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  • I agree with you. I’m please can you help me as I can find the imformation I need. Thank you very much!

  • mrJP123

    The fascinate just got left in the dust!! I’ve been waiting for my OTA update or even a decent ROM for a loooooooonnng time! Guess it’s time to give in and jump on the htc bandwagon

  • Anonymous

    im having problems with my root…..

  • Sog805

    got mine last night…battery life seems good

  • surf2

    how bout an update to gingerbread on the droid x?

  • Anonymous

    Does this update remove root?

  • Stephen D

    I was at Best Buy yesterday and one of the Galaxy Tabs on display had the update waiting, so I let it update.

  • nal13

    Got mine this morning waiting to hear back from people to see if this breaks root

    • Midage64

      I’m waiting to hear that before I update mine

    • Anonymous

      it doesnt.. mine is still rooted and working just fine

      • I got the notice and tried to update. Progress bar made it half way across and triangle with exclamation point appeared. Tab rebooted and still indicates 2.2. When I check for system update it says its up to date.
        Any suggestions?

        I was rooted, but unrooted before I tried to update.

  • Anonymous

    Got mine, works great!

  • Anonymous

    Fascinate update? Kellex is there ANY news on this?

    • NKTizzle

      It’s still being tested. Major issues were found on EB01…

  • Tykratz

    got the update lastnight …

  • Robvanwinkle

    Where the “F” is the Fascinate Update!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Droid

    Shouldn’t this post be on the Android Life site and not Droid Life? I come to this site for info for my Droid X, not on all these other tablets and phones that are not DROIDS.

    • Anonymous

      i’m pretty sure that droid life is for all verizon+android news, and android life is for the non-vzw android news.

      or at least that’s how its been in the past..

      i come here first for news on my fascinate (and service plans)!

    • Poor thing. Its a rough life, but someone has to live it.

  • How bout an update for the fascinate

    • NKTizzle

      Fascinate still having issues with 2.2 and is still being tested.

  • Anonymous

    Does this update give Froyo sprinkles to make you forget about gingerbread?

  • I just got mine last night.

  • Bob

    um.. my update rolled out 3 days ago

  • Mike

    And this will be your last official update Galaxy Tab owners…So glad I have a Xoom instead!

  • Jacob

    Hmm, in relation to the possible Droid X update some people seem to be getting as well??