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HTC Flyer Digital Stylus to be Sold Separately, for Around $80? (Updated)

The speculation over whether or not the HTC Flyer would include a digital stylus in the box at launch was starting to boil over, so we reached out to HTC to see what they could tell us.  Bad news folks – the Flyer will hit stores by itself without the fancy pen.  The Stylus will be sold separately and they aren’t ready to reveal what pricing will be, although some trusty Android enthusiasts have already discovered that Best Buy is willing to sell it for $79.99.

From an HTC rep:

I understand you would like confirmation if the Digital Stylus would be coming with the Flyer. The Digital Stylus will be sold separately. We currently do not have any pricing information on how much the Digital Stylus would be.

Update:  We reached out to HTC again today for further clarification and they basically backed off of everything we had originally reported.  They aren’t ready to say whether or not it will ship with a Pen:

I appreciate your interest in the Android tablet known as the HTC Flyer and you were wondering whether the tablet comes with the magic pen or is this accessory separate. HTC unveiled the new HTC Flyer back in February and you are welcome to check out the press release from the worldwide HTC website at www.htc.com/www under the Home tab (http://www.htc.com/www/press.aspx?id=158016&lang=1033). Unfortunately, I do not have any other information concerning the magic pen and whether it would be an accessory included with the Android tablet.

Update 2:  Engadget has heard that only the Best Buy version will ship without a pen.  And, that’s lame.

So if you are interested in this non-Honeycomb’d 7″ WiFi-only HTC tablet, you’ll be forking out $499.  And if you want to draw all over it and leave your sweety little doodles while she’s taking bubble baths with Hello Kitty dolls, then that’ll cost you another $80 bucks.  Still want one?  I sort of do.

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  • I love HTC and have no problem with Froyo on a phone, but I can’t imagine buying an Android tablet that’s not Honeycomb.

  • The Fujitsu LifeBook T580 Tablet PC uses an N-Trig DuoSense stylus. The replacement cost is $25. It just might work on the HTC Flyer. http://store.shopfujitsu.com/fpc/Ecommerce/SelectAccessoryDetail.jsp?partNumber=FPCPN36AP&category=Input%20Devices&title=Stylus%20Set%20(1%20pack)
    I am not sure because this pen does not seem to require a battery.

  • CrunchGear has a cryptic update note that the pen is in the box. http://www.crunchgear.com/2011/05/05/htc-flyers-stylus-will-run-you-80/

  • … that you can’t use a real stylus on.
    Please, no replies about the pogo stylus. It is not equivalent.

  • Showing the pen in the picture on the Best Buy website and not indicating that it is not included is false advertising. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=cat13506&type=page&skuId=2390524&productId=1218332598563&viewtype=Alternate View 3&h=387

    We have all seen the PC ads with “Monitor not included”.

  • That is ridiculous if it is not in the box!
    The manual that was posted on this site says that the pen is in the box. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/05/03/download-htc-flyer-user-manual/

    Why would they want to piss their Best Buy customers off?

    I wonder if my Windows 7 Tablet stylus will work on this screen.
    You can get those for $25.
    In fact, every stylus I have for a Windows OS tablet has worked on every screen.
    Fujitsu Stylistic Slate Windows XP Tablet Edition
    IBM Thinkpad X41 Tablet Windows XP
    IBM Thinkpad X61 Tablet Windows Vista
    Fujitsu Lifebook Windows 7 Enterprise
    all work on eachother’s screens.

    I think my Wacom pen circa 2000 works on them too.

    I have a drawer full of them.

  • YourMomsLooseTwaht

    I have a free stylus, it’s called my finger.

    • Anonymous

      There’s no comparing your fat fingertip to an active digitizer pen like the Flyer’s.

      That said, not bundling the pen was a bad move, and pricing it at $80 is just plain ridiculous. N-trig pens can’t be that much more expensive than Wacom’s-there’s some sort of ridiculous price premium here.

  • MK17

    Just found out that it may not come with a pen but it does come with a bottle of the below included in the price.


