • Anonymous

      Run outside to your car for some reason real quick! You will be downloaded before you get back inside!

      • *sheepish look*

        I turned on 4G, ran outside, downloaded and came back in. LOL

  • Axrobles

    I get an Error “Service unavailable check software update under Settings when service available” I have service where I’m at right now… anyone else with this issue?

    • BenFarris12

      I just got the same thing. What the heck…

    • Same here. But it was always like that for me when I checked for update since I got the phone…

      • Anonymous

        I was getting the same error message when i was on 4G, but when i went back to 3G it said no new software available. You guys on 4G?

  • Anonymous

    Does this fix the random reboo- *zzt* … [phone rebooting] …

    • Anonymous

      You will need to figure out what is causing your random reboots. I am on the leak and never had any random reboots. I see that many others have…. but since there are also many that don’t have issues I wonder if there is something causing the reboots other than the leak. P.S. the numbers in this match the leaked numbers.

      • palomosan

        I never had random reboots, your phone might be messed up or you have an app giving you that issue, I’m also on the leaked version and I get about 12 hours of battery life, however that version didn’t fix the GPS bug.

        • From what I can tell after downloading it, this OTA does NOT fix the GPS bug, at least not on mine. In fact, I would say it’s worse. On maps it is jumping from place to place. Even less usable than before.

          • Christian

            My GPS was working for a bit yesterday, but today it is not wanting to work at all!  I installed the new software updates yesterday.

      • Anonymous

        I installed the leaked RUU which is the same as this OTA update per jcase and got random reboots. I will be blown away if other more casual users don’t have random reboots with this OTA update.

        • I’ve been getting random reboots today after the update, and never, and I mean NEVER, had reboots before.

          • Anonymous

            If you are not rooted, then you should call VZW customer support and inform then about the reboots.

            If you are rooted, then you are in the same boat as me. We have to wait for it to get fixed.

          • Sobie1al

            I am rooted, I just got my phone 2 weeks ago and I am going through this now. I am stuck at the ClockworkMod Recovery screen. The only one I have tried is reboot system now. It reboots and then powers off a few seconds later. What did you do to fix this?

          • Anonymous

            Visit the XDA Thunderbolt Q&A forums and re-post your question:

          • Eddiecaine712

            Yea wassup with that?!?!? Mines never rebooted til.the update either. Is there a fix out there anyone knows of?

          • mario7

            Ditto.  NOT rooted. 

  • cdouble601

    Must not be no different from the one that was leaked cause that’s what I’m running and it says I’m up to date. Phone cuts itself off several times thru the day. Don’t know why. Anybody else with this problem???

    • Mine has the problem with the leak. Its something with the radio. Keep checking, HTC has a funny way of releasing updates so I hear (not all at once, so you could get it later today still).

      Wonder if there is a version change, since this update is larger than the last planned one.

    • Anonymous

      I am on the leak and have never had any issue. No random reboots or any other problem. I am running Das Bamf Remix 1.6.3. So I don’t think it’s the leak that is causing the reboots.

    • el_R

      I’m having the same thing

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how this will affect battery life. Hopefully it will improve it, but I’m not counting on it.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a puzzel for us all. Monday I got 17 + hours of use with normal usage.
      Tuesday I got over 13 before I plugged in. Wednesday I got 11 before plug and today I’m still past my normal 4 hour plug in by noon. Last week on the same days with the same usage (I have been closely monitoring this) I got NO MORE than 4 hours before yellow bars appeared. By the way, the 17 hours before plug in left me with 30% charge at the time. The only thing I didn’t use (nor did I when I had the 4 hours) was the hotspot feature. The change I made, and I don’t think it should have this much of an affect, is I turned off “auto brightness” and kept it at the bare minimum that I could still see the screen. Let’s see what happens after update. I have a feeling this is based on what the 4g service is doing, maybe forcing higher power consumption depending on network strength?

      • DanSke

        Yeah, oddly enough I have the same problems as of recently. Some days I get close to 15 hours, but recently it has dwindled down to like 5 or 7. Yesterday was the worse, it barely got 4.5 with normal use. I’ve been trying to figure it out too. Do you happen to use an of the Sense Widgets? I’ve been using the RSS news feed and for some reason that has been having trouble updating. So I’m thinking that could have been the culprit. I ultimately do agree that the screen brightness is the biggest opponent to the battery life. I keep it relatively down to 15% and thats usually where the get the most life out of it.

