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Verizon Samsung Fascinate Froyo Update is Go!

Samsung Fascinate owners, check your phones now.  The update to Android 2.2 is live.

To check to see if your phone can receive the update:

Menu>Settings>About Phone>System Updates>Check New

Cheers @xFenixKnightx, @ericwilborn, @7Android7, @IRONMatt14, Charles, Taylor, @CurtisR765, @lince90 and everyone else!  Did I show enough love there?

  • Jpulickal

    If there is a way to avoid the forced upgrade, do it. Verizon program is not fully tested

  • Patti

    Makes my phone slow and battery dies quickly

  • Patti

    Makes my phone slow and battery dies quickly

  • Urbaniak227

     Bad update. Phone  freezes up and eats up your battery. ordered two phones in two days. Dont update it has a bug. 

  • Qhaf19

    update makes phone faster, several people I know have vibrate issues now after update, and some phone calls and texts do not come through

  • seannydeez

    Got the update this morning and I have had applications freezing left and right and my battery is absolutely drained…too bad I can’t uninstall the update.

  • Anonymous

    This update borked my wife’s Fascinate. Error screens popping up left and right, force closes, TW unresponsive, no signal. The phone is virtually uselss after the update….What a POS this is. I had to do a hard reset on the device to get it back up and running. I am f@#*ing pissed…..

  • Gunther17

    Installed the froyo update on my fascinate and my 3g service disappeared along with most of my shortcuts. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Anonymous

      yes. and many other problems.

  • Lovemyhtcthunderbolt

    This update is the trashiest thing I ever had to deal with. I had to reflash the phone to 2.1 before the first update using odin, just to get froyo to update with out failing. The phone belonged to my friend, so glad I switched to the HTC thunderbolt.

  • Got it last night, unfortunately touchwiz seems still laggy which is hard to do b/c Froyo at it’s core is faster than 2.1.

  • Ofootprint

    Guess I am Naive…why come to complain…its intended to be helpful… if you find its not move on. I am happy as a lark.. got the phone for free @ Best Buy Last week…after reading the Froyo delays I rooted.. Easy Enough.. but very happy that it is official!

    Two cents on the phone, after the update and no bugs .. its fantastic… coming from the OG Droid which I still love… it was a decent move and NOT BAD FOR FREE!

  • Anonymous

    Since there is so much hating going on, a question should be asked.

    If you don’t like what you see here, what would you rather see? BE SPECIFIC.

  • Mmike11202

    FROYO RUINED MY FASCINATE! i cant do anything on it.. it just freezes and force closes every app

    i cant even open my apps, messages or settings anymore

    • Lovemyhtcthunderbolt

      Get odin and the original 2.1 and reflash your phone, and then do the update. That’s the only way I got it to work right on my friends phone’s.

  • Hellex

    Sorry guys. I have fallen into the trap of posting advertisements because I have lost site of what made this site good. Help me.

  • Kellex

    I am sorry people. I have not been at the top of my game. I admit I have fell into the trap of posting new item releases, Amazon free app stories and trying to pass them off as breaking news. Please forgive me. I will try to go back to what made this site better and more original than the myriad of other tech sites. Stick with me please.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a coworker of mine just updated his to 2.2 and it cleared all his home screen icons….he is pissed and has to now redo all of them…HE HE HE

  • Anonymous

    is that pot on that wallpaper? Looks like some funky nugz

  • Anonymous

    has anyone else seen this? TMobile is down for some openness…catch up Verizon


  • Coaster36

    Did anyones thunderbolt restart last night? I think it had something to do with this update.

  • Just in time for Fascinate owners to be jealous of Droid X’s gingerbread

  • Better Late Then Never…?

  • Jarred913

    has this messed up anyone whats phone? keep getting a force close for com.google.process.gapps. as well as one when I first turned on the phone for system not responding. any one? please help!

    • Kingalston15

      yesssss!!!! same thing happend to me

  • Adam Metzner

    You know how they say better late then never?……….. That doesn’t apply here.

