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Easter Edition of Angry Birds Seasons First Screenshots Arrive

An Easter edition of Angry Birds Seasons is supposed to be arriving next week and will include 15 new levels and possibly a couple of extras that may somehow be tied into Facebook.  The team over at Rovio sure seems to be working extra hard these days to try to keep people excited about their games.  Regular updates like these will certainly help.  So until next week arrives though, enjoy these 4 screenshots of the new version that went live on the interwebs yesterday.  

Via:  Pocket Gamer

  • Jawshua

    Yes, and how much will they charge for these new levels? They are hard at work alright, finding new ways to make money off of stuff that was once free.

  • Angry Turd

    I wish I had this now since I just had a cup of coffee and I feel a poop brewing.

    • Jawshua

      Well, you could always reach down in the toilet and use your own natural stuff, to make your own version of Angry Turds. I’m sure you could fling something.

  • Skyskioc

    Yawn !

  • Porschephile2k3

    Hmm, looks like there are a bunch of boobs with perky nips in this game ;-D

  • Anonymous

    Aggggh. Haven’t even finished St. Patricks AB, Valentines AB or Rio AB yet. Can’t keep up!

    • Jawshua

      Yeah they are reaching a point of spreading themselves to thin, and over saturation in the market.

  • Mike

    While Angry Birds has gotten kind of boring now, at least Rovio continues to update their games. I’d like to see some new gameplay elements added to spice it up a little though.

    • The Observer

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Sweet!

  • guest


    • Jawshua

      What a constructive and well thought out view.

  • I want now