  • Gee

    Hey look another HTC product, they are known for having long lasting batteries. Just look at the Incred…. wait or the Thunder…. nope The Incredible Tw… Hows a freaking pen gonna make me feel better when my battery keeps dieing HTC please refocus you designers

  • I had hoped that the reason it was separate was so that maybe those with other tablets can use it..it’d be awesome for my Xoom. But it sounds like from other comments on here, that it won’t work sadly.

    • Anonymous

      The distinguishing point of the HTC Flyer is that it has an active pen digitizer. N-trig DuoSense, to be specific.

      It works on the Flyer because the capacitive digitizer layer is N-trig and has the needed hardware for the pen to work. Most other tablets don’t. (Same deal with Wacom pens, except they rely on a digitizer board behind the screen.)

  • I call BS. The manual clearly states the pen and pen battery are included in the box. I think the HTC rep’s probably confused because you can buy an extra stylus.

  • Anonymous

    And now it costs as much as the xoom. Hard to see why anyone would choose this over a xoom…

  • DanW

    The pen is cool, but the solution is not a value to me at $580. Bump the screen size and add dual core of you want to reach this price point. I was going to purhase this one, but the additonal pen cost makes ASUS and Acer a better value.

  • HTC is starting to be like Apple.

  • LionStone

    Not nice! Should be included!!

  • WTH?

  • Dmatt9

    I’ve read conflicting stories on this. Over on Android Central they state the price for the pen at Best Buy for $80, but on the HTC European Accessory Store they offer the pen as “Replacement for the inbox Magic Pen supplied with the HTC Flyer”

    • Calculatorwatch

      Well since HTC themselves said it wouldn’t be included I guess that’s how it’ll be at least in the US. Maybe they figured that Europe wouldn’t put up with this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Saw this already… Major fail by htc!!

  • shopdroid

    Another Android tablet that is disappointing and overpriced. In for one. Why not? At least it’s not i*ad!

  • Interstellarmind

    it’d be awesome if i could use tye scribe technology on my tbolt!

  • Anonymous
  • why not use something like this: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/cellphone/b8dd/

  • FortitudineVincimus

    WTF.. they tout the shizz out of that damn stylus and yet you dont get it!! do you get batteries or do you need to buy those separate?

    another misstep by another Android electronics manufacturer that will bite them in the ass. Why not just raise the price and include it.. a-hole sons of beotches

  • This is awful I was really excited for this tablet for taking notes in class. But an extra 80 bucks for the stylus is now turning this into a 600 dollar investment and Im just not sure I can make that investment. This is really disappointing HTC.

  • this is the type of tablet that i would want. all the other tablets are the same, this offers something that the novice user would use.. and to be frand Honeycomb is not all that user friendly.. and HTC Sense has proven to be.. all the talk about this bad bc its not Honeycomb is BS… that is the nerds talking about wanting the latest thing… regular customers dont give a crap.. they just want a great experience. and this is the type of experience i can see people would want in a tablet.

    • I think your way off base to say you want the latest os. Version should be expected on every new device and for a tablet unwanted a tablet interface not just a big phone like sense. On top of that you will wait for uppdates opposed to people running honeycomb already..

  • Chase Chick

    Stupidly over prices. Hopelessly under-specced. I suggest not even covering this catastrophe anymore. This is a joke.

  • Guesty McGuesterson

    I wonder if the stylus from my Asus Slate will get the job done.

    • sadly no.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, no. The Eee Slate EP121 uses a Wacom digitizer, while the HTC Flyer uses N-trig.

      Then again, as long as the battery holds out, you already have a better inking platform…

  • Fightinphil18

    Get a nook color for half the price, root it and u have an android tablet

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t want it before, now I think it is approching joke status.

  • Dragonsflame101

    I wonder if that pen would work on the xoom. Hmm because I have big hands and hate pop ups especially the ones with little x’s

    • Anonymous


    • It will not. The HTC flyer has a n-trig digitizer surface ,like a wacom pad. Your XOOM does not.