  • Jawshua

    GOD! Look at the past like 6 posts! They are all the same effing damn thing! What happened to you Kellex?! You turned this site into a regurgitated piece of SHIT! Every damn post is just another advertisement! Well I’m through with your shitty site! You may be able to appease these new sheep with your ongoing rumor commercial, but not me, and just like any band or actor, you’ve completely forgotten where you started, and now it’s just all about the damn money, and not missing out on posting the same shit twenty other sites just reported and passing it off as news, or something interesting. You make me sick, and you have ruined a once unique website that was different and fun to come, and you actually learned something cool and met interesting people here. Now with this never ending advertising hype machine you’ve created, you’ve lost sight of what makes Android fun and have attracted the most mindless and sheep like morons to this site that applaud you for trying to sell us crap. You’d get the same information going to an official site, only I don’t blame them, theyn don’t try to act like they aren’t doing this for money only, and they didn’t used to be a place that was informative and interesting.

    In summation, you’re nothing but a corporate lackey, and when you’ve feed up enough of your original intelligent fans, well you’ll have to go make your paycheck working at some Verizon store.

    • Adam Metzner

      I dont see why this guy is so pissed. waaaaaa

    • edwards311

      Looks like someone has been drinking alot of Haterade!!!!!!

    • Corenojc

      Go back to your flower-power rally to bring “the man” down dude. He’s just reportingthe news psycho, take a chill pill.

      PS Adam Metzner is weird

    • Anonymous

      Kellex, can you ad a “Shut Up” button?

      Pretty please?

      • Douchelord

        He already edits the comments, so what do you want? Jawshua makes sense. There have been a barrage of advertisements posted as stories. It’s a major turn off to this site. I don’t need to know what the free app of the day is on Amazon’s site. That is NOT news.

        • Anonymous

          Huh. It is to me. I am glad he tells me or I would forget to look.

          Maybe you should “forget” to look at stories you don’t want to read.

          Problem solved.

          • Douchelord

            Right, because this site turning into a clone of the hundreds of other sites passing off advertisements as news is exactly what most intelligent people here want. If you need this site to remind you that Moron Test is free on Amazon, you have bigger problems than people wanting this site to be what it was since inception.

          • Anonymous

            Let me guess, you’ve been here since it’s inception, and have been so engaged in the Droid-Life community that you *forgot* to create a comments account.

            I’ve been here since December 2009. I know both what this blog was, and what it is now. The quality of reporting has gone UP, not down.

            If you don’t believe me, go back to the beginning. Some of his first posts were about (gasp) the Droid 2.0.1 update. Huh, sounds a lot like this one.

            EDIT: I looked back and I’ve actually been here since his second post. I remember using it to download all 10 apps he highlighted in the post. I guess in your way of looking at things, he was advertising for those ten developers.

          • Douchelord

            Your only argument is you have been here longer? Advertisements as stories equates to qualtiy going up? Are you on meds? Man, you are just the sheep this dude is catering to.

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry that this community no longer caters to your needs. I am sure there are 100 blogs on the Internet that will give you EXACTLY what you want. Go there.

            As for me, I love what Kellex is offering, so I will stay here.

            See? We can all agree to disagree. Me here, and you anywhere but here. Mkay?

    • Suga Shane

      Tell us how you really feel…

    • Jboogie1289

      Must be an iPhail phone owner because we didn’t mention how lame and useless their phone is. Sorry man. Now…there’s the door!!!!!!!!

    • Hamholla

      are you kidding me? because if this is sarcastic it would be absolutely hilarious. Otherwise, do everyone a favor and just leave this site. Nobody cares what you think. We all come to this site for the same thing; to enjoy the proliferation of Android. If you really think that Kellex is just some HYPEBEAST then you obviously have no reason to be here. This is a BLOG. Kellex (and crew) can post whatever they like. If they wanted to take a picture of an ant and put it up on the site they could. (i’d think it’s funny). I started coming to this site right after I got my droidx and have literally incorporated this blog into my daily/hourly routine. I have grown to love FIRSTS and bootloader jokes. I have grown to appreciate this site so much. I can’t even imagine how much work goes into this site. Thank you so much guys.


      end rant >__<

    • i dont really see what your saying

  • Anonymous

    Way little, way late.

