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Skype on Android Updated: Security Vulnerabilities Fixed, 3G Calling Tossed In

After surviving the firestorm of bad press that accompanied news of Skype’s lack of protection over your personal information, the company has reached out to make sure that all of our readers know that their info is now secure.  An update has been released to the Android Market which fixes the blatantly obvious vulnerability that was discovered last week.  We’re hoping this means they went back to Encryption 101 and received a passing grade.

Skype has not had 1 reported example of a 3rd party application accessing any of their customer’s personal info.  They will continue to monitor the situation for the foreseeable future to make sure that everyone understands their commitment to security.

Oh, they also tossed in nationwide 3G calling (including the U.S.), something that only Verizon customers previously enjoyed.  Well, that was nice of them.

And before anyone asks, we’ll just cut this one off at the pass.  NO, the leaked Skype with video has not been fixed.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/amgala Amar Gala

    Why couldn’t they add WIFI calling to Verizon Skype? UGH

  • Anonymous

    The skype with video app hasn’t been fixed? Well then who gives a hoot 😛 I never used the skype app until that came out on my thunderbolt

  • http://profiles.google.com/rdunajewski Rich Dunajewski

    Getting a “Package file was not signed correctly” error message when trying to download it from the market on a Droid 2 stock ROM but rooted.

  • Anonymous

    Now if they can just get Video Skype on the Xoom.

  • http://twitter.com/kenbarnum kenbarnum

    The way I read this I think there is no reason to keep the VZW version which only allows calls over 3G (and still does not allow wifi). The regular Skype now allows 3G AND Wifi.

    • Anonymous

      The VZW version will use the cell network to make a Skype call. So when you have no data/3G/4G, the call uses CDMA to place the call. The other app does not do this, nor for any other carrier. The Thunderbolt leaked app would be the exception.

  • Drummer62

    Does this also update the Skype for Verizon as well? It does not appear to be updating the skype for verizon app. Is there any reason to have both versions on the phone?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m curious to know why they didn’t include that one with the security update?

      • Anonymous

        The joys of bloatware.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get skype video to work on my thunderbolt anyway. As soon as the other person picks up, the video cuts out and I can only get audio. Any ideas?

    • nits

      Skype on my Thunderbolt works great with video even on 3G. skype on 4G is flawless… !!!

    • Mos0ne23

      It’s probably your kernel. Try a different one.

      • Anonymous

        I tried it with stock everything, as well as whatever came with The Perfect Storm 1.3. Also, I’ve tried it on 2 different Thunderbolts with the same result.

        What kernel should I use?

  • Mike

    I don’t see the point in the regular Skype app unless it has video calling.

    • Anonymous

      Well, you can talk to someone without using your minutes. And if you’re making international calls, it’s much cheaper, I think.

      • Anonymous

        They charge you unless it’s skype to skype.

  • Anonymous

    So does this mean skype video has been fixed!?!!!?!11!One?

    • Guest

      Timoh…please read! “And before anyone asks, we’ll just cut this one off at the pass. NO, the leaked Skype with video has not been fixed.”

      • Anonymous

        I know 😉

      • Coaster36

        seriously? ever heard of sarcasm?

        • Guest

          Sorry guys…thought he was an ID10T and did not think of sarcasm 😉 We do have a few ID10T’s around here trolling sometimes

          • Anonymous

            Make an account, stay a while.

  • Anonymous

    Wait? “They tossed FREE calling throughtout the US?”
    Good thing my brother just came back from Iraq so I am not going to use Skype anymore :]

    • Anonymous

      “Tossed in”

  • Jak_341

    Is that a Devour in that picture? Wow…

  • http://twitter.com/sonofskywalker3 jeff moore

    Nice, now if we can just get video calling on the Thunderbolt we’ll be set.

    • nits

      I am already using skype with video on Thunderbolt flawlessly on 4G LTE….