  • DanSke

    Hold on HTC, can I at least use some whiteout or copy toner before you proceed rape me?! You did good this year, don’t let go to your head and give in to Corporate greed. Its bad enough your tablet resembles another more simplistic, fruity company’s…

    • hkklife

      This thing is getting worse by the day:

      -Ugly (I don’t like the white)
      -It’s already overpriced by at least $100, even IF the stylus is included
      -With the stylus NOT included it now becomes $170-$230 overpriced
      -No Honeycomb at launch
      -Single-core CPU (its guts are more like a beefed-up phone and not a true tablet)

      I predict this thing will flop so hard it’ll make the Xoom like like the iPad in comparison.

      Now, re-release the Flyer in black, with Honeycomb, with the stylus in the box for $399 (max) and I’m SOLD! I personally love the 7″ formfactor (I have a Galaxy Tab and had a Nook Color previously)

  • Anonymous

    This thing never looked good. Now, it’s as if HTC said, “Hey, this thing is crap and old tech anyway, why not make people pay more for it?”

    Everything about this product alone has made me lose much faith in HTC, I must say.

  • I don’t appreciate your deception, HTC!

  • grizzhigh

    poor Android Life….last post was in March

    • Mr.Joe

      Shout it from the roof tops! Write it on the sky line! All we had is gone now!

  • Mr.Joe


    This tablet is neither:

    – A Droid
    – On Verizon

    So this is on Droid Life cause… Kellex is too lazy on his MAC to post it to Android Life where it actually belongs?

    • Gerolux

      droid life has pretty much turned into android related news.

      • Anonymous

        Well, we know that the way this site was run in the beginning was not going to be possible to keep up. When there was one droid, Kellex could post about all of the hacks, themes, ROMs, etc. The problem is, now there are a ton of android devices that have the droid branding, and even more that are high end verizon phones but don’t have the droid label (thunderbolt). There is no way to continue how they started. Android news is relevant to us all, the site is still focussed on verizon android news.

        • Mr.Joe

          Easily fixed by getting more writers. I’m sure many people here would willingly write for android/droid life.

          • Anonymous

            Are you kidding me, covering everything they used to cover for every phone would take 20-30 articles per day at the least.

          • Mr.Joe

            20-30 PEOPLE. Are you kidding me? Not only does D/A L have a tip line but there are high end blogs (Like from Gawker) that used to only have 5 people doing it. Hell blogs like Fleshbot only have like 3 people doing it.

            They only need 5 people maybe 7.

          • Muddy B00ts

            I may have missed something, but I’m pretty sure the other guy said 20-30 articles, not people. Considering Kellex alone does like 10 posts a day, he’s implying something like 1 or 2 extra people would work.

          • Mr. Joe

            So true! My bad.

            But I don’t see why that would be an issue.

            Kellex time to post Help Wanted article!

          • Anonymous

            Well let’s see you write some full articles post them on a thread on XDA so we all can get the 20-30 articles a day. Im sure if they are good enough he may let you join the staff.

          • Anonymous

            You were right about the 20 to 30 articles, but I think you missed my point. As more high end verizon android phones come out, the amount of articles that would need to be written would keep going up. If you remember at the beginning of droid life, there were posts for every rom, every theme, tons of mods, etc. If he were to continue what he did at the beginning, he would have to do that for every single phone. As more phones come out, they may be able to do some phone-specific news, but the news will have to get more broad as more phones come out.

          • Muddy B00ts

            I may have missed something, but I’m pretty sure the other guy said 20-30 articles, not people. Considering Kellex alone does like 10 posts a day, he’s implying something like 1 or 2 extra people would work.

      • Mr.Joe

        And no one cares?

        Don’t people here complain when others call any android phone a droid? Doesn’t this just reconfirm their belief that their cheap ass android phone is a Droid?

        This isn’t apple where everything is the same.

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean, Kellex has a mac computer, that would be kind of funny after all of the apple bashing.