        • Anonymous

          I use the sense calendar, quick controls for wifi, hotspot , gps, Bluetooth and brightness, and I use the email widget. I’m keeping everything consistent to test life and because I didn’t spend money on this thing to have to turn everything off just to use it. :). For me, the only difference I’ve allowed is the brightness but honestly I think it’s the 4g networks power maybe forcing the bolt to push harder at times. After this week I’m going to hotspot all day and see the effects. Very strange.
          Also on your widget question, I turned off all widgets and extras and still couldn’t make it beyond 4 and a half hours, I also bought the high capacity scam battery from Verizon and am now using the stock battery and getting better life. The riddler would be proud.

  • Anonymous

    The greatest part of all is downloading new firmware for your phone over Verizon’s LTE 4G. Never seen fireware of 30 MBs download so quickly on a hand held before!

    • palomosan

      If somebody nees the file, here it is, I uploaded it to fileserve and filesonic.

      Thanks to Adrynalyne.

      • JDub

        I cant get my phone to reboot into recovery. I tried holding the volume up and power button when turning it on but it goes through it regular boot process and doesnt give me a recovery option at all. Anyone have any tips? It is an unrooted stock phone.

        • palomosan

          volume down and power.

          • Reilly44

            I have my phone rooted and the update won’t install… I don’t care if I lose the root.

      • Fazlaga2010

        Does this work with unrooted?

  • DroydYeha

    Damn you! I thought it was GB for DX for a sec.

    • Anonymous

      Same here! With all of these updates recently I sure hope they decide to squeeze the DX update in by tomorrow as was predicted.

      • DroydYeha

        any day now

  • Twofourturbo


  • Anonymous

    Lets hope they fixed the phone randomly rebooting that many were having with the leaked version.

    • Anonymous

      I never had any reboots with the leak.

      • Ckochinsky0125

        Well guess you got lucky because lots of people reported having issues with the leak

        • Anonymous

          I see that. I wonder why so many have issues and so many don’t. Mostly we hear from those that do have issues… I guess we will see what happens when everyone installs this update. Since it’s the same as the leak I think we will finally determine what is causing the problems. The only time I had random reboots is when I was on CM7 pre-alpha, but that was understandable. I hope it turns out to be a simple adjustment somewhere. Good luck.

  • scannerman

    downloading now

  • Anonymous

    Did they fix the radio problem?

  • Downloading now. Has anyone found a change log yet?

  • Anonymous

    Justice has been served!

  • Anonymous

    NICELY done sir!

  • Anonymous

    NICELY done sir!

  • Hpml84

    Does this fix random reboots? Lol

  • Hpml84

    Does this fix random reboots? Lol

    • did you root and install any roms/kernels/leaks? otherwise I never experienced random reboots before installing roms/kernels/leaks

      • I’ve got Liquid Thundersense 1.45 running the 1.4Ghz Kernel, and i get reboots occasionally…

        • I have BamfRemix 1.6.3 – modded up a little bit. The reboots are most likely the radio, some people say its the kernel (but seeing as many people have different kernels and still get it, I think thats wrong).

          This update is 35mb, not the 22 that the last one was going to be… anyone know if there are version number changes?

          • Anonymous

            I am also on BamfRemix 1.6.3 but I have never had any random reboots on the leaked radio. So obviously I don’t think it’s the radio. Whatever the issue is it is strange that some have issues and some don’t.

          • Anonymous

            My phone randomly shuts off during the night (i’m sleeping) sometimes, and i’m completely stock, meaning no root….

          • Anonymous

            I rooted this week and I’m running on BAMF 1.6.3 with no random reboots but while I was stock, I’d have one random reboot almost daily. 

  • viewthis66

    downloading now! saaaaaawweet!

  • Thisguy

    I call firsties!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry… Seconds isn’t too bad though is it? 🙂

  • Anonymous


    • thejohnwayne

      Have 2 Tbolts.  around Noon Pacific I polled 4 update.  D/L, install.  Update ran for about 1 hour then phone reobooted on it’s own.  Update is gone!  I know because after update the ‘status’ would reflect the update version, status ‘ok’, Now after the auto-reboot the status is back to the blank screen with no versions or other information other than Source = “Verizon Wireless”.