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Ice Cream Sandwich is Now Official, Headed to Handsets in Q4 of this Year

Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone, but the Google team announced today that the next edition of Android will indeed be called Ice Cream Sandwich.  No word on what the numbering scheme may be, but the excitement here is really the fact that they are working towards having an operating system that works on any device, no matter what the size or form factor.  In fact, they kept using the phrase “one OS everywhere” throughout much of today’s opening I/O sessions.

Essentially what we’ll see when this is released some time around Q4 of this year, is Honeycomb that’s made for phones too.  Well, that’s not totally correct.  We’ll see a lot of the fun new features from Honeycomb ported over to ICS including the new holographic UI, launcher, and widgets, so that you can enjoy everything from the tablet experience on smaller devices as well.

Oh, they also gave us the fancy new logo/mascot which you can see in the photo above.

For more from the day 1 keynote, check out our live blog.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Q4 2011…so that means that if my Atrix 4G ever gets it…it wont be until 2012.

  • Bizarospeak

    I’m still freaking waiting on Gingerbread ad they already have a new one? They have gotta get these pushed to ALL devices faster!

  • Carmen Diva

    hahaha oh i loved reading these comments in this article
    The only thing funnier than Android fanboys vs Apple Fanboys are
    Android(Droid Fanboys) vs Android(Droid Fanboys)

  • Bert336

    why dont they just worry about getting gingerbread and honeycomb out for the devices that are out now instead of pushing this ICS?? ughh!

  • Yup so lets jut skip Gingy and Everything in between and go straight to Ice Cream.

    • Dkprnce

      that is of course until Jelly Beans comes along then we can forget about ICS too and never really get anything. Android is becoming the SouthBeach Diet of OS. Looks like it should be amazing, but actually has no substance at all.

  • Dkprnce

    WTF are they even talking about IceCreamWhoGivesAShit. Froyo is as basic as you could ask for in a “smart phone” and Gingerbread, which was supposed to be the IOS killer “yeah right” isn’t even out yet legally, Honeycomb all of a sudden was never meant for phones (good gob there guys) and now “everyone will soon get”…. BS NOBODY HAS GOTTEN EVEN WHAT WE WHERE PROMISED A YEAR AGO.

  • Spc Hicks09

    Does it really matter!?! Not sure if all you guys are too up on the whole development thing but as soon as this is out for 1 phone, it will get ported to others. There’s already a non-functional (at the moment) port for Honeycomb to the Droid 1.

  • Mr. Joe


    That’s in forever! Though expect Q4 2012 for every other phone to get it.

  • Anonymous

    Just root and you don’t need to worry about when the carriers decide an update is ready… I have been running 2.3 on my OG Droid for the last few months! ROOT IT

  • Tsak6789

    Does this mean I’m not going to get the Gingerbread update on my Evo?

    • Andrewvisosky

      i want to know about that.. i have a droid incredible. idk if i wil ever get gingerbread

  • I keep on telling you, @kellex:disqus :

    Gingerbread + Honeycomb + Google TV = Ice Cream Sandwich. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Jfoiejf

    ics custom roms for d2 ! haha

  • )v(urphy

    Sadly, that Ice Cream Sandwich will melt before it ever hits a Samsung Galaxy phone.

    • chris

      lol good way to put it but you are probably right. they should rename it to “Ice Cream Puddle” or something like that. because thats all most users will have when it reaches our phones

  • bob

    wait so its coming to DX? or newer phones?

  • tomNasty

    Q4 my ass more like 2014

  • Zeadaplaya



    *FOR 3G ONLY!!*

  • FortitudineVincimus

    last comment here

    for as much as I love the ANdroid platform, “Ice Cream Sandwich.” is a thoroughly stupid name

    • tanknspank

      But Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Frozen Yogurt (Froyo), Eclair, Donut or even Cupcake were all fine? It’s a “code name” of sorts. So you don’t have to say Android X.Y.Z every time you talk about the version. I mean, besides Ice Cream itself, what other desert would you have picked for the letter I?

      Oh wait, it’s your last comment? To bad. You were going to prove to be quite fun 🙂

      • FortitudineVincimus

        okay okay I’ll bite

        First, I cant believe you really just explained that to me like somehow, I didnt get the system in play. Wow.

        Second, I never would have gone down the road of something as stupid as desserts. And if your going to do something as dumb, Ice Cream Sandwhich is so lamely long. Why not just Ice Cream.. the whole sandwich bit is korny. But then again, the whole desert nomenclature is horrible to begin with.. this one is just particularly lame.

        • tanknspank

          Well, some people just make it seem like they need everything layed out for them for it to get through their thick skull. My b 🙂

          It’s Google. They are known for doing silly things. They are following the same thing as several other distros, but instead of animals, or even cats, for example, they chose something more interesting and playful. Sorry you can’t seem to get it. Maybe Google and Android aren’t for you. Might you enjoy a more fruity alternative?

