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CyanogenMod 7.0 Officially Released

The “Release Candidate” days are over for CyanogenMod 7.0 as the stable release went live last night to almost all of the 30 devices they now support.  You’ll find the DROID Incredible on that list with the original DROID likely coming in the next few days.  Built from the latest Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread), this is essentially the newest software that your phone could possibly be running, but with added goodies that you won’t find anywhere else.  This has really turned in to quite the impressive support group for so many Android devices including tablets.

Download:  Incredible | Other Stable Mirrors | Changelog

Via:  CyanogenMod

Cheers Abraham, Dave and everyone else!

  • dblj

    Has anyone tried 7.0.1 for OG yet?

    • A2Aegis

      No, but I heard 7.0.2 will be coming out shortly to fix a minor bug.

  • I’m switching to this from PE5 on my OG Droid, I’m reading through comments and everyone is saying it’s better. I”m getting RC4 as that’s all I see on Rom Manager. Is it really better than PE5?

  • Andrew

    I’m pretty satisfied I sold my d2 and got the incredible. Screw Motorola and their locked bootloaders..

  • DG33

    This may be a stupid question, on the list of devices, which is which???…..I’m not seeing the common names of devices. I’ve been flashing ROM’s for over a year, and I never got my secret decoder ring…lol

  • Legoturte92

    I guess I’m waiting for this to be available for the droid1. Somethings gotta hold me off until my upgrade comes around.

  • Dpu328

    Do I need to flash this if I already have the 7.0.0 RC4 or is the the same thing just now official?

  • JP

    Sup Droid-Life? I heard you like CM7s in your CM7, so Cyanogen CM7-ed the hell out of CM7! But seriously, this is running super-smooth on my Droid Incredible. Thanks to CyanogenMod and the whole development community!

  • Anonymous

    Where’s EZroot for the tbolt?!?!? Don’t feel like worrying about bricking my brand new phone….

  • Dpu328

    Does this mean I should update from 7.0.0 RC4?

  • Anonymous

    Best release so far just flashed it on my incredible really smooth

  • Anonymous

    I heard someone mention that this might run on a droid eris but I didn’t see it in the gallery of supported devices. I’d really like to give my friend’s phone a boost, does anyone know where I can get a good rom for the eris? Doesn’t have to be GB, and the more stable the better 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Give this a gander:

      FroYo is very similar to Gingerbread, will just a little less functionality for copy/paste (amoung other things, like faster speeds and WiFi calling built in). It’s a huge upgrade for the little Eris.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the link!

        It’s for my friend’s phone – he’s rooted but has been stuck with stock. I hate searching through forums on my phone and most of them are blocked at work so it’s nice to have someone point you right to a good source.

    • It’s in development. A version of CM7 source called GingerShedBread was recently brought into the fold but they are a little bit behind and still on RC4. I put it on my mom’s Eris and it works pretty well as is though but I still recommend waiting for the final release.

  • Justin

    Need..og droid..download..now..

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they’ve fixed the issues with Email not syncing right. Also been noticing other apps seem to close a lot–while using them–on most GB roms.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not having this issue with PE 5.

  • Upgraded my DInc to it last night. Slow boot afterwards, but it’s working like a champ.

  • Jawshasaurussex

    I loaded this new “stable’ release on my DINC, and its been incredibly buggy. Anyone else experience this?

  • Razin

    This is the best build that i have found for my nook color by far!

  • CM roms never seemed to like my OG, yet I always find myself giving every new build a shot

  • Thinking about deactivating my DROID 2, dusting off my original DROID, activating it and downloading some CM7 action!

    • Anonymous

      It’s kinda sad that your original Droid is more useful than your D2.

  • DX not on this list….oh, wait, yea, that’s right….FML!!

    • YourMomsTwaht

      Wheres my X or D2 Global on this damn list. Make a ROM similar for us man.

      • That isn’t possible as the DX has a locked bootloader.

      • That isn’t possible as the DX has a locked bootloader.

    • I flashed the leaked GB from Motorola for my dad’s new Dx ($50 at Costco). I was very impressed by how well it ran and how actually functional some of the new Blur stuff is. Flash it and it’s like you have an entirely different phone.

  • Anonymous

    Totally off topic but…

    I got my Xoom!

  • Anonymous

    Totally off topic but…

    I got my Xoom!

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations! Prepare for a substantial increase in your phone’s battery life. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! I’ve noticed it already. The biggest upgrade I’ve noticed is a silly one, but I use Kindle(not the device), and reading on the Xoom is so much better than my phone/computer. Only gripe is Kindle doesn’t let me do two columns like on PC.

