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Friday Poll: What do you want to see next week at Google I/O?

Google I/O 2011 kicks off next Tuesday and we’re expecting to see some magic.  There are rumors of Google’s new music service finally kicking off, the possibility a new version of Honeycomb (3.1), and maybe even the next big thing, Ice Cream Sandwich.  We’ll be there bringing it all to you live, but is there something in particular that you can’t wait to see or are at least hoping to see?

What do you want to see at Google I/O?

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  • Anonymous

    A much improved Visual IDE plugin for Eclipse.

    App Inventor 2 – Maybe version 2 will actually be usable for more than just the example apps.The Browser moved to the market so they can improve and upgrade the browser outside of OS upgrade cycle. (They do it with GMail and other apps, why leave the Browser behind?). That being said, would love to see/hear about HTML5 updates, tools, features forthcoming. Phone2Chrome – I like Chrome2Phone, but would find it more beneficial to be able to send a link that doesn’t play well on the smaller form factor be open and ready at my browser when I get to it. Android Home Server – Sort of like a SAN on steroids… but more. A device that allows you to store and stream from your own “private cloud: of content between your phone, Google TV and other devices. Combine it with X10 or some other standard so you could automate your home and control it from your phone or GoogleTV (i,e. Be able to turn up the Air Conditioner while on your way home from work so it is cool when you get there, turn on/off lights from your GoogleTV, set up security or Nanny cams that you can control/view anywhere). OK, so it is just a dream at this point… but I could see it going there… eventually.Annoucement of acquisition of Warner Music and/or EMI. How much of a shock would reverberate throuout the industry if Google acquired a major label and controlled all that content? Don’t think it will happen, but I would love to see it.

  • I will see google music.

  • NexusPlease

    Google should release a ‘Nexus’ device on every carrier if they are gonna keep letting the OEMs use their own skins on top of Android.

    • tjhrulz

      I would like to see though a better nexus on every carrier, the nexus one and two did not sell because they did not have cutting edge specs and were only on one network.

      • Lhooke

        Nexus one’s specs were pretty damn good at the time (not to mention it’s still a very capable phone)… it’s my understanding that the N1 didn’t sell because it wasn’t in stores and was only available on google’s nexus website.

        As for the nexus S, the styling is incredibly boring and dysfunctional IMO and its specs WERE quite outdated when it was released. Not only that, but google is now completely boning NS owners by disabling integral facebook syncing features in 2.3.3.

        I am still hoping for a new nexus from either HTC or LG before I upgrade from the N1. And PLEASE, no more all glossy plastic bodies!!! Give me brushed aluminum, qHD, dual core, hdmi out, a trackpad, qi charging, and at least HSPA+. And stock Ice Cream, of course. Is that so much to ask, Google/HTC/LG?

  • Gigngerbread + Honeycomb + Google TV = Ice Cream Sandwich. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    I want to see gingerbread on my D1. I mean the Nexus One got gingerbread. The N1 and the D1 both have the same processor why can’t I have some of that gingerbread goodness too????

    • Their processors are completly different bud. N1 = Qualcomm 1GHZ Snapdragon

      D1= 550MHZ TI OMAP 3. If you want gingerbread, go root and get CyanogenMod

  • I don’t think you will see ice cream sandwich yet. Unless Rubyn has been able to higher twice the amount of people to work on the entire project. It will be another few months before that happens, but what Rubyn and team need to show is progress on Honeycomb. Make it more stable and improve performance on it. My Transformer lags in many aspects, like YouTube video playback sucks and it is choppy 100% of the time. Work with major video streaming houses like Netflix and Hulu(Though I think Microsoft owns this piece) to have Android catch up with Apple and Microsoft phones in that regard. (I never understood why Netflix put out an app for WP7 phones, but doesn’t have one for Android, that blows) Use NVidia Tegra2 to it’s fullest potential. Allow VPN driver within honeycomb and gingerbread to be accessed fully without having to root the darn devices like I’ve had to do with my Droid to make it work on my Cisco ASA.

    There are many things that can be improved upon in Honeycomb that will make tablets more appealing to the masses and the above are just a few. I would not buy an iMaxiPad, but there is only so much the I can take and then I will just have to forgo buying a tablet period because Google is not willing to provide me with the best experience possible.

  • DAN

    I want an iTunes sort of thing to plug my phone into and receive firmware updates there, So you dont have to wait a week or two for it to “roll” out to my phone.

  • Lilcal70

    next week i want 3.1for my xoom 2.3 for my droid x & i REALLY want my psn back up perfect week

  • Chase Chick


  • Booboolala2000

    Honeycomb on Google TV. And Google music. I also want to see some calling out of the companies that are taking too long to update and why there isn’t a version of a nexus device on all carriers.

