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Monday Poll: What HTC Thunderbolt ROM are you using?

When the HTC Thunderbolt was first released we talked a lot about rooting it, but once some custom ROMs starting popping up, we sort of backed off until we heard from readers on their favorites.  We were also waiting to see which ROMs were popping up as the most popular and with the most support before we started pimpin’ any of them.  Well, it’s time we start pinging some of our brave rooted and ROM’d readers to see which Thunderbolt ROM is fulfilling their needs.  Is it Das BAMF?  Liquid Thundersense?  Let us know!

What HTC Thunderbolt ROM are you using?

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  • Matthew Herring

    Used CM7 on the OG Droid, but I’m digging BAMF.  Just flashed 1.7, and it’s teh awesomesauce 😀

  • Djkeller3

    I guess I came in here a little too late to participate in the poll, but I’m running CyanogenMod 7 Pre-Alpha and LOVE IT – 100% Sense-free goodness! Except for 4G, most everything works and probably should be a BETA.

  • Anonymous

    ignore this. Was from this morning…

  • Anonymous

    Running Das BAMF 1.6.3 at the moment. Really smooth; a few weirdities(such as changing the lockscreen from sense to AOSP reboots the phone randomly), other than that, it’s pretty awesome so far.

  • Anonymous

    I think I can manage the whole root thing but i dont have the slightest clue on how to flash a new rom on to my phone, I really wanna try Das Bamf, does anyone know where I can find an easy guide on doing this?

  • Nitsuj17

    if you are running a sense-based rom (not counting tesla coil) you are running bamf…as all the other roms are just kangs

  • Lancelot323

    Running boLTEd 0.35 for now…gonna check out some others today.

  • Immolate

    Das BAMF 1.6.3 and getting solid battery life. The ROM is fast like a ninja. I’m not loyal though, even though these guys deserve loyalty. I’ll be trying CM7 when it bakes up a bit.

  • Rueben

    After flashing a Rom today my tb froze at the thunderbolt screen and I has to update at the recovery screen . Now no more root ! Wtf

  • RobG

    Noob here…I’d like to root but I’m weary of the lengthy ten step method. Does anyone know of a safe and easy method for us noobies? Thanks for your help!!

    • RobG

      Alright you guys convinced me. I rooted my phone last night. Running Bamf 1.63. Had to reload all my apps because I lost mybackup backup, lol. Such a noob 🙂

  • pitchblack86

    bamf 1.6.3 remix. Loving it. Best of all. Tried over a dozen roms except cm7. Heard lots of problems with it.

    • Djkeller3

      There were a few weeks ago when the first test build was released. We’re on Test 4 now and all is working for the most part except 4G, but I’m in a 3G market anyway so I don’t care about that. I’ve run CyanogenMod on all of my Android devices (and most other AOSP ROMs also) and admit I’m a bit partial to it because of all the extra *goodies* you get with it. If you’re technically savvy, give it a flash. It’s a badass ROM!

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised “stock” wasn’t an option… Though I am currently loving Das BAMF. Great job Adrynalyne+team!

  • Interstellarmind

    awesome! this is exactly what I was a looking for: a poll to see which is the msot popular TBolt ROM… droid-life to the rescue, as usual.

    now, I just need a z4root style app to get me rooted and i can unleash my tbolt’s potential!

  • Anonymous

    exactly how I am with my bolt right now. On my Droid x I was flashing and rooted all the way and I had liberty fission gingerblur apex( my favorite). So I know the advantages. But I love sense and its not like I wanna remove it. In a few weeks.

  • Amdweck

    Das bamf until we get sense 3.0 rom, wtf why does crappy inspire 4G get it and not us!!!

  • Iryman

    Virus Rom. With sense.

  • Still stock but it sounds like Das BAMF is pretty good. I guess I will root and try it out since VZ sux balls at timely updates.

  • Maurice97322

    I’m happy with stock HTC thunder bolt 🙂

  • Leehblanc

    I’m using PlainJanev1. I chose it because it’s Deodexed, and I can add in my own mods, like the 6 bar signal meter, improved battery icon and quick settings (customizable) on the pulldown. Kind of like how you can build your own ROM with SOS’s BlackHole. Pair this with Adrynalyne’s 4.4.7 Kernel, and I can get through an 8 hour work day with ease (I’m in a VERY bad spot for reception… on weekends I typically get 16+ hrs on a charge) this is all with moderate-heavy usage. Last night I fell asleep around 10 with my battery at 50% I woke up around 4 and plugged it in. It was only down 2% after 6 hours.

  • Alvinm 77

    Use to run bamf until I flashed Perfect Storm. Love the Rom and the miss/themes it has.

    • Alvinm 77

      Mods/themes* ….. I meant. Spell check got me.

