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Download: Motorola XOOM HMJ37 Android 3.1 Update

Here is the download link for the Android 3.1 update.  [HMJ37]

We don’t have instructions for flashing yet, but you may as well grab the file now.  We’ll try to get on Koush tonight at the I/O party and see if he can hook something up.  Stay tuned…

Huge cheers to Mr. Peter Alfonso!


  • I am going to copy the outline of your website if its fine with you? it truly is so ideal.

  • Buttonskennedy1966

     I keep getting a message saying something is wrong with the zip file.  

  • scamper

    Received the OTA update last night for my wifi Xoom. Runs just fine.

  • So i take it you couldn’t “Get on
    Koush” last night?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Kaufkin

    Given Koush’s Tweet that he got stiffed on his Tab, DL might have issues “getting on” him…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ok, so I uploaded it to an sdcard to put into my “sdcard enabled” Xoom and I get an error message saying that the apply_patch_check for the bcm4329 module failed.

    So I can confirm that you need to be stock…for now.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and if you’re thinking of using Koush’s method:

      I won’t work either. It looks like it will update, but then just hangs.

      • It’s not a hang, there is a update error. If you hold down up arrow and power button, you will see the error. It’s just failing to complete the update.

    • That is the same message I’m getting. Verizon is no help. OTA even from stock build isn’t working. They are telling me by this Friday, all updates should be deployed. I’ve heard that before. They will probably pull it before then.

  • Anonymous


  • Only way to update right now is with a USB host cable and stock boot, system and recovery.

    • Like to know how you did it. I’m using a USB host cable and it doesn’t see my thumb drive formatted as FAT32 with update.zip in the root. Asking for /SDCARD path

  • Anonymous


  • Budcar38

    I wonder how long this will take to get to my transformer

    • Taylortide

      You gotta Transformer for real???

      • Budcar38

        yes sir, typing from this aweome dock right now. nowinstock.net helped me find it. someone from this blog tipped me off on that site, its awesome.

  • Gee

    Does that mean XOOM will get Sd support now? I mean i have it on my galaxy tab 🙂

  • https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/50417?start=0&tstart=0

    From the sounds of it, Moto is just now testing it for WiFi

  • Bigsike

    I saw the X in the headline and thought it would be a update for the Droid X but who was I kidding lol

  • Anonymous

    WiFi only model ?

  • Rizzidy

    Try to “get on Koush?”


    • Tesseract 3


    • Olesweski

      uh, yeeeah, you know, like share a little Courvoisier, whisper some sweet sexy words into his ear…etc, etc….

    • Mr. Joe

      Who wouldn’t want to get on Koush? Hell most of these android ROMers are super hot. I wouldn’t mind doing some 7 mins in heavens with Mr. Peter Alfonso!

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’ll just get this out of the way now…

    Can I flash this on my (insert non-compatible device here)?

    • Anonymous

      I’m kinda pissed it doesn’t say not to install on the Original Droid. I flashed this update and now my phone is bricked. WTF DL. WTF.

      • DroidMaster

        It says Motorola Xoom, which is a tablet. It’s not DL fault, you have no common sense

        • Anonymous

          wuts a tablet

          • Whap

            Wow really? Well I would assume if you knew how to flash this you would know that honeycomb is not for phones….kinda funny though!

          • Anonymous

            Serious guys are serious

      • Shannon

        lol. Live & learn.
        Hopefully there is a fail-safe bootloader for your phone.
        e.g. On the xoom (which is not your phone!) you hold down the volume-up and reset buttons for ~3 seconds.
        Then you can reflash firmware built for your device (best luck finding it).

    • Anonymous

      I’m kinda pissed it doesn’t say not to install on the Original Droid. I flashed this update and now my phone is bricked. WTF DL. WTF.

  • Who wants to take one for the team and try to install on a WiFi only Xoom?

  • hopefully somebody smarter than myself can figure out how to flash this! lol