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Google Partners with Mobile Big Dogs to Help Update Devices Faster and to Extend Their Lives

google i/o 2011

During today’s keynote at I/O, Google announced that it has formed a new team of industry players that will work together to find ways to update Android devices much quicker and to also provide support for them to help extend their lives (hopefully up to 18 months worth of updates).  Some of the key players that have signed on are Verizon, HTC, Samsung, Sprint, Sony Ericsson, LG, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Motorola and AT&T, which as you can see is pretty much everyone you would have hoped for.  You’ve got the 4 major phone manufacturers along with the 4 major carriers – now we’re just hoping they come up with a plan sooner rather than later.

Excited?  You all should be.

More on the keynote, check out the live blog we ran.


  • many mite call me a pessimist (tho considering the disappointment in Google & Carriers currently, maybe not so many), but what I see eventually evolving from this is MFTRs and Carriers have the ultimate excuse to abandon your device after 18mo.s . However, during those first 18mo’s , theyll drag along their feet as usual in getting out the updates. This suggests absolutely nothing about how QUICKLY new versions of Android are suppose to hit devices.

    All those Samsung devices, Motorola devices were all eventually updated w froyo, and that was still within the 18mo window. Without a mandate on how QUICKLY new Android OS should roll out by, this means absolutely nothing to the end consumer, and only leaves them with more to worry about whether they’ll get the latest update or not before that 18mo window closes.

    We sign a two year contract and they continue to sell these devices 2 yrs after the original release date, how does it make sense to not to provide uptodate timely support of qualifying software updates to the product for at least 3 yrs? I would encouraged anyone at their most frustrated point to file BBB/Attorney General/FCC reports against both the carriers and mftrs for dragging their feet on updates and declaring end-of-life on products less than 2 yrs old.

  • I’m somewhat new to the android world, but from what I’ve read, Samsung really shouldn’t be part of that crowd…they are horrible at updating 😛

  • Anonymous

    “as you can see is pretty much everyone you would have hoped for.”

    Except for U.S. Cellular, and other regional and local carriers. Will Google sign them on later, or are they going to focus on the big guys at the expense of the smaller carriers?

  • Seeing is believing. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    This sounds fantastic! Unfortunately, however optimistic I may be, I don’t see this happening quickly. I mean think about it… I can’t speak for other carriers, but Verizon is so controlling of what they insist must be on “their” phones (I thought it was mine… I did pay for it, didn’t I?), that it seams almost impossible for them to release an update quickly! How many times do we see a supposed release date for the latest OTA update and then we get another post about how it’s been pushed back? (Any DX owners out there? Have you seen an OTA for GB yet?) Sometimes this happens multiple times!

    I hope my ranting is proven to be wrong! I really do! Because I’m sick of seeing all of the cool things that are being released for Android and knowing that I either won’t be getting it on my DInc or I’ll have to find a way to get it on there myself, b/c HTC and Verizon aren’t getting around to updating me.

    Ok… I’m off my soap box now.

    BTW… I love Android!

  • tjhrulz

    hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah, praise the lord a miracle may just happen

  • Anonymous

    All this talk about Bloatware makes me wonder how big of a kick back do these manufactures get for all that crap on their. I bet if a manufacturer went straight android vanilla they would see huge sales of that phone…(as long as verizon doesn’t cock block it and push for other phones at their store)

  • Anonymous

    If Samsung/Verizon is forced to update it might make
    me change my mind about their phones.

    Heck, they should have taken it a step further to
    force a unlocked vanilla android experience at a slightly higher cost and keep
    the skin jobs at the reduced cost. I would pay a little more to get the “Pro”
    edition phone with unlocked bootloader.

  • This portion of keynote must have been a time slot filler

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Here, let me fix that title for you

    “Google Partners With Mobile Big Dogs To Help Update Devices Faster And To Extend Their Lives, but it will not include your phone if you own anything currently out and will not begin until 2015”

  • d-roids

    i always stand in awe of how google comes up with simple solutions to supposedly complicated problems. android ftw!

  • d-roids

    i always stand in awe of how google comes up with simple solutions to supposedly complicated problems. android ftw!

  • If it takes them as long to get the plans laid out and actually enact them as it does to roll out updates today, we should see results from this sometime in 2013.

  • SugaShane

    Idk why, but I thought of this Family Guy clip right away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcCO6E4NUs8

  • Anonymous

    So yeah, Google has pretty much laid the foundation to destroy iOS’ market share today.


  • MC

    That’s great news but don’t tell me what to do.

    Sike! Just messin’ with ya.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all so vague right now, and seemingly not actually planned out, but hopefully this turns into something that actually makes a difference.

  • NowI wonder if this means only devices released from now on or if it includes existing devices too.

  • I will believe it when I see it.

  • I know this doesn’t relate, but quick office is on sale at amazon today. it’s only 3 bucks

  • Mr.Joe

    Lots of pretty words. Now lets see if it actually takes effect.

  • Anonymous

    Step 1: Make proprietary UI’s an optional add-on.
    Step 2: Keep bloatware in the market whete it belongs.
    Step 3: *sets down crack pipe* unlock all bootloaders.

    • Tesseract 3

      LMAO at step 3.

    • You forgot step 4: Pick crack pipe back up.

  • Gerolux

    I did see the list being revealed live, and did notice that Kyocera was missing from the list.

    And I really hope these manufacturers can roll out updates for all their handsets in a timely manner. It’s nice that they did this is increase device support, but does us no good if handset fragmentation still exists MONTHS from each other(thinking like 5-6 months here). They should really try to nail down updates within a 1 month time frame across the board. I know this is near impossible to do, but one man can only dream.

  • I bet that there will be more vanilla android phones, now. Otherwise, the update interval might be too hard to catch up with

    • Anonymous

      That’s a nice thought! I just hope there’s some truth to it!!

  • Sackdaddy

    Good news! It’s about time!

  • Anonymous

    Google uses Defragmentation….

    Its Super Effective!

  • JT

    18 months is not too shabby. Based on this info the OG might have just been eligible for 2.3 support based on that timeline.

    • Mth2134

      He stated only if hardware is compatible.

      • Anonymous

        The OG is very capable of it

  • YourMomsLooseTwaht

    I hope this pans out. That is the biggest problem. I know people hate Apple, but they update their iphones/itouches regularly.

    • Anonymous

      Well Apple also doesn’t update over the air.

      • Anonymous

        I think if people had the option for an instant update to 3.1 then they would be willing to plug in for 5 minutes… Hell my thunderbolt stays in my laptop at work just so I can make it through the day and night on the battery…

      • Anonymous

        They plan to start doing it though, on Verizon.

  • Awesome news

  • Anonymous

    This is such fantastic news..now let’s see them stick to this.