  • Totally off-topic, but I wanted to report 4G LTE is up in the Piedmont Triad, NC Area (Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point)!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s been up here in the Detroit (ughh) since yesterday or even before because I got my thunderbolt Saturday and 4G was working when I got it. Finally no Motorola!!!!!!!! Anybody recommend a good Rom and kernel combo because I’m still running stock unrooted and need to get back to my flashing habits from my Droid x but with kernels like my nookcolor. I love this phone. And I have no complaints about battery. Just turn off 4G when its not being used and mine lasts all day easy

  • Anonymous

    Read some comments that when using Das BAMF you can’t access websites that are secured not sure if true cause I’m not rooted yet, still waiting for unrEVOked. I use my phone to make lots of payments and to buy stuff online and this would be a big problem for me not able to access secured sites.

    • Adrynalyne

      Thats a pretty silly claim.

  • Muddy B00ts

    I’ve tried the majority of the roms on the list, and maybe it’s just me, but Tesla Coil works best without fail. NO random reboots, great battery life, and zero radio issues. If anybody is having reboot troubles, give Tesla a run, and you’ll be glad you did.

    • Not to mention the AOSP look.

      • Judsonbarlow

        Agreed 1000%!!!
        I flash all roms and I have always went back to my Tesla Coil 1.7.1 nandroid!
        When battery issues are better I’ll definitely be running cm7 as my daily driver.
        For now its Tesla!

        • Anonymous

          I’m running tesla coil as well. It’s tits.

          On another note I found CM7 pre alpha to be good on battery. I just couldn’t get 4g to work. Once RIL is good I’m never looking back. I’m hoping for another update soon.

    • Nybadboy11

       what makes it better than cyanogen7? that and gingerbread ive used cyanogen7  now its way better than ginger

      • Muddy B00ts

        Yeah, I wrote that comment 2 months ago.  Gingerbread ROMS were super unstable then and cm7 was super buggy.  Now I’m running bamf ginger and probably gonna try cm7 again.  It’s made humongous strides in usability.

  • I’m still trying to figure out how to root this dang thing. I keep getting caught up on the “pushing” portion of Step 1.

    • Devi8

      try that second easyroot method that driod life posted, it uses a dos bat file

  • Anonymous

    i had debloat das bas bamf and battery life was very good. then i changed t odas bamf remix and the battery is pretty bad. i wonder if / how i can change back?

  • Nativi

    Lightning Rom kicks A*$. BAMF had way to many reboots. I haven’t had one with Lightning Rom. And I believe he is working on a PINK theme that Kellen may like. I’ll send a news tip to update y’all when is ready.

  • pitchblack86

    On bamf remix 1.6.1. Very nice. 1.6.2 changed animations. Maybe .3 will have them back. Think perfect rom would be bamf remix gingerbread…

    • Kevoskee

      I like 1.6. 2 for the animation but 1.6. 3 is snappier. I have that with a different battery mod

      • pitchblack86

        Bit the bullet and flashed 1.6.3. Loving it. Never a single reboot on bamf…since day 1. Battery life keeps getting better. Only thing bad on 1.6.3 is the font. Kinda hurts my eyes. No idea how to get stock back.

  • I’m running Lightning ROM 3.3.1, and it’s the most stable for me.. Tried BAMF, Perfect Storm, Tesla Coil, Liquid Thundersense.. but Lightning definitely does it for me. It’s got the Power controls in the notif bar, red theme, honeycomb battery tidbits, and it’s extremely stable.. I keep trying the new ROMs but keep coming back to Lightning..

  • StockUnroot

    Kept getting a ton of random reboot. I went back to stock.

  • WormDoes

    Stripped BAMF FTW!

  • dincit2er

    Is there really not much support behind rooting the droid incredible 2? DL doesn’t seem to be covering/commenting much on this subject…

  • Eatinghotsauce

    cant verizon track the rooted phones now?

    • GQGK

      They can’t do anything. It’s legal to root after a court case was held over the iPhone ages ago.

  • ShaneBoddie

    I’m no comfortable with the rooting method used so I’m hoping for an app to come out that will root for me. Like on the OG Droid.

    • Nativi

      Things like that won’t work anymore but DroidXcon’s auto root was too easy. Anybody can do it.

  • Hendrix

    Bamf for now. Personal tweaks to form to my liking. Tried telsa but found it to be a bit slow. Running imyosens batt kernal. But go back and forth to bamfs kernal. I loved cm. but the lack of 4g kills me inside.

  • AnothaMexican

    I’m rocking VirusRom senseless version.

  • Anonymous

    yesterdY I did the easy root and itt went all the way thru and said your done your phone is rooted and to install superuser Nd Rom mAnager but when I do it say your not rooted

  • hawgpapa

    Just about all of these ROM’s are getting better as time goes by. My mainstay is das BAMF, currently 1.6.3. But as the others update I will flash and see what the improvements are.