  • Taylor

    Ha Yes Kellex that is enough love!
    …just update my wife’s phone, she didn’t care but I stressed it was a big deal and then she pretended to care, lol

  • SFC Airborne51

    Just updated my wifes and it is working like a charm. Now she can watch Army Wives on her phone and play farmville how Happy this has made her!!

  • Guest

    Yep, it’s there (well that’s what the download says) – 12% done. Let’s hope its not a late April fools joke 😉

  • I’m getting mine as we speak! FINALLY! When’s a 2.3 gonna roll out?

  • SugaShane

    I almost forgot what the hell froyo was.

  • Gamer 28

    This is great news. I’ve had Froyo on my Fascinate for months now.
    The Galaxy S phones are one of the best Android phones in the market.
    Happy Fascinate owner.

  • 4738436

    Wow that took long enough for all you fascinate owners I told my sister about the update like a hour ago she just got back to me and said its downloading now she’s excited cause now she will have flash kept trying to tell her she could of had it sooner but she never did get into the whole rooting and custom rom scene like I have anyway about time for froyo on fascinate

    • Gdh

      It’s called a period. Use it.

  • Our screens are nicer than yours 😛

    • Lovemyhtcthunderbolt

      Who cares, the phone still sucks, and so does Samsung!

  • Don’t care about no stupid update now…I rooted months ag, and i couldn’t be any happier! 🙂

  • Some pothead working for Samsung had this planned from the start. haha. Finally.

    • RoomTenONine

      Potheads planning that far in advance? NO WAY! 😉

    • RoomTenONine

      Potheads planning that far in advance? NO WAY! 😉

    • Qwerty

      what the hell are you talking about?

    • Marcmorano3

      i dumped the fascinate couldn’t wait for stupid samsung to bring froyo a major flaw on them they are so behind the curve don’t get me wrong the fone is gorgeous but it’s buggy and for that i went into the htc thunderbolt which will be getting gingerbread no more waiting lol

      • Lovemyhtcthunderbolt


    • Anonymous

      U in VA?

  • Anonymous

    When did the iPhone start running android.

    • Anonymous

      before this has gingerbread. that’s for sure.

      • Ben

        It’s funny because its true, the iPhone already ran Gingerbread before this had Froyo.


      • Anonymous

        don’t worry kimir, we tbolts will soon have gb and be better than everyone else…..until june 8th, lol…..androidcental.com…..sensation….

        Ugh, then we have to wait for a dual core with sense.com unless that comes in our update…

        • Gee

          Really? better, to bad better only last an hour on full charge 😛

          • Anonymous

            mine lasts about 8 hours on heavy usage for 3 actually, and i bought a mini juice pack, so im fine beyond those 8 hours now….

          • Anonymous


  • which is why I dont own one. when did the phone come out 1987?

    • Jtalker

      If you don’t own why are you adding your .02 cents. Go play with your iPhone

  • Me

    Finaly? Lol

  • Hahahahaha

    Awesome..bringing in 2010 with new Froyo..wait.

    • Anonymous

      Liked… Loved…

      Cried a tear for Fascinate users. So will New Years Eve 2011 bring Gingerbread with it?

      • Calvin Williams

        Galaxy S phones are just getting Gingerbread but the Fascinate is just hitting froyo. Thanks Verizon.

        • Lovemyhtcthunderbolt

          Not Verizon’s fault, put the blame where it belongs, SAMSUNG!!!!!! That’s why I switched to the thunderbolt.

          • Calvin Williams

            Which is why the Galaxy S update has been available in the UK since September?

          • Lbauty

            how did you switch phones?? did you just get your fascinate or something? its so much better after froyo update. definitely thunderbolt competition. just no front camera, but i dont think i’d use that much anyways if at all

      • Anonymous

        Took the words right out of my mouth. This is the net result of decent hardware meets manufacturers crap built into software. End result is you will always be one step behind. Sad really. Somewhere in silicone heaven, a microchip angel just died.