      • Mr.Joe

        Look into last week. He took a picture of the Incredible 2 (I believe that one) box and it was next to that computer.

      • garrett

        not apple. ios you dope. i have a mac and it beats the piss out of windows.

        • Mr.Joe

          Same BS. You give any money to apple you’re practically sucking Jobs cock.

          OH yeah there’s something called Linux. It’s free and runs perfectly fine on a computer more than half the price you overpaid on your pos computer.

          • Anonymous

            As opposed to giving it to Michael Dell?

          • Mr.Joe

            I build my computers have for decades. Everyone should do it. It’s better then paying outrageous prices for underpowered machines.

          • Tesseract 3

            Super like. This is what I do, great money saver and I have complete control over every part that goes into my machine, exactly what software is on it and it comes out just the way I want.

          • Mr.Joe

            Yeah, it’s great and really fun to do. Plus it makes it really easy to upgrade if need be. No need to drop a grand for a whole new rig every 2 or so years.

            Plus you have so many choices in what to pick! It’s great to have choices. Even if you buy a pre made computer you still got choices. Which is what I like!

          • grizzhigh

            I think everyone would do that if they knew how or had the team. I wish I could but I think you must understand not everyone can do that.

          • Mr. Joe

            It takes a team to build a computer?

            I’ll admit that it will be overwhelming to pick the parts. Thankfully there are thousands of computer forums who will not only review your parts but would tell you what to get if you want to.

            Putting it together might seem hard also, but it can’t be as hard as say… doing something on a car or fixing the sink.

            BUT if it’s too hard at least you can grab a like $399 PC if you only need fun. OR HELL just buy one second hand and shove linux on it. OOOORRRRR keep your old computer and shove Linux on it.

            It’s stupid IMO to spend $1000s on just getting a new OS.

          • Tesseract 3

            Indeed. Very wise words. Picking out parts seems overwhelming but it’s not actually that bad. And there are a ton of guides out there, as well as lots of people willing to help.

            I managed to figure it out just by reading up on stuff.

            And yeah, if you feel the time is too daunting buy a pc and put an installation of linux on it (if you can’t handle building a computer, ubuntu is probably your best bet).

            Paying a whole bunch of extra just for an operating system is ridiculous.

            Agree wholeheartedly with you here Joe.

          • Tesseract 3

            It is awesome. I love all the choices, and picking out parts is tons of fun. I didn’t even know what I was doing when I built my first one, and still managed to make one that worked, with compatible parts. The upgrading is especially a great money saver! It’s as simply as swapping out a part, and you know exactly how to do it because you built it. And if something goes wrong, you don’t need to take it to a tech, you know enough to fix it yourself.

          • Anonymous

            You build your own laptops or just desktops?

          • Tesseract 3

            Desktops I would, building a laptop this point is not exactly impossible. But it’s extremely expensive and your options are very limited.

        • Anonymous

          I have a mac too (and an iPad), I just think it’s funny that he bashes apple (yes, he does as a company, not just a product, look at some of his posts), while buying their products.

  • Anonymous

    Thats like buying a new car for $15,000 and then needing to buy $500 tires from the dealership extra. The whole selling point of this tablet is that pen.

    • Malakimills

      Agreed, I kinda of thought it was implied that it would be with the tablet as that was pretty much their entire story. “Look, we have a stylus to go with the tablet!!” Was one of the reasons I wanted this tablet, now not so sure, unless I must have a 7 incher for some reason.

      • Anonymous

        If it was a 10″ tablet, I would be extremely interested and probably sell my iPad 2 to get one. I am a student so I would love to have it to take notes on. I have seen 7″ tablets, they are really too small to do anything really useful (for me).

        • Anonymous

          If 7″ is too small, and you seem to like 10″, is 12″ too large?

          There’s plenty of note-taking tablets in the 12″ range-it’s just that they’re rather expensive if you’re not buying old ones on eBay, and you might want an extended slice battery or two for battery life’s sake.