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DROID Incredible 2 Now Launching April 28? (Updated)

So we’ll try and ignore the fact that the screenshot above says “4/28/2010” and assume that the date below it showing the current year is the correct one.  Can you all wait exactly 2 weeks before buying your DROID Incredible 2?  We’re pretty sure the DROID Charge is already launching on that day, so this comes as a little bit of a surprise.  Our money was on the Inc2 next week, but hey, Verizon has done some whacky things over the last couple of months, so let’s not put anything past them.

Update:  More Incredible 2 cases are now appearing in stores.  We sure it’s not launching next week?

Via:  DroidDog

  • The original Droid Incredible was released April 29th, 2010… this one is one day short of a full year later. I’m sure this is not a coincidence… something to the effect of having released the update less than a year later.

    Regardless, HTC is Awesome, and if the new Incredible 2 is anywhere as great as the original, it’ll be a leader among all the great cellphones once again.

  • Anon

    Played with the phone last week AWESOME!! Not sure why it has a front camera tho?

  • Anonymous

    Is this thing 4G?

  • Anonymous

    I was holding out for an April release for the Xperia Play but that is looking highly unlikely now… boo

  • Siffrinnmasonry

    Wasn’t this the launch date of the original incredible?

    • Nope, original was April 29, 2011. Got mine on that day, and it’s still the most awesome phone ever!

      • Siffrinnmasonry

        me too, i still love it!

  • Anonymous

    what is that word? hype-something. it escapes me. 😛

  • Anonymous

    From the VZW Dictionary:

    Launch Date: 1. A mythical event which cannot be predicted with certainty. When answering customer questions about a product launch, please use the word “soon” with great frequency and condescension. Definitive announcements of launch dates will be made ex post facto. 2. We will make exceptions to our intentional ambiguity for any creation inspired by Steve Jobs.

  • honestly i don’t think VZW even thinks about when they will be releasing the phones anymore. I mean it seems no sense whatsoever is put into a strategic date and it’s more “when it’s ready it’s ready”…not released due to some marketing gurus.

  • Hamholla


  • Kevoskee

    This would be a way better buy than the Charge.