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Next Version of Android Almost Confirmed to be Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s no secret that the next version of Android will utilize the same naming convention as all previous versions and will undoubtedly start with an “I”.  It’s also become pretty obvious that they have gone the semi-obvious route and chosen a variation of the words “Ice Cream”, with signs at this stage clearly pointing towards it being “Ice Cream Sandwich” at launch.  We had heard this name back in January, but thanks to Android master Romain Guy, we may have just received a confirmation from Google.  In response to a bug posted to the Android support forums, Mr. Guy revealed that there would be a fix coming in “Ice Cream Sandwich.”  So, does that put this non-controversy to bed?

Cheers Mike and everyone!

  • Jelly Sandwich?

  • cupcake
    ice cream sandwich
    jam bread 😀 ?

    • Humpty4321

      Jolly Rancher??
      Jelly Roll??
      JuJubees haha
      Jawbreaker? lol

  • MK17

    Was there an A and B for android or did they start at Cupcake?

    • Anonymous

      Cupcake was 1.0, if it had an A and a B they were alpha and beta versions who’s names weren’t publicized.

      • bingo. youre todays winner! lol

  • MK17

    Are new versions of Android coming out at a slower rate now? If so I am glad as I feel they are really spending more time to get it right.

  • Anonymous

    How bout we get gingerbread out to some more phones before we even start talking about the next update that no ones gonna get…

  • clvbrowns453

    The fact that the thunderbolt doesn’t have gingerbread yet is absolutely shameful. There’s no excuse for this.

  • Anonymous

    Now I can sleep at night. Thank you Mr Trump for this incredible news release.

  • Jodie Morris

    this is getting a bit silly now Google ………

  • Comment 4 by project member romain…@android.com, Today (79 minutes ago)

    This issue has already been fixed internally.

  • Bleedtoledo

    Jello is next

    • Ookami_Evo

      Jello is a brand name idiot

      • No need for the hostility.

      • Carlito Pr787


  • I see many Arrested Development prison jokes coming…

  • hmm

  • hmm

  • It couldn’t have been ice cream because they already have froyo. I think that this will make for a pretty awesome statue

  • P1X3L

    Whats next Jelly Beans?

  • Anonymous

    Which bug is this filed under? I’m curious to know what’s getting fixed in the next release. Hoping for an announcement at Google I/O!!!

  • I’ll gladly consume it.