  • Anonymous

    I would say Ice Cream Sandwich but seeing as though we’re just now getting to Gingerbread, I can wait a few more months for that. Same goes for Honeycomb. Seriously I want to see what’s up with a Google TV update

  • chris

    Idc that much about any of those. what i would really like to see is google should buy skype from w/e lazy piece of S**** are controlling it and release a skype with video app for all android phones or at least 4g phones. then maybe talk to someone about releasing a netflix app for android phones. and then while there at it release the Thunderbolt update.

  • I only really want to see a pure google phone for verizon so i can get an upgrade that i know will be 100% worth it

    • Booboolala2000

      Same here. Needs lte though.

  • Mike

    Bare tits.


    I would love to see a nexus phone for big red. No more waiting or hoping for an update from HTC, Moto, or big red.
    Can it happen? Will it happen? Would big red allow a phone without bloatware? Can a man dream?

    • EC8CH

      A Nexus phone on VZW would be like shooting a proton torpedo down Big Red’s exhaust vent.

  • Bigsike

    I would love to see a update to Chrome OS 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cream Sandwich…only problem is I doubt I’ll ever see it come to my Atrix. Honestly, I would rather Motorola and AT&T hold off on 2.3 for my phone and just go ahead and work on Ice Cream Sandwich/2.4/whatever for the Atrix

  • I am tired of 15 minute trials on the android market. I want the developers to be able to choose

  • None of these are for my OG Droid, so I can care less. What I want is a quality 4G Moto Phone by my June upgrade.

  • Davros

    I’d like to hear them say they are going to put some pressure on the manufacturers to give us the option of a stock google experience.

  • Emily

    Ice Cream Sandwich!!!!! =/ Focus on pushing Gingerbread to all the phones first!!!!

    I want Near Field Communications so I can leave my credit card and my wallet at home! And carry 1 device that will pay for my meal, gas, and start my car.

  • Emeraldjun

    Looking forward to if Ice Cream Sandwich will FINALLY bring GPU acceleration to the Android UI, like every other OS out there.

  • Ckochinsky0125

    Get rid of fragmentation! !

  • faber

    I don’t know; google taking a stand against screwing with their os by carriers and manufacturers.

  • Anonymous

    I love it how a majority are asking for ice cream goodness when a fraction of the current lineup of android phones are running GB…

    • tjhrulz

      Majority of readers are rooted so they are running gingerbread

  • news regarding the market, development and security, and fragmentation that pushes more developers on the market 😀 we have a record to beat this year!!!!

  • news regarding the market, development and security, and fragmentation that pushes more developers on the market 😀 we have a record to beat this year!!!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    none of these are really compelling

  • Anonymous

    A Nexus device that makes up for the lameness of the Nexus S.

    -8 Core Tegra 10 processor
    -Superduper AMOLED Plus + Plus (did I mention plus?) screen
    -4GB mobile SSD hard drive
    -12 MP camera with macro mode, 2160p video, and 5D
    -cappuccino maker

    • Well, out of everything that I have read here, this would make me the happiest.

    • Dude, that tech is so yesteryear. Personally, I would prefer

      -50 Core Tegra 30 processor, each clocked at 1THZ
      -Ultra Ultra mega superdeduper AMOLED Plus X10
      -1 Pentabyte of Storage
      -1 Gigapixle camera
      -Takes out my trash and waters my plants

  • Anonymous

    google laptops

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? You’re looking forward to Cloud ONLY computing? Sounds pretty terrible to me. Always needing an internet connection, not being able to keep a real copy of your software, tied into a cell carrier for yet one more device. No thanks.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, actually I am. I’m interested in seeing how Google plans to overcome the challenges of cloud-only computing of which there are many. One of the challenges is working with pro-grade applications beyond basic office apps. Will they create some sort of localized environment as an interim step or go with some sort of citrix-like solution. Will it work well in a dual-boot environment?

        I’m thinking of getting a new system in the near future and I want to make sure whatever I get will work with Chrome OS. The sooner OEMs start announcing them, the sooner I can plan.

  • Should have had “Release of HoneyComb Source Code” as an option

    • Anonymous

      I agree.

  • I want to see everything listed there

  • hahaha ice cream sandwhich, we’re barely seeing gingerbread hahaha BUT i guess the article is what we’d LIKE to see

  • Anonymous

    I would love some Ice Cream info but more importantly I would love some Gingerbread on my Thunderbolt. 🙂

  • shr1k3r

    how bout some ice dream?

  • Les Prince

    I would like to see an end to all the fragmentation of the Android operating systems and if a device is capable have a stock version of the most current o/s available on all capable devices. Gingerbread has been out for quite a while and to the best of my knowledge only one phone comes with it installed. I don’t understand unless it’s just a ploy to get us to buy more phones. The only way to keep phones up to date is to root them, but carriers don’t want that, locking bootloaders, but they won’t keep us updated, what choice do they leave us. I have Thunderbolt , rooted of course, but it would be great if the less adventurous users would be able to buy it with Gingerbread pre-installed.

