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OreoSlice Wallpapers Packed Up and Dropped on Android Market

When the OreoSlice theme came out for Liberty ROM a while back, many of you were wondering how you could get the black and white wallpaper pack that came with it since you either don’t own a Liberty-compatible device or weren’t into flashing the entire theme.  Well today, your prayers to Buddha have been answered, as the SliceThemez crew just published it as an app in the market.  The app currently has 32 black and white wallpapers to choose from, but the plan is for them to populate it with more and more over time.  There is a free and “donate” version, with the donate version meaning you get new additions long before the free version.

Free Version | Donate Version

  • DJyoSNOW

    I want them (or one) as .jpg because I have ripples live wall paper…

  • Tom

    How did you get the transparent weather widget? That a skin on the regular sense one, or a separate download?

  • Greg

    What HTC Thunderbolt Skin are you using?

  • Gino

    Been a few hours now and its still at authorizing purchase in the market. Sad face

  • Anonymous

    While I appreciate the gesture, 19MB+ for a wallpaper app seems a bit excessive. Why not just post the individual wallpapers in some forum (or on this site) and we can choose the ones that interest us.

  • Caveman419

    Not Compatible with my Droid X (running GB)

    • Brandonkassab96

      Available with only official updates, does not work on leaks…sorry

      • Anonymous

        yet the screenshot on the market is on GB for the DX or D2…interesting

        • Brandonkassab96

          Installed as a test apk…not throgh the market. The market won’t download to leaks for some reason

  • Can i just have those storm trooper wallpaper?

  • DroidVader


  • Doesn’t look like this is compatible with either my Milestone or my Atrix.

  • Mike

    Storm Troopers FTW.