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Google Shopper Receives New UI and QR Scanning through Update

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never used Google Shopper, but after seeing this new update that includes a shiny new UI, I’m starting to think about it.  QR and magazine scanning were added, some bugs were fixed, and filtering has become much cleaner.  +1 G-shopper.

Market Link

Cheers Anim!

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  • Finally my tip is published! DL & Kellex rocks!!!

  • Finally my tip is published! DL & Kellex rocks!!!

  • now we just need better music controls like ios does and android would be perfect! head on over to the google source code page and request it please! help android be better… heres the link so you guys can request this feature! http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=15109&can=4&colspec=ID

  • OMG!!! I have an obsession with phones esp android!!!! I need to put the laptop away!!! I don’t even have this app and I still read the article!!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    why can’t all android apps look that nice?

  • Mr.Joe

    OOOO QR code scanning! Can’t say no to that!

    • Cole

      still doesnt link to market apps with QR 🙁