    • John

      prob is a ploy to get us to buy new phones. wouldn’t put it past the carriers. shit, take the iphone for ex…it’s the same way

  • Anonymous

    I’m not interested in Ice Cream Sandwich at the moment for the following reason: The only devices with Gingerbread are Nexus. Why don’t we work on getting each build of Android onto a majority of Android devices before we push forward? Devices are still LAUNCHING with Froyo… craziness!

    • YourMomsLooseTwaht

      I guess they have to start working on things now for them to be ready next year. Can’t wait until every device sold has Gingerbread, would be behind the curve.

      • i think that people arent talking enough about the xperia play, yes its not 4G and no it doesnt have a dual core proc and i guess the whole PS BS can take away from the fact that it IS LAUNCHING WITH GINGERBREAD. first phone ive seen other than nexus

    • tjhrulz

      Where is this googles problem?

    • Anonymous

      Because, while Windows 7 is still rolling out to computers, Windows 8 is already in development (and possibly some parts of Windows 9). The same way, Android may still be rolling out Gingerbread, but the development continues.

      The problem we as over anxious users, is that we forget this, and as soon as we hear bout the “newest” (even though it is not even ready yet) is that we now want ‘that shiny new thing” even though it isn’t ready for consumption (so to speak) yet. And we start this sort of mental “clock” counting up to how long it takes for us to get it.

      I can understand not wanting to get overexcited about something that probably won’t see the light up day for up to a year, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be out there yet (as an announcement). Just realize who this announcement is really for (developers and manufacturers), and not the general public.

  • Rayman411vm

    google making android capable of uninstalling bloatware with out root

    • Anonymous

      The carriers would never allow it.

      • faber

        F the carriers.

  • Rob Becker

    I’d like to see
    – Google Music
    – Ice Cream Sandwich
    – Chrome Frame w/o Administrator rights to install (g’day IE6!)
    – Jane’s Addiction
    – Chromoting finally!
    – Kellex after a few stiff drinks
    – Some Google swag

    Anyone else going to be there and want to meet up?

  • Anonymous

    i am hoping to see some hot developer models showcasing products. frick all this technology crap. bring on the swag.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    More info on the Google Music/Video service is easily the biggest thing i’m hoping/waiting for.

  • ragingd

    i want to see hardware acceleration for android phones. make this happen google.

  • ragingd

    i want to see hardware acceleration for android phones. make this happen google.

  • DroidzFX

    I would like to see a new version of honeycomb so we can get that pushed to our Xooms. I would say Ice cream but it takes so long to get it out Im not really concerned about fantasy features in the phone that it will launch with it in 2013.

  • How about all of the above? I can’t wait to see what Google has in store for us.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see an unveiling of stock vanilla android phones.

  • Interstellarmind

    i’m not looking forward to anything being unveiled at google i/o, because, honestly, it’ll take FOREVER to get to my phone.

    i understand google’s predicament with keeping android open source and trying to “police” carriers’ (and manufacturers) bastardizing it. but google’s got to realize, if this keeps up then it’ll lose early adopters. if you lose early adopters, you lose your base, you lose your base, you lose your market viability. and then next thing you know, android will go the way of google buzz.

    • Anonymous

      You need to realize that Google IO is where things are GOING, not where they are NOW. I understand the desire to get the latest and greatest, but just because they announce something like Ice Cream, doesn’t mean it is ready today. It is a roadmap of what is to come, now what is available now.

  • All of the above

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about Ice Cream while I am waiting for Gingerbread for my Droid!

    • @poeddroiduser:disqus GB is available for the D1 from Peter Alfonso’s site, google it. D1 isn’t getting official GB, so his is the best option out there.

    • TeflonBilly

      @poeddroiduser:disqus you could trying rocking CM7.02. That what I am using. .03 just got release but not enought time to install and restore.

    • Frencha

      @poeddroiduser:disqus It’s not worth it. Gingerbread shuts stuff down while you’re using it. Listening to a podcast and want to open maps? Say goodbye to the podcast. Want to use the Facebook app? It’ll just close it for you so you don’t waste your time.

  • Some new honeycomb apps!

  • How about they start talking about Jellybean. Ice Cream Sandwich is sooo over-rated nowadays 😀

  • Show me the f@#king BIONIC!

    • The Bionic with stock Ice Cream Sandwich would be awesome!

      • John

        yes it would but keep dreaming 😉

      • Anonymous

        Ice Cream is over hyped, so is jellybean. I want Key Lime Pie

        • Don’t forget Licorice and Mousse.

          • Lhooke

            Ima hold out for Apple Creampie 😉

  • Anonymous

    a PSN fix

  • Anonymous


    • and blow…

      • Anonymous

        How about blow off of a strippers a$$? Sounds like #winning to me

        • Jim Dandy

          I’ll buy that for a dollar!!

          • Frosted Butts

            Ill buy the flipping HC source code for a dollar.. Come on Google.. get off your ass and release it!!