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Google Docs App for Android Released

Yes!  Google Docs for Android has finally arrived and it’s looking feature packed.  You can now access your G-Docs from anywhere and from any account, share items with contacts, upload docs from phone, open through Gmail, and even perform a variety of functions through a new widget.

The coolest feature though, is clearly Google Docs’ ability to take a photo of an image with text and turn it into an editable document.  You can also turn photos with text that are already on your phone into editable documents that will appear in your list of files almost immediately.

Works on all Android 2.1+ phones.  And yeah, it’s free.  

Market Link

Via:  Google Mobile

  • Disappointing junk. Editing still takes place in the web browser (mobile mode = ugly and lobotomized UI), so there is no real benefit from this pseudo app. No Honeycomb interface either. If one does not need GDocs collaboration features, it makes more sense to buy one of commercial office suites out there.


    Why cant you view Live forms to fill out?

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  • YES!! And maybe soon we can get a native Google Tasks app???

  • Shnibitdohget

    Mmm… I can’t delete docs though. Fail.

  • ror messages: “this account can only accept converted files”

  • Lloyd

    Good god its slow! Think I’ll stick with Dropbox

  • I love it! I especially like the integration with gmail, the offline document syncing / editing, and the integration with android.

    Oh wait, this is just a glorified web app.

    • This glorified web app just crashed my Droid 2.

    • This glorified web app just crashed my Droid 2.

  • XOOM productivity, here we come.

    • Well, assuming it doesn’t crash seeing how its not optimized

  • Anonymous

    maybe if they keep this up I might come crawling back from dropbox 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Would like to be able to print without having to keep a windoze PC running 24/7… or buying an HPoS printer… seems it would be easy to allow me to use the printer app I already have like mail/browser can now!

  • Illinipoke98

    This could knock out evernote with some more polish.
    One gripe with evernote is you can take a pic of a business card and it will OCR it so that you can search for it…. but that is it, it doesnt actually transcribe the details into text for you to do anything with it.

    This DOES. However, you can’t simply click a telephone number or email address and it go to the appropriate app. THAT would be very nice.

  • Anonymous

    The app is okay, some problems, but functional. The killer OCR feature is still pre-alpha at this stage though. It fails on even the most basic of text, and doesn’t even get close with more complex layouts. No doubt it’ll get better over time — not today though.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know why, on both my Droid X and my Xoom, I can edit spreadsheets but not “docs” or “text” as they call them?

  • Anonymous

    Looks fine on my Xoom. This may be useful and I’m certainly looking forward to what they do with it. Gonna test on the Tunda Bow and see what happens.
    edit: Had to download to the Xoom via the market web interface. No problem, but just mentioning that it did not show up on the Xoom within the market app.

  • Greg

    Nice! Downloading now! Oh, wait, I have no data connection on my ThunderBolt. Nevermind. :*(

  • Gadgetskopf

    I found it by tapping on ‘view more applications’ from Google Search in the market.

  • Gadgetskopf

    I found it by tapping on ‘view more applications’ from Google Search in the market.

  • slabix

    The app can be accessed by clicking the “Market Link” in the article above. I’m not finding it with a title search in the market, either. I would think Google could do a better job of making its own app searchable. Is this meant to be some sort of “soft open” technique?

  • Don’t get too excited boys and girls. This is just a front end to the web interface. All the docs just open up in the same editor that you’d see from the browser. Its not even honeycomb optimized in any way either.

    • Yup pretty much crap

    • Anonymous

      This is truth. The interface before it goes to the web part is super nice though. I have hope for the future…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like so-called apps that are nothing more than an interface to a website…

  • Not in the market for me. Hmm.

    • Ajr_texas87

      Not in mine either…..

      • Anonymous

        It’s there, it’s just that the market search sucks the big one. Use the market link above. It’s just as impossible to find searching in the web-based market.

        • Illinipoke98

          doesnt find it on direct link either (on my nook) does on OG Droid though.

    • Illinipoke98

      Nor I

      • Illinipoke98

        Hmm can find it on my OG droid running cyanogen, but not on my nook color running phiremod. Maybe they have tablets blocked out for this app on the market

    • John

      me neither.. Project elite 5

  • Anonymous

    Geeze FINALLY! =)

  • J Dub

    Freaking sweet. Its about time. Opened up Astro and found a .doc file. Long press, Send to, Docs, boom. Uploaded to Docs. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Any news on Honeycomb functionality?

    • it works on the Honeycomb but is not optimized for honecomb in any meaningful way

    • Anonymous

      Yea it works

  • About time… also known as AWESOME!

  • NIce….but no ability to upload and download ANY file is a major oversight…

  • YES!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with IO – lots of cool Google stuff to download and use!

  • Finally! I was getting tired of their mobile web interface.

    • you’re gonna be a little disappointed then because this uses the same web interface.

  • Goblueboy


  • Anonymous

    Yet not Honeycomb? Argh google!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve got it on my Xoom right now. It’s definitely available for Honeycomb.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t tried it on my Xoom yet, but people were saying it wasnt an
        optimized 3.0 experience… i could be wrong tho!

  • Sweet! This will come in handy! Thanks for the headsup!

  • epic and downloading now!