        Awesome games, battery is ridiculous, everything is so snappy. I’m so happy.(hey that rhymed!)

      • Bahahahaha. So True.

  • RonsterWVU

    god damn you Motorola, and your locked boot loader….. :'(



  • RonsterWVU

    god damn you Motorola, and your locked boot loader….. :'(



    • I second that…thinking about upgrading to the Tbolt even though CM isn’t available for it yet

      • Reaper0321

        I honestly don’t whether I should stay with phoenix unleashed or go with cm7 which is faster and more compatible with games?

    • Mustangdriver4ever

      get bootstrap it will unlock you

  • Krobin 350

    is the Bolt ever going to get some cm7 lovin?

  • Anonymous

    hopefully issues with Exchange push notifications stopping after a few hours and requiring a reboot have been addressed.

    don’t know if this issue was device specific or across all their builds, but it was also an issue w/ CM6

    OG Droid.

    • This is an issue with ALL Android devices regardless of software or hardware.

      • Anonymous

        good to know. i only started using Exchange in Feb and saw a couple of posts on the CM forums which made it sound ROM specific.

    • MattInPDX

      Had that problem with CM7 RC4 with my OG Droid. I stopped using the default mail client and downloaded Improved Email. Haven’t had to reboot once, get all my emails.

      FYI, I use the Gmail app for my personal Gmail and Improved Email for work email.

  • can’t wait to put this on my D2!! oh wait nevermind i forgot i have a locked bootloader and life sucks.

  • Dbzster

    If only the Thunderbolt was supported =(

  • Anyone know how this compares to Project Elite v5?

    • Anonymous

      If its like RC4, then it blows Pe5 away…Pe5 was WAY too buggy!

  • Anonymous

    I wish we could get this on the Droid2.

  • David

    I’m hoping for better power management. Rooting and running Cyanogen 6 for my Droid has made it better, but still not great.

  • the bugs from the nightlies have been corrected it seems…the new 7.0 release is fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it will be in ROM Manager soon. I have CM7rc4 on my Droid

    • Anonymous

      No CM7 yet for OG Droid. according ciwrl over at cm it wont happen yet due to some lingering issues with the OG droid.

      • Anonymous

        Really? They won’t be releasing a final version for the D1???

        • Anonymous

          Eventually. He said they have resolve some problems before they release a rom worthy of being considered stable. I forget the exact problems but something with data and camera i believe are some of them. so once they work it out they said they will release a stable version. so still nightly or RC for now.

    • Anonymous

      No CM7 yet for OG Droid. according ciwrl over at cm it wont happen yet due to some lingering issues with the OG droid.

  • Anyone know if they’ve fixed the memory management problems that was plaguing all Gingerbread builds on the OG Droid? Bugless Beast was the only custom ROM I’ve seen to properly resolve it, but it’s lacking too many other necessary features.

    • RC4 fixed it

      • Princesation

        I was running RC4 on my OG but it wasnt fixed at all . So i went to GPA14 from pete and bam , problems solved . I’ll try again when the official release comes out for the OG

    • Anonymous

      I would like to know this as well. Pete’s build (which wasn’t Bugless Beast – just GPA builds) was indeed the only one that truly solved this issue. But his builds were bare-bones, so it was missing many features I’ve come to enjoy about GB ROMs. The only other ROM to come close to solving the memory management issue was Project Elite. They put in a work-around that allowed you to select certain apps to be kept in memory. It works, but you end up using too much RAM and it causes the phone to slow down at times.

  • Cutillo

    Does it support the thunderbolt?

    • not yet..i heard rumors of tbolt being added with 7.0.1, which is in the works. rumor though.

      • FargoGeek

        I read on CyanogenMod’s forum that one of the devs is working on it. The Tbolt build should be out sooner than letter but the fact that this is the first phone with a Verizon LTE antenna is making it a little more complicated.

  • )v(urphy

    oh boy oh boy oh boy!

  • fartbubbler

    these are the days I’m disappointed I have a Droid X 🙁

    Will CM ever come out for the Droid X ????

    • GotFragz

      Not unless the bootloader gets cracked. It uses custom kernels. Gonna update to the latest build on my Nook Color though 😀

      • Anonymous

        It upsets me that you have it on your Nook Color but I don’t have it on my Thunderbolt. 🙂

    • Bkensey

      They’re. Working on it actually. Try Googling cm4dx. Cvpcs is taking a crack at it.

  • D1Guy

    First, and LOVE CM! Thanks Devs!

    • guest

      not really…chump.

  • guest