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Watch ESPN App Lands on Android, Streaming Sports is Go

Who’s ready for some live ESPN action on their Android device?  WatchESPN was just released to the market and appears to work on every single device known to man (OK, that’s sort of an exaggeration – probably just 2.2+).   And it opens on the XOOM, plays something that you could consider video, but you wouldn’t want to brag to your friends about it.  Small devices on the other hand appear to be handling the service a little better.  Oh, it’s also free.

*Tip – At first login, I chose Comcast and was denied access.  If you do, be sure to go “Clear data” on the app and re-choose a service like FiOS which definitely works.  You don’t actually need a FiOS account to watch streams immediately.

Market Link

Cheers Gustafson and everyone else!

  • why is it not compatible it pisses me off

  • it doesnt work with att avail 2.3

  • any help on how to get this to work with fios. it wont accept my login. i’ve had fios for over 5 years now and it says i need to subscribe to fios tv.

  • Dopeboymahic282

    so i can watch any football an basket ball game i wount

  • Adamandersontampico

    NOT!! Compatable with Samsung Intercept ANDROID!!

  • Joesnuffy

    Does anyone have a zipcode for FIOS?It does not show up under my zip code. I have uninstalled this app.

  • Mike

    arrrrg this app is so dissapointing.  I figured that if I could watch ESPN3 online with my desktop using my comcast account to log in that I’d be able to use the watchESPN app – but NOPE, apparently it’s not a provider.  ISN’T IT THE SAME THING???

  • Tohank1

    It worked for awhile but now I don’t get the video only the sound? Error message comes up and says cant download users info? Help

  • Jared

    Every time I try to log in with Verizon, it keeps me on my phone provider page and won’t let me finish setup.

  • Troyp38

    I have a mandatory wedding to go to this weekend, and i  have to watch the uga game, which is on espn 3, will this work on my droid x? i also have a 32g itouch, there has to be a way i can listen , preferabley watch it some way…. 

  • mitchell hewell

    I wish the app actually worked. It would be amazing to watch the CWS. I have three different provider accounts that could work, but none of them work for this horrible POS App. f this app is espn created, they must really hate their fans that watch sports on their channels… MAKE IT WORK!!! please

  • mac

    I have TWC and an Epic 4G, yet I can’t get anything to play at all. No 4hr demo, no nothing.  Any thoughts?

  • you can only watch 5 hours of video if you dont verify your account.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • MK17

    No sound here either (Droid 1)

  • Anonymous


    Wait, seriously? How can you not include DirectTV?

    • zee112

      If your provider is not supported, it’s because THAT PROVIDER has not signed an agreement with ESPN. They don’t want to pay ESPN to give their customers access. Don’t blame ESPN

      • Luke1jones

        And I already pay that provider for service for ESPN and ESPN gets paid from my provider for their programming already.  They are just greedy to try to require my provider to pay again for their programming.

  • Anonymous


  • i went down all but 2 carriers in my area that show up only one that worked is Verizon. got 4 hours to watch then it makes you login. have to verify on the espn website you have a verizon account (or any account after that).

    sucks Comcast isnt there right now. after Sept wont have any streaming tv when NFL goes only for VCast subscribers.

  • Anonymous

    TEAM sports are FAR inferior to individual sports!!!

  • Anonymous

    No suport for DirecTV…fail

    • Wait, seriously? How can you not include DirectTV?

      • Anonymous

        When I chose Directv as my provider it says that WatchESPN is not supported by this provider

    • zee112

      If your provider is not supported, it’s because THAT PROVIDER has not signed an agreement with ESPN. They don’t want to pay ESPN to give their customers access. Don’t blame ESPN.

  • Maybe this was the cause of the terrible bandwidth speeds on VZW all day yesterday

  • Anonymous

    Have Comcast.. they blow!! Oh well half the U.S. will share my misery.

  • Reltni

    no sound on my tablet or droid.. bummer

  • No Frontier love? boo.

  • Luckyr1981

    Anyone know if time warner cable will charge you for using this?

    • They won’t charge you. As long as you subscribe to their Cable service you can use it.

      • Luckyr1981

        Thanks man

  • Anonymous

    Sucks on OG Droid, no sound and choppy. Removing app.

    • I have sound and just a little choppy, OG Droid. What rom are you running

      • Anonymous

        Motorola DROID 1
        Simply Stunning GB 5.2
        ChevyNo1’s LV 1.0 GHz Kernel
        Launcher Pro Plus
        Chump Change Chrome themeQuadrant 1350

    • Exactly my experience on OG Droid. I’m gonna tell myself it’s a hardware issue and not ESPN half-assing another i*hone-to-Android port (ScoreCenter)

    • @RoadsterHD1
      Did you try turning up the volume on your phone?

  • N J Rivera21

    not finding it on the market, and market link not sending it to my phone anyone else having this issue

    • Chriswigga

      I am. I’m on froyo mytouch 3g slide

    • Zincase

      i also have that problem, when i go onto the android market website, says my device is “not compatible”-samsung transform 

  • Quint_15

    no sound on og droid…..running gpa14

  • Thrlckdkn

    I’m on Droid X (rooted running GB .573) and no sound ……Anyone else having this issue?

    • jag28co

      me too

  • Msk1277

    It asks for a verizon high speed internet account and I just entered the credenials for my verizon and I thought it worked but it didn’t… any ideas?

  • angermeans

    Thanks for the heads up kellex. Watch ESPN + Xoom + 4G hotspot through my Thunderbolt is an absolute win. By the way I was getting great picture on my Xoom with it using 4G so maybe it gets better the faster you have access?

  • Angry Turd

    I’ve had access to HBO, ESPN, every channel I have on Directv, Sunday ticket, my DVR, etc, etc on my phone for a loooooong time. The Slingbox and Slingplayer app work great, even on my OG Droid. 😀

    • Guest35

      Can you only watch at home or outside with the Slingbox? I may need to get one of those then.

  • This App Like 5 others are Not Downloading on My DROID 2 from Android Market

  • Note: This app requires Adobe Air. Not that it matters really.

  • can someone post a zip code for me, lol one i entered got denied. thanks

    • Anonymous

      27262 (High Point, NC) and select Time Warner Cable. It’ll only get you 4 free hours though

  • Tim Casey78Z

    Be clear, when you choose a provider that is not your own, it will only allow you to see the free 4 hour period. Once that is over you will not be able to view WatchESPN without one of the selected providers.

    • garrett

      you could most likely clear data and do it agian

      • Anonymous

        Can anyone verify that this works?

  • Now what’s wrong with this picture? Time Warner jumps on board with WatchESPN but they can’t jump on board with HBO Go and HBO is OWNED by Time Warner….The failure here is massive.

    • It’s important to just call a Time Warner rep every once in a while and scream at them for screwing something up. Whether it’s a random internet outage, an HD channel being pixelated, not making HBO Go available to their own subscribers, or just general incompetence; they need to be yelled at.

  • Works on my xoom

  • Only problem I see is getting cut off after (in my case) 4 hours. Link to register includes Acct # for eligible internet providers ie. not Comcast. Anybody got a Time Warner acct # laying around?

  • Chris

    Instead of clearing data, just click “Previous Step” at the top if denied access.

  • Kevoskee

    Maybe the biggest news of the day. Kinda on the slow side.

  • Works great on my phone

  • Anonymous

    Now this is some good news =D

  • Anonymous

    Kick Ass! I was hoping this would come out soon.