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Movies Added to Android Market Lineup, Rent for as Little as $1.99

Today’s Google I/O keynote was filled all sorts of good news, but they really took some major steps towards turning our Android devices into media beasts.  They launched a new Movies section in the Market which allows you to rent them for as little as $1.99 and keep them for up to 30 days.  Well, you can keep it for 30 days, but once you start watching it you only have 24 hours to finish it.

Currently, movies can only be rented and watched through your PC browser, but once the Motorola XOOM is updated to version 3.1, it will also give you the option to rent.  Phone support will come at a later date.

Start renting movies here:  https://market.android.com/movies

More on the keynote, check out the live blog we ran.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. The selection looks excellent but I am uninterested in renting especially with the restrictions this has.

    I understand that this is just Google getting their foot in the door and that this is due to the studios trying their best to keep us in the Stone Age but still, I have no use for this. Would have been much, much happier if Google would have announced Netflix or Hulu for Android.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Wyveryx

    It’s interesting, but where’s the HD?

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, they have The Little Engine that Could!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t think of any other movie rental service that only let you watch it once. Give us a 4-week rental for $1.99 and then Google might be on to something.

    • Jbstarr12

      Um – that’s exactly what happens when you rent a movie from i-tunes.  Oh, maybe you never heard of them? 

  • Garrett

    Until they make an attempt to rival Netflix with streaming there’s no chance I would switch. 1.99 is way to much to rent a movie when I can watch as many movies as I please for 10 a month on Netflix.. I love ya Google but you need a better content delivery format then rent for 2 to 4 dollars. It’s preposterous.

  • Unfortunately the selection of movies is just as bad as the selection of books on Google books. No planet of the apes in book form OR movie form! That’s alright, Google… good start

    • Amazon has an awesome book selection, movie selection, AND you can buy music from it. It just might out-google google (but not really)

      • Anonymous

        I rented a movie on Amazon once, and the quality of the web stream was horrible. Of course, I don’t know what Google’s like, and it really doesn’t matter to me since I have Netflix.

  • Maurice97322

    I will never rent a movie from Google.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    yeah.. 1.99 if you want 3 year old junk.. 3.99 if you really want new movies

  • Zach

    Just give me Netflix, please.

  • MC

    Come on Netflix…