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DROID Charge Available on Pre-order at Let’s Talk for $249

The DROID Charge was announced this week and will make its way to wireless stores around the country on Thursday, April 28 as the first “DROID” 4G LTE phone.  Pricing was originally set at $299 on a 2-year contract, but Walmart (Let’s Talk) appears to be willing to undercut Big Red’s number and is offering it up on pre-order for $50 less at $249.  The device should arrive at your doorstep by Friday at the latest with the free overnight shipping included.

Anyone ordering?


*Note – I always like to point out that these incredible deals from online retailers almost always come with some sort of a catch.  Most of them force you to retain every single aspect of your plan including features for at least 181 days after purchase or they will slap you with an unannounced charge for the full retail price of the device.  So if you purchase a phone through them, make sure you read the fine print and try not to switch the phone to another line, cancel texting, or drop to a lower minute plan for a few months or you could be in for a hefty fee.

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  • Anonymous
  • you know after seeing it so often i figured i’d accept the form factor of it…but still i think it’s a very ugly phone. i much prefer the more squared off corners or even rounded off like the thunderbolt and such but to have that odd angle at the bottom…i’ll pass i’ll wait for the bullet or jet depending on what they look like and their stats when they come out. but that works well for me since my upgrade isn’t until January anyway

  • GoodNote

    People, don’t buy from WalMart! Low prices come at a high price, my friend. WalMart does nothing but put downward pressure on the wages paid by all retailers and by all its suppliers. It’s a vicious downward cycle. And their obsession with cost-cutting inevitably leads to pressure on manufacturers to cut corners and thus diminish quality. I don’t mean to preach, but please don’t contribute to the WalMart-izing of America…..

    • Mr.Joe


    • Cb2000a

      Agreed…I stay out of Walmart now. As for this phone I would not pay a dime for it. Last years tech at a very high price. I think I will jump ship and head to Sprint for the Evo 3D. I like T-mobile’s G2x and Samsung Galaxy S2, but ATT will ruin T-mobile. Verizon is so blah now with their phone lineup and Moto is going in the wrong direction completely.

    • LinuxLover

      They’ve been getting their butts kicked by Target, to beat. Target often has lower prices. Anyway, I completely agree. Walmart is a race to the bottom, for all of us.

    • Rizzidy

      It’s too bad that you hate America.

    • Hamholla

      thats not exactly true. While yes they have low wages, they really save money in their supply chain. Thus they can have lower prices. The reason Target has been getting alot of business lately is because consumers view Walmart as cheap. Target is the “upscale” discount department store.

    • Lloyd_anthony2000

      Um that would be the Koch Brothers. Ummm can anyone say Wisconson

  • Robert MacDonald


  • Rizzidy



  • Well if anyone hasn’t seen it yet the Droid Charge is already on Verizon’s site.


    • Stephen D

      I thought it was ugly at first, but the design is growing on me. And I love it’s Droid eye. It’s certainly not worth the upgrade from the Fascinate, but like it says on the site, it’s the most powerful Droid branded phone at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Just a question kellex….so there aren’t going to be any real docks then right? Im pretty sure the tbolt and this dock will just activate the multimedia stuff…. so they call it a multimedia dock but it really just charges and nothing else…?

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it has better battery than the Bolt, but if the LTE radio is the same then I’m not hopeful.

    • Anonymous

      I would guess that it will also have battery issues. The multimedia charger also has a slot for an extra battery to charge. Plus, we all know how AMOLEDs due with batteries.

      • Balthazar B

        I don’t know whether anyone has done a comparison of current draw between the various versions of OLED screens (including the Super AMOLED Plus variant in the unreleased Samsung devices). But I recall seeing some Samsung propaganda somewhere indicating their new screen is significantly better in terms of power consumption than earlier generations. I guess we’ll know soon enough from AnandTech or elsewhere.

    • Balthazar B

      It’s a different SoC, so better battery life than the TBolt is certainly possible.

    • Datbizzybone

      You have battery life issues with the bolt? 20 hours on thursday, connect to wifi almost the whole day and emailing for work on and off for at least 8-10 hours.

      • Anonymous

        Yea, try not connecting to wifi (I can’t at work). LTE battery drain is easily close to 8-10%/hr. When on wifi or 3G only, its dramatically better. I love the phone, but can’t stand the responses of “just use wifi”.

        It’s a 4G/LTE phone. Turning off that feature is crippling it and not everyone has access to open (my work has it locked down to laptops/computers only) or free wifi all day.

        • Datbizzybone

          BTW, most people on sprint with 4g, shut it off and turn it on when needed. I turned 4g off the day i got it and only turn it on when im in the city. BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED.

          • Anonymous

            To turn off 4G LTE is a phone/radio setting, not a toggle button. Not to mention it goes back to the core argument — you are limiting a feature. My LTE has great building penetration so I don’t need to constantly turn it off b/c it doesn’t work — i.e. WiMax.

          • Datbizzybone

            I see no reason to have that speed unless your trying to stream or download. Its almost pointless o i “limit” myself to the more practical setting.

  • Anonymous


    Must… obey… Droid Life…