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Another Motorola DROIDX Gingerbread Leaks, Version 4.5.591

Another version of Gingerbread (Android 2.3) has been released for the DROIDX, this time as version 4.5.591.   We’re being told that if you are running one of the other 2 leaks, you can install this right over the top assuming you haven’t modified anything.  If you kept it completely stock but with root, then you should have no problems flashing this.  If you have modified anything, you’ll need to return your phone to a stock state or you will more than likely run into issues.

*Rooted users only.  If you need to root, use GingerBreak.

*If you lose root afterwards, use GingerBreak to re-root.

*Nandroids back to Froyo will no longer work after updating.  SBF still will.

*Only change made was to the build.prop to show all apps in market.


Deodexed Apps + Odexed Framework| Fully Deodexed | Fully Odexed

1.  Drop whichever file you choose from above onto your SD card.
2.  Boot into recovery using Bootstrap. (Still using D2 Boostrap.)
3.  Flash as you would any other .zip file.

Full support can be found at My Droid World.

Cheers Brian!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve searched High and Low, does anybody know that if I can flash this over my 4.5.1_57_DX5-3 leak with root from when GB first started leaking out? 

  • Chris

    Doesn’t work on Droid x 4.5.596

  • djdank1

    HELP!!!! I downloaded .588 a while back tried installing .591 i kept getting signature verification failed. someone mentioned I had to be be rooted, so I used gingerbreak and rooted my phone. I tried to install .591 again and get the same error. what do I need to do?

    •  yeahh im having the same probelm too, idk what to do

  • K.j.A

    What about the data?

  • I can’t get the stock to install, do I need to go back to orginal and wait for the udpate?

    When I try to install it says Signature verification failed.

  • Is anyone getting extremely slow 3G speed on .591? I’m getting 0.44mbps downloading and 0.17mbps uploading.

    I’m not sure what the normal/average 3G speeds are, but I’m sure the above is not normal? Can anyone help me, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • can anyone tell me how to install this version from 2.2.1 rooted??
    i tried using d2 recovery but didn’t work..

    • Before you do anything, take any important documents (photos, contacts, etc.) and put them on your PC just to be safe. Some people have said there SD card have been formatted, so play safe! Onto the steps…

      1.Return FULLY to stock .340 (any bloatware has to be there, unfreeze all apps, etc.) I’m assuming your already on 2.2.1 (.340)?
      2. Download all the.588 files, all 3 parts, put them on your SD card. You can get the files from http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/droid-x-discussion/7047-droidx-gingerbread-2-3-3-4-5-588-install-patch-root.html.
      3. Make sure you have the D2 Bootstrap recovery installed, the DX Bootstrap one want work. Once you install the D2 Bootstrap, boot into recovery.
      4. Make sure you wipe data/cache first, I did it like 3 times to safe.
      5. Once you wiped, install the 3 zip files in order. Do not leave recovery until all 3 files have been flashed. Once all 3 files are flashed, reboot your phone and login to your Google account just to be safe. I let my phone completely finish but you don’t have to. You might have to re-root your phone again with GingerBreak after you flash .588.
      6. Once your on .588 make sure your rooted again. Also reinstall the D2 Bootstrap. Then pick the .591 file you want to flash and put it on your SD card, pick the one of your choosing. Next, power your phone into the D2 recovery.
      7. Make sure your wipe data again and then flash the .591 zip you have chosen. Once done, reboot and you should be on the latest GB leak. The first boot might take a long time…

      PS. I made a nandroid backup when I was on 2.2.1. I also made one after I flashed .588 just for the hell of it. If you have any problems you can flash back to 2.2.1 using SBF and RSDLite.

  • Got a problem…battery life drained terribly today. My device has been on for less than 6 hours and I was at 30% already, running with an extended battery. Battery Usage shows 83% to wakelock and nothing else. Any suggestions?

  • Alex

    Hey so I updated my Droid X from 2.2.1 (unrooted) to the GB .588 leak. I haven’t rooted yet just installed it from stock recovery. How do I go back to stock Froyo (2.2.1)? Sorry for the noob question, but I only updated to the leak since it didn’t require rooting.

  • Noah424

    I am on the 588 build, nonrooted. When I boot into recovery, it hangs there. I cannot bring up the root directory using the search key. Anyone else experiencing anything similar? Any clue as to how to fix?

    • Gabe

      Try the volume buttons, pressing both at the same time. If that doesn’t work, you have to SBF. Sorry

      • Noah424

        worked like a charm, however, now I am getting esignature verification failed… then aborting the update. maybe be leaving it at 588

  • titanium backup dont work with this leak and gingerbreak :S …

  • taylorr

    can someone please eplain to me the difference of the 3 downloads so i know which ones to use

    • Gabe

      Deodexed is for developers and themers, so if you want to theme, use the fully deodexed. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter. 🙂

      • taylorr

        so if i just want this version just for stock purposes, which do i download? lol

        • “Otherwise, it doesn’t matter. :)”

        • Gabe

          “stock purposes” = “I don’t care about theming”?
          You can use any of the three if you aren’t going to theme, but if you are theming, you have to use the deodexed.

