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Wednesday Poll: Favorite Announcement from Google I/O Day 1?

We walked out of yesterday’s keynote thinking, “Wow, we just saw so much amazing stuff…how did they pack it all into an hour of time?”  Ice Cream Sandwich was made official, Android 3.1 with Movies was released, we saw the crazy future with Android @ Home and so much more.  It was quite the day…anything stick out as your favorite part?

Favorite Announcement from Google I/O Day 1?

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So many good things I just can’t pick one. The best 2 are:

    Ice Cream

    updates with Open Handset partners

  • http://profiles.google.com/msyuen Michael Yuen

    Google TV option is missing

  • Anonymous


  • Wbdrummer

    Anands Android biker shorts. Talk about SEXY!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Where is the All of the Above option?!

  • Anonymous

    I personally can’t get excited about ICS when we don’t see a phone running it before the end of the year and may not be able to own one we want until next year. For all we know there will be new Nexus phone in Dec and no others until 2011. I much rather see more on what I can get my hands on before the end of summer.

    • Jim Dandy

      Aren’t some phones suppose to drop tomorrow?

      • Anonymous

        Nothing running 3.x

        • Jim Dandy

          True that

  • Anonymous


  • Jeff

    The one area where Apple got it 100% right was being able to bypass the carries to send out updates…..

    Google should do the same…..

    As near as I can tell,the carrier is almost always the major road block in each release…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Forte/542650247 Michael Forte

      They are. If its not bloated up enough they reject the update. That’s something I wish they would have announced is the carrier bloateware being optional.

  • Anonymous

    i want a tab 1.10 :(

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that so many people care about updates from manufacturers, considering most of us get updates from developers way before the manufacturers come out with them.

    • Anonymous

      People with custom roms but use Moto locked devices want to see quick updates. It took until there was a leaked Moto build of GB before there could be roms. So assuming locked bootloaders don’t go away and you like Moto hardware it unfortunately matters.

  • Noles419

    I’m looking forward to Honeycomb on my GoogleTV!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely the quicker updates.

  • digsoreos

    *partners not parnters

  • Anonymous

    I hope Android @ home is more successful than Playstation @ home

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=705034 Jeff Simpson

    Open hardware! (Android Accessory Mode, Accessory Development Kit)

  • Kostonkiddo9


    • KingTroll

      You fail at life!

  • Anonymous

    How many days is this/, is today the next day?