    • Tsak6789

      The sad part is, Google is probably paying some dude 6 figures just to think up these names.

  • Baked14

    what happens when they get to hard letters like ‘X’??

    • Calculatorwatch

      Haha, I did a Google search and the only things it could come up with are XOXO cupcakes and X-mas pudding bread 😛

      too much effort i know but i’m bored 🙂

    • Tsak6789

      X-rated cakes?

  • Chad

    Ok…. What have you done for me lately?!?!

  • zdroid

    ok so whats next? jello? jelly bean?

  • Rizzidy

    Will hit non-nexus phones Q4 2012.

  • DanSke

    So given the new 18 month span for updates. I should see this on my device on mid 2013, maybe early 2013? Great to know, but somehow I don’t care. Why don’t we put a little emphasis on getting everything off Froyo first…sound good?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not 18 months to push an update, it’s every new phone must be supported with Android updates for 18 months. If there were 5 Android updates within the 18 month, theoretically, every phone must get those 5 updates in a timely manner

      • DanSke

        Thanks for the clarity, but you must have missed my sarcasm. We all know an update system like that will never happen. Hence, my post.

  • garrett

    so nexus will get it first. then droid x will have about 500 leaks of it then rumored days for an ota release date

    • Mr.Joe

      lol no.

      Droid X won’t get it but the X2 will.

  • Blackhawk5177

    Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone, but the foogle team announced today that the next 10 years you might see it .

  • Will this replace the honeycomb on my tablet? I like the idea of an OS optimized for tablets.

    • Essentially it should. Basically ICS combines all the features of Honeycomb and makes it available for any device, and will adjust according to whether its a phone, tablet, etc.

      • Opherb

        “…any device…”? I recall Honeycomb required a dual-core system – is that no longer a requirement under ICS? Or does it mean that Gingbread will be the end of the line for my HTC Incredible?

        • Anonymous

          Google never said that Honeycomb required a dual-core processor. That was just a rumor.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “one OS everywhere”

    here, let me fix that for you “one OS everywhere, oh but sorry not for your phone and only if you buy after 2015”

    and BTW, WTF is that mascot.. looks like someone shot Andy dead – that is real… inspiring

    • Baked14

      u mad bro?

      • tanknspank

        He must not have gotten an ice cream sandwhich as a kid.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        generally speaking I am a cranky person.. but this whole thing irks me so make me more cranky

        1. a dead and bloody looking “mascot” – it is almost Freudian really if you think about it
        2. a lot of hot air talk to pacify the public, but we will see what really makes it to the people and how long it really takes to make such grandiose claims come to fruition
        3. no matter what, for many of us, when #2 happens.. our phones or tablets wont be included

        • tanknspank

          1. Still looking for the blood…
          2. It’s a lot of talk, but Google has impressed and surprised the community before, in more ways than one.
          3. You start fresh, you rule out older hardware. It makes the task easier and more manageable. You try to support the 300+ android devices currently out, I don’t care who you are, you won’t get it working on all of them.

          • chris

            I actually agree with FortitudineVincimus and with you. u dont use a slogan “One OS everywhere” if the OS doesn’t work “everywhere. Droid 1, droid 2, and droid x are android devices and should be included in the “everywhere”. so if it doesn’t work on the droid1 or at least the droid x then thats alot like false advertisement. but those are older phones so i dont expect it to work on those. But my thunderbolt is verizons first 4g phone and considered one of if not the best verizon android phone so i better get it. and u r right also. it is better to support the newer and faster devices like the Thunderbolt, Atrix, Bionic and even some of the faster 3g phones so people will upgrade to a newer phone. but it still says “One OS everywhere” so according to their slogan it should work on every single android device including the older and slower ones.

          • Justinthekoreandude

            so you are saying that you should hinder progression of technology for the sake of older phones with older processors…are you stupid? i own a droid x and i am not that agitated about it. If you want the newest products with the newest os THEN GO BUY ANOTHER PHONE!! cheap asses i swear

  • I wonder if the UI elements in ICS will be the Honeycomb blue on phones or if they’ll stick to the green. I say make stock Android themeable through apps in the Market. it would help eliminate part of the reason for rooting.

  • Kingm134


  • Andy

    what? there is another update before the current update is done?

  • Kevoskee

    I might see Ice Cream in the end of 2011 maybe for the Thunderbolt. Samsung phones might get it 2015.

  • Kevoskee

    I might see Ice Cream in the end of 2011 maybe for the Thunderbolt. Samsung phones might get it 2015.

    • Anonymous

      samsung phones get updated just as quick as htc phones, the gingerbread update for the galaxy s phones came out before it did for any of the HTC phones.

      The delay for the american galaxy phones was due to the carriers being twats. Froyo came out last november for the galaxy s