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And Google I/O we go…

We’re out the door and on our way over to the Moscone Center to witness the latest and greatest in Android at this year’s Google I/O.  We have a keynote in just about 2 hours that could include the unveiling of Music Beta by Google or who knows, they could be saving huge news like that for tomorrow just as they did last year.  It’s about to get exciting.

To stay up to date on everything that goes down just as it’s happening, you’ll want to be sure to follow us on Twitter and also right here at the site!  Oh, and you can watch almost everything live here.

  • Tamara Cross Attorney

    Think I will sign up.
    Tamara Cross Attorney San Diego

  • Tamara Cross

    Cool, I will check it out.
    Tamara Cross Attorney San Diego

  • Anonymous

    you guys go to the pre-event mixer @ Adobe yesterday?

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Does the Droid-Life team ever run into the Phandroid team at these events and give them dirty looks for their subpar journalism?

  • Anonymous


  • John

    shit. there goes my work day :(

  • Mr.Joe

    I can’t wait for the next android version that no one will get for like six months!

    • John

      wow is that an understatement. six months would be golden. try 6-18.

      • Mr.Joe

        Yeah, that’s true!

        • Anonymous

          Looks like 5-6 months, assuming we get it next month.

  • Sob157

    Come on GTV…. get your head out your a$$ and make me want to buy you! if not im just going to build HT pc’s for a small number over the revue

  • http://twitter.com/protozeloz Abel

    Im exited….

  • Anonymous

    im here already waiting!!! lol

  • Anonymous


    • Kingm134

      On my OG droid!!!