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Music Beta by Google Launching at IO as a Cloud Storage Service, No Song Purchases Yet

All signs point to Google finally announcing the first piece to a music service this week as a cloud storage similar to what we’ve seen from Amazon.  According to reports, the service will be dubbed Music Beta by Google and will offer users enough space to load up to 20,000 of their songs into the “cloud” for free.  Yep, it crushes Amazon’s 1,000 song for free setup.  Motorola XOOM owners (Verizon version) will be one of the first sets of people to receive an invitation to Music Beta, while others will have to sign-up and hope to get an invite.

The tricky situation here is that Google is apparently proceeding to open this new cloud-based service without the consent of record labels just as Amazon did.  They’ve run into problems securing contracts, but they need to get this service up since we all know that Apple is preparing one of their own in the coming weeks.

We’re here in San Fran, so if this news drops, we’ll have it for you!

Via:  NY Times

  • http://www.topgutscheincode.de/ Gutscheincode

    I see this as a nice way to have access to all of your music practically all of the time, but not necessarily the only way that you listen to your music

  • http://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/ online stores

    Just loving the edge in technology!! My music playlists thru
    cloud computing. Life is going to be so easy.

  • MrNK7

    Someone tell me again why they need to give a rat’s ass what the record labels think? They’re not giving music away to anyone. This is giving people the ability to listen to the music they bought where they want. The record labels should have 0 to do with that.

  • phantom6294

    I wonder if it will support
    Google Apps users initially, and if not… how long it will take. Would
    really like to store my music in such a service and have hitched most everything
    to my Google Apps account.

    • http://twitter.com/ericalj erica

      It definitely supports google apps users right now. I’m using it with my personal domain that is hosted by google apps.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • MALfunction84

    http://www.google.com/blargle gives a 404.
    http://www.google.com/music redirects to their help page.


  • Anonymous


    I predict *pple will claim that even though their cloud music service isn’t the first, everyone else is doing it wrong and only their’s is magically delicious.

  • EC8CH

    I predict *pple will claim that even though their cloud music service isn’t the first, everyone else is doing it wrong and only their’s is magically delicious.

  • Greg

    I wonder if we can use the space we’ve purchased for our google accounts.. because I have 80gb’s of space I purchased for $20.00 a year.. and I want to use that towards it.. That’d be great…

  • Anonymous

    You know what would be even better??? How about they announce Music Beta, and instantly push an update to XOOM owners. The update not only does what’s necessary to allow the new music service to function within the existing music player, but all enables the microSD slot! Now there’s an idea!

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/cypherx82 cypherx82

    Do we know how the invites are coming to Xoom owners?

  • Anonymous

    Cool! Got my “WiFi Only” Verizon XOOM at the ready!

  • Anonymous

    Cool! Got my “WiFi Only” Verizon XOOM at the ready!

  • Cjreyes666

    Good news indeed.

  • http://twitter.com/mfg68 MFG

    Yay for owning a VZW XOOM! I’m probably returning it to Costco for a Galaxy 10.1, though lol

    • Anonymous

      I guess I fail to see the logic behind returning the XOOM for something that runs TouchWiz and has propietary ports.

      • http://profiles.google.com/naval.m.gilles Naval Gilles

        Way better screen, and much much lighter.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe it’s just personal preference, I would easily choose the hdmi out over
          either of those, but I use it all the time on my XOOM. I also don’t feel
          like wasting my time reverting back to stock Honeycomb, not to mention the
          issue of Samsung delaying future OS updates to adjust Touchwiz and “ensure

          —–Original message—–

  • http://twitter.com/sonofskywalker3 jeff moore

    Finally. This is great news, now I don’t have to lug my 9 pound zune80 around to keep all my music with me!

    • Anonymous

      My Xoom just got a little bit better. Heres hoping Google can make a desktop client for making playlist.