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Google Announces Android 2.3.4, Will Roll Out Over the Next Few Weeks and Includes Google Talk with Video

Well, here is one surprise, although according to @GoogleNexus, there is still another one to come later today.  Android 2.3.4 will begin rolling out over the next few weeks to Nexus S and One devices, bringing Google Talk with Video and some other fixes.  Yessir.  This update will allow you to have video chats with friends over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi and between friends on tablets, phones and in Gmail.  Check out the video and pics of this new video chatting GTalk after the jump.  

And the video demo:


More info.

  • Adfallin

    Yet 2.3 will not be released for THE DRIOD

    • Adfallin

      I am so disappointed that my DROID has become the apple computer of the world…….   2.2.2 is the best we will get and i do not think it is fair…

  • Anonymous

    This won’t hit 99% of users until 2012. The carriers are very very very very slow. Recall that 2.3 came out in December 2010.

  • Anonymous

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  • Thetechmessenger

    So this is just an update for the Nexus devices? No other devices where mentioned? Or have they just not been mentioned yet?

  • Anonymous

    Think this will affect the Doid X Gingerbread rollout? Even if (and I hope this isn’t true) it’s only hugely important to phones with front cameras, wouldn’t it be slightly odd for the DX to get a build of Gingerbread right after a newer build came out? I just hope the Droid X gets the update soon, so can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    The nexus is old news, what about the brand spankin new tbolt?!?

  • Anonymous

    The nexus is old news, what about the brand spankin new tbolt?!?

  • Zeadaplaya

    the surprise is a giveaway of like 15 nexus ss worldwide, thats STUPID 😛

  • is that an ice cream sandwich being put up on in the youtube video?

  • Will this work on the evo? If not than what’s the point of having a front facing cameras!

  • Greg

    Surprise to come: 2.3 for OG Droid!?!?!? Maybe? 😛

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that noticed the size of this dude’s FINGER NAILS? Its like he’s got TOE NAILS on his fingers!

  • Emeraldjun

    All secrets will be revealed at the I/O Conference, just 12 days away…

  • Jackomack

    Where is 2.3 for my Droid 2?

    • Anonymous

      Locked away in that bootloader somewhere…..

  • Cjreyes666

    Hope is a Nexus for Verizon.

  • Mr.Joe

    Sweet! Now the two phones that have GB can get an update. While the bulk of Android is on either 2.1 or 2.2.1!

    • soo you’re blaming google? this is great news, I like being able to rely on the devs to get it to me, I don’t want google to stop because the carriers and manufacturers don’t do anything

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me that Verizon delayed the xoom update because if the secind surprise. Maybe it is 3.1 a phone and a tablet update 🙂

  • Has it already been pushed to AOSP so we can get some source based roms?

  • That surprise better be hardware acceleration… or else!

    • Anonymous

      +1 that would be great news.

  • Anonymous

    Could the surprise be Google Music? Oh pretty please?

  • DanSke

    If HTC still manufactured the Nexus line instead of Sumsung I’d be all over this.

    Motorola’s hardware is too rugged, Samsungs is too cheap and HTC is just right.

    Oh, and it would have to be on Verizon, no way in hell I’m giving that two headed freak aka AT&mobile my money.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    is that Beavis?

  • why oh why didn’t I chose the blue pill (nexus) , im stuck with a Motorola so who knows when i will get the gingerbread update let alone this next incremental update 🙁

  • Well if anything this created more bandwidth usage across the interwebs.

  • Anonymous

    why can’t somebody come out with an attachment that uses angled mirrors to make the back facing camera work as a front facet? seriously… it wouldn’t b that difficult… any thoughts? lol

  • Anonymous

    why can’t somebody come out with an attachment that uses angled mirrors to make the back facing camera work as a front facet? seriously… it wouldn’t b that difficult… any thoughts? lol

    • or a mini usb connection with optical camera

      • Anonymous

        yeah… that’s prob even simpler… i just hate that my DX is becomming so quickly antiquated

    • cookiee

      as much as I hate to say it…. the i*hone has one

    • Jake

      It already exists. Do a search.

    • Geust2G
  • Anonymous

    I’ll be keeping an eye on XDA for the apk.

  • Anonymous

    Eh i want something more like honeycomb…come on 3.1!

  • Zeadaplaya

    Any guesses to what the NEXT surprise is?

    1. Android 3.1 or 3.0.2
    2. New Nexus? (Nexus S on verizon, Nexus 3, Nexus Tablet)

    • i’d buy a Nexus for Verizon. that would be sweet.

      • Zeadaplaya

        Or even better. Nexus 3 on verizon ;D the nexus 3 will be made by LG or Motorola. So id take a motorola Nexus 3 on Verizon anyday 😀

        • Hmm

          Is Honeycomb really that much of an improvement for cell phones?

          Would it not be better to focus on hardware, where the Nexus S is a bit old?

          • Zeadaplaya

            The GPU in the Nexus S is AMAZING. Nothing beats the Hummingbird proccessor, If we could get a combination of motorolas build quality. Samsungs cutting edge hardware. And google AOSP software i would be all set 😀

          • Hmm

            The only reason my D1 is useful after 17+ months is that it is rooted and overclocked and the latter is only possible because of it’s really good -for that time- CPU.

            I’m hoping for a better spec’d Nexus 4G from Motorola. The current Nexus S hardware leaves me unimpressed in light of the rumored Motorola Targa.

          • Zeadaplaya

            While that is true you must realize that the nexus s is no where new. its almost a year old. however google is still supporting it (which is a good thing!) so until a new major version of android is released (2.4, 3.1) we probably wont see a new nexus. but think. if you get a nexus s it will NEVER get old. itll constantly be supported and you have a guarantee to be first in line for the latest release of android

        • EC8CH

          OMG… Nexus 3 by Moto on VZ…

          Trifecta of Android Awesomeness.

  • Goatweed

    I hope my Droid X will be able to use this. I can;t even load GB on it, was stuck on a bootloader loop and almost killed the phone.

    • Goatweed

      edit : sorry, didn’t see the Nexus mentions. ah well.

  • rockmonkey


  • Interesting to have an update this close to Google I/O, maybe this update is to prepare for Ice Cream

  • Zeadaplaya

    my next phone is DEFFINETLY going to be a Nexus device.

  • ^^Now needs a phone with a Front Facing camera.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait

    • fartbubbler

      Bart Scott?