    The one thing I have done to improve battery is use Imoseyon’s kernal (currently 2.2.1) the normal version.

    I am really glad we have a great group of developers for the TB.

    • Kevoskee

      Agreed, loving the support from the Thunderbolt community. Developers like BAMF try to improve to make this great phone even better. Also rocking 1.6.3

  • uthinkisay

    On CM7 only problem I have with the alpha is the need to reboot to switch from 3g to wifi. Other than that I am loving some AOSP goodness.

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree, that is my only gripe with this rom as well…I’ve been running this as my daily since its release and I can’t believe how stable it is considering the pre alpha name…..

  • Anonymous

    I’m still rocking an OG Droid, but I have to be honest: Liquid Thundersense might just be the most badass name ever.

    That being said, I’ve heard great things about Das BAMF.

    • Anonymous

      I’m digging it so far…

  • Anonymous

    There should have been a Bionic option. I am disappointed in the lack of mindless arguing going on for this article.

  • Anonymous

    I tried das bamf, but it showed the alarm clock icon in the notification bar, with no way to turn it off that I could find, and that is seriously a deal breaker for me. I am using the perfect storm. Any other stable roms let you have control over the right side notification bar icons?

  • revolt1

    im on perfect storm with a few tweeks pretty solid rom and chingy is always there to help

  • Mrpicolas

    I’m on a super secret sauce rom…

  • Anonymous

    Perfect Storm for me! themikmik.com has plenty of mods and options.

  • Mr.Joe

    Silly question but…

    Why doesn’t the polls work on Opera?

    • Have the same question. Not a silly question at all imo, especially since Chrome has been crashing with Flash all the time as of late.

  • GTPDev

    Currently I’m running a custom built sense rom and kernel that our development group will be releasing in the future. Das Bamf and Bolted are both doing some things that they shouldn’t be and have horrid battery life, we’re gonna fix that.

    • Datbizzybone
      • Tuna

        How the heck are you getting times like this…I”m running the same, and getting nothing like that.

        • Datbizzybone

          My results are based on 4g only for about 4 hours. (Due to the company i work at has it in their city but when im home its not). I then connect to WiFi at home just because i like to surf the web. No widgets on my home screen because i find most of them, stupid, ugly, bloaty, and laggy.

          Example, everyone likes thoes big clocks. I dont i find them ugly, not only does my phone say the time at the top of the screen i dont need to see the time twice. it also shows the date in the notifications so i dont need to see the date twice.

          I have like 15 icons on the left screen, 2 on the main with launcher pro, and the ONLY widget i use is for sound management because working in a corporate office i have to change my settings (Ringtones,notifications ect…) I have a Work profile for audio levels, and work profile for Audio sounds. It switches at 8:30 everyday stays that way till 6.

          Oh 25% brightness, always.

          I think thats it.

    • WormDoes

      Curious what you think they’re doing that they shouldn’t be? IMO, BAMF is the best ROM available ATM. Any flavor (nte, remix, debloat, or stripped-my fav) with Imoseyon’s Kernel is winner winner chicken dinner all day long. The random reboots aren’t the ROM, it’s the new radio. Probably why VZW hasn’t pushed it out yet

      • Datbizzybone

        I still have never gotten a random reboot, and i prefer the BAMF kernal.

  • Das BAMF all the way. Definitely waiting for a stable CM release though. While I like some aspects of Sense I still like AOSP much better.

  • Das BAMF Remix v1.63 at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Twisted Sense 1.5 runs amazing

  • Anonymous

    BAMF Remix v1.6.2. That thing is fast and battery life is rocking. Plus all the mods and extras from the BAMF team…

  • Anonymous

    i’m waiting to root. im still in love with my phone, and when i finally do root once the luster is gone it’ll make me fall in love all over again

  • Lortay78

    I go back and forth between Das Bamf and Tesla Coil. They are both awesome ROMS. I am just a crack-flasher and Das Bamf is always getting upgraded. Tesla Coil never needs to be.

  • Mr. Joshua

    I’m still a bit overwhelmed at the process. But everytime I open my app drawer and see Bitbop and Blockbuster I get a little closer to taking the plunge.

    • Anonymous

      Just read directions carefully and follow them to a T. It’s not as bad as it looks and you will be happy at your accomplishment. Plus that Bloatware is gone. Poof!!!

    • Matthew Herring

      There are some awesome instructions on the interwebs.  It can be a bit nerve-wracking at first, but so long as you follow everything carefully and verify those MD5’s, you’ll do just fine.  A little bit of ADB-fu goes a long way 🙂

      Once you root, you’ll never go back.  There’s a huge community out there able to help!

  • Dan

    As soon as CM7 is in a more stable state, I will be ditching this nonSense for some AOSP goodness.