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Bang Bang Racing THD Headed to Tegra Zone and Android Devices Tomorrow?


Who isn’t giddy as a school girl after watching that video?  Bang Bang Racing is like Reckless Racing only with mini cars and ridiculously good graphics.  There is a chance it’ll pop up in the Tegra Zone tomorrow for your Tegra 2 device (which we’re hoping includes the XOOM), but we have been unable to confirm that.  There are reports floating around that it was announced by NVIDIA and @BBR_THD, except those tweets seem to have been pulled or are for some reason invisible to us.  Either way, we’ll be following this game closely.

Via:  Android Community

  • So, it was supposed to ship on the 6th… Still not here. 🙁

  • tward09

    This is way more like Reckless Racing than I anticipated.

  • Looks sweet, can’t wait to try that on the Atrix.

  • who ever is driving sucks ass!

  • Steve Jobs


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Jeffrey Garcia

    Update: its already on tegra zone. The release date is may 2011 but it already showed up.

  • Wachatalknboutwillis

    Just in time, my transformer arrives tomorrow!!!

  • Wraithix

    Hope there are controls like the NES game RC Pro Am. Can’t stand tilt controls.

    • Anonymous

      Or Wiimote + Classic compatibility.

  • Reminds of Micro Machines those little miniature autos and planes.

  • Kevdroid

    i want that on my XOOM

    • I want it on my Transformer! It was initially coming out in April but was pushed back, I hope it drops today.

  • Anonymous

    I’m more excited for Riptide GP personally.