  • Hey guys I have some questions, I’m confused with all these posts. I’m still on 2.2.1 (340) with root, no rom and still have the Droidx bootstbootstrap. I just downloaded the “Full Gingerbread (2.3.3) Rooted (Blur Version 4.5.591) -Deodexed Fully (DROIDX)” zip from the TBH app. I was looking at this post Another Motorola DROIDX Gingerbread Leaks, Version 4.5.591 – Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog and DL said all I have to do is flash this in D2 Bootstrap?

    What are the steps that I have to get take to flash this and get on the most up to date GB build? For example do i need to remove the dx bootstrap and install the d2 bootstrap? Do I have to flash to .588 first? Also, can I just flash the zip that I downloaded from the TBH app? I don’t if it’s an update zip or not? If someone can explain the steps id greatly appreciate it.

    Will I be able to SBF back to Froyo if need be, I’m guessing Nandroid backups wont work?

    • Gabe

      Yes, you need to be on some form of Gingerbread to install the .591 build. You need to use the Droid 2 Bootstrap to install the .588 build. I’m not sure if Koush’s website has the D2 bootstrap anymore, but you can download a ROM with it built in, though. Nandroid backups back to 340 won’t work, nandroid backups to a different build of GB will work.

      As for steps, Here you go.

      1. Return FULLY to stock .340 (any bloatware has to be there, unfreeze all apps, etc.

      2. Get the .588 firmware, all 3 parts, put it on your SD card, and remember where it is. get it here
      ( http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/droid-x-discussion/7047-droidx-gingerbread-2-3-3-4-5-588-install-patch-root.html )

      3. Bootstrap recovery using d2 boostrap, and reboot recovery.

      4. In Clockwork recovery, go to “Mounts and Storage” and make sure system is mounted. It should read “unmount /system.” if you did it right.

      5. Install the 3 files in order. you need to mount system in between each install. DO NOT LEAVE RECOVERY UNTILL ALL 3 ARE INSTALLED.

      6. After you are booted into .588, root using GingerBreak, Bootstrap using the D2 bootstrap, and go back to recovery.

      7. Mount system again, and install the .591 Deodexed that you have. If you downloaded from the TBH app, your file gets deleted on every reboot. I don’t know why, TBH feels like making it that way.

      8. Wait a LONG time. The first boot takes super long.

      9. BOOM!!! You’re Done!!! Enjoy! 🙂

      • I SBFed back to 340 just to be safe. I then flashed the 3 files like your said, but I didn’t lose root though? I’m on .588 and I didn’t lose root I dont know why? I’m going to flash the GB_591_Deodexed.zip now and see how it goes. Am I able to SBF back to .340 once I’m on .591?

        • Gabe

          Yes, you can SBF back to .340 from any Gingerbread build. The reason I said to re-root, is some people just randomly lost root during one of the updates. you should be fine, but I expect that you will lose root when upgrading to .591.

          • Im on 591 now but my 3G speed are horrible! I’m only getting 0.17mbps download and 0.44 upload? Is there a patch or something I can use? I don’t know why my speeds are so bad, is this normal 3G?

          • Gabe

            I have no idea why your 3g speed is so slow, can’t help you other than saying reboot a few times. I don’t have a GTalk, sorry. An option is flashing an SBF, reflashing both leaks, and starting from scratch.

  • Whats the difference between the 3 files? Which one is stock?

    • Gabe

      They are all stock. If you want to theme your phone, you need the deodexed version. If you aren’t interested in theming, pick whatever you want. Deodexed roms boot slower, though. 🙂

  • blakjakdavy

    FYI, In the support thread they are recommending you do this over .588 because .588 updates the baseband. They say that if you put .591 over.573 you will not get the new baseband.


  • Don’t go and pay for Koush’s D2 bootstrap recovery if you’ve already paid for DX bootstrap! Download D2 from this link …. http://www.mediafire.com/?36we9h8bslejtwk

  • Bunie

    new update? seriously? Cancel the May10th rumored release date, then.

  • BDizzel1982

    I’m glad the Droid X guys are getting Gingerbread updates one after another how about some love for the Atrix 🙂

  • Davidukfl

    lol, guess they will have to start over on Liberty again 🙂

    Glad I’m waiting till a really fully functional GB rom appears. Until then I’ll be sticking with Liberty 2.0.1

  • dvnsandman

    which download do i use i am running 4.5.573

    • Gabe

      Use the deodexed if you want to theme, otherwise it doesn’t matter. 🙂

  • Where do these Android Version leaks come from? Always wondered this….can anyone explain this? Very curious. #Android

  • Is it possible to have SBF and .zip files to falsh/ install without all of the carrier bloat added?

