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DROID Incredible 2 Unboxing – Verizon

Earlier today we gave you a quick hands-on gallery and our first impressions for the DROID Incredible 2, so now it’s time for a quick unboxing.  While unboxings are painful as hell, we still wanted to give you some shiny 1080p video of it in action.  It’s such a sexy little phone…and there I go calling it “little” again.  It’s not little, just smaller than the 4.3″ tanks that have  taken over my desk.  


And here is a quick gallery of it compared to the original Incredible:

  • Unboxing was cool, back when there was more than 2 things in the box. I just want to check out the phone!

  • Looks nice, but why the hard buttons?!?! 🙁 … That’s my only negative of my Droid X. I wish they were also touch, and not push.

  • Heldadavid

    As far as the Droid brand is concerned the Dinc was the best phone for a very long time …and the first to have such great specs. The next Dinc should’ve been dual-core 4G LTE.
    I’m okay with my gf getting. My dinc and my new Tbolt .

  • Cdunnenterprise

    I love the Android picture on the all reflecting off off the screens of the Di and Di2 lol.

    • Cdunnenterprise


  • My initial thoughts on the Droid Incredible 2 and how it’s going to do given the upcoming onslaught of high-end phones: http://wp.me/p1wchx-2j

    • I tend to agree, but I don’t see this staying at $199 for long. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop to around $150 within a few months.

  • Roneill910

    I’m not very impressed with this.

  • Roneill910

    I’m not very impressed with this.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex what camcorder is that? I want to purchase one.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • SoCalDan02

    Not bad for a Incredible 1.5, but adding a 2 to the end is pushing it a bit…

  • I wanted to see the rotating buttons but you forgot 🙁

  • as a DInc owner, I love what they’ve done with this, at least cosmetically. Larger screen, they got rid of that atrocious and useless optical trackstick thing, and it looks like they even slightly recessed the camera lens in the back cover, which is the primary reason I use a protector for mine now. It isn’t any thicker, or any taller, but isn’t too much wider to be bulky from what I can tell from these pics. If mine were to die today, considering my other options and how much I love my DInc, I’d grab one of these in a heartbeat.

    • Bprokosz

      The trackball is perfect as a cursor and scrolling for the nook and other ereaders

    • As another DInc owner, I wholeheartedly agree. I do like the trackpad, but it looks batter without it. Removing the accents somehow made the thing look even better. I only wish the Thunderbolt looked like this–the extra quarter inch on the screen and LTE are too much to pass up.

  • droid incredible 2 is basicly the g2x to verizon it beat the original on 1020 p hd video compare to 720 p video beside that everything else seem like the original droid incredible. It like droid 1 and 2 both is very similar it isnt worth upgrading same goes with droid incredible.

    • hard to follow that comment, but i think its a big upgrade from the droid inc. it doesnt have enough star wuality to make me switch from my droid x but its a great phone. perfect for someone who has maybe had an ally or a devour and lives no where near 4g.

  • chr0n1c
    • tanknspank

      No thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Got one more coming. 😛

      • chr0n1c

        <3 I tease

      • you should totally do it like that video lol

    • S9779

      I got a kick out of this. I really don’t care about box I can see that at the store. Show me the product please.