  • I think I’ll wait a week before flashing any new stuff. “All” of the previous odexed and deodexed versions were rushed onto us lab rats. They had some issues that required most of us to SBF back to 2.2.1 for stability. However, 2.3.3 is really fast! I am looking forward to the day the bugs are shaken out!

  • Anonymous

    These gingerbread leaks are getting confusing. When the first leak came out I took the plunge because I knew I could SBF back to .340. So when the second leak came out everyone thought that it was OTA. Now today there is a third leak. Are people on the second leak able to SBF back to .340 and will the third leak allow you to SBF back to .340 as well? The only reason I ask is because I prefer to have the official release first and then do the official OTA from Verizon to guarantee that I’m getting the final release. I don’t want to fall into a trap of going with the third leak and then not having a way to get the official OTA.

    • HDMCthundereagle

      You can SBF from any one of these leaks. I’ve done it many times with no problems on Ubuntu. Flashed ROMs after SBFing and back to Gingerbread with no issues.

  • chr0n1c

    Meh, is it worth it? Last rumor was the official will be here in ~2weeks. Correct?

  • FYI – CRT Off Animation does not work with this release. It causes boot loops… you can simply do a restore but thought it’s worth letting people know.

  • Anonymous

    Why use D2 Boostrap bootstrap and not DX?

    • Rolo72

      DX bootstrap does not work on gingerbread for some reason. I’m not sure it has ever worked on any release for gingerbread on the dx.

      • it works if you disable usb debugging (leave un-checked in settings)

    • D2 free download (if you don’t have it already) … http://www.mediafire.com/?36we9h8bslejtwk

  • Tex

    Been running the .591 since last night with the zombiestomped rom on top of it. Off the charger for 5 hours, moderate to heavy usage and still at 80% batt life!

  • Nick

    If I have the crt mod installed on 573 is that still considered stock?

  • Chris93036

    im just getting to adding ginger on my droid x. i dont know which to install of the deodexed or odexed? im still on 2.2, but ima take the chance and DL the first one. “Deodexed Apps + Odexed Framework”

    • Gabe

      Read my reply to Team Carlos. Deodexed or Odexed only matters if you are going to install themes.

      • Chris93036

        thank you!!

        • Gabe

          No Problem! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How do I know which one to install?

  • Anonymous

    So seems like good times all around for every moto fan boi except us D2 owners…. no OTA leaks for Gingerbread yet, no themes for deodexed… no commitment from moto to unlock bootloader or an ETA for 2.3.3, it seems like the world has decided that the DX and not the D2 is the current big red moto flagship until the Bionic arrives. I for one love my D2 but can’t help but notice the cold shoulder anyone who chose this phone has gotten. I def won’t be giving moto my money for a D3 unless its 4g and unlocked. I do hope by the time I can re-up with a discount there’s a qwerty LTE phone there to bridge the gap for those of us who’d rather not swype.

    • Anonymous

      I have D2 running apex 2.0 GB…as updated a version as the DX

  • bright2018

    Anybody have any luck installing this with the DX Bootstrap app with USB debugging turned off?

    • Hoopesjj

      Yes, as long as USB debugging is unchecked it works fine.

  • Meh, I wouldn’t waste alot of time on these piece mealed updates.. I mean I appreciate all the work the community does but at the same time we are going through a lot of the same with these incremental releases.

    From the original leak of GB to the .588 now it has been a vast improvement but if there is anything I have learned from dabbling in these waters.. Patience is key, wait for it… wait for it..

    • Jim Dandy

      One step closer to true awareness :p

    • “…” ditto!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, plus these aren’t stable. I woke up one morning with my phone showing an android with an exclamation point. If you are a person who “NEEDS” their phone, do not install these.

  • Rain_king46

    I installed this last night over the top of .588 rooted no problems but I did have to run Gingerbreak afterward to reroot.

    • Cheese Maniac

      Not to sound like a noob but will this work on a Droid 2 running the first GB leak rooted?

  • Zube

    So is the the official release now?

    • YourMomsLooseTwaht

      Uh, did it come to your phone OTA? No, so it’s not.

  • HowEasy

    Where is the D2 scene lately? Everything is ALL DX these days. <_<

  • How about a new leaked version for the D2?

  • Anonymous
    • MFG

      Last leaked, as in this one? Or an earlier one?

      • Anonymous

        The last one, 588

  • Anonymous

    I imagine a lot can’t be different 3 small builds later, at this point I’ll just wait for the official.

  • Anonymous

    i hope it includes the “Dead Osama 5/2011” Live Wallpaper 😀

    • YourMomsLooseTwaht

      Should say ‘Real Osama Dead 12/2001, Fake Stand In Osama Dead 5/2011’

  • Anonymous

    what’s new?

  • )v(urphy

    Osama is dead! Long live Android!

  • MFG

    Any improvements in this newer version?

    • Anonymous

      A higher build number, which means that it includes lots of winning.

    • Anonymous

      Had it flashed for all of 10 minutes. 😛

      Changelogs don’t usually come with leaks heh. We’ll just have to hope everyone posts up what they are seeing here.