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Updated Verizon Roadmap: DROID Charge Launching April 14, Incredible 2 on April 21

Last week, a Verizon roadmap leaked out which showed the release dates of almost all of their new phones including the Incredible 2 and DROID Charge, but things may have changed slightly which only makes sense since the Charge didn’t make that original April 7 date.  According to the sheet you are looking at above (image removed), Sears (Kmart) plans to start selling the Charge next Thursday (April 14) with the Incredible 2 following up right behind it on April 21.  The Charge doesn’t come as a surprise especially since we’ve seen accessories already arriving in stores as of today.  The Sony Xperia PLAY will then finish out the month on April 28, making April insanely busy for us in the mobile phone industry.

Anyone jumping on any of these?

Cheers ___!

  • Gunslinger

    Interesting, it’s the 14th, and no mention of the Charge on either Sears or Kmart’s websites…hmmmmmmmmm….hmmmmmmm….

    I call BS on the rest of the dates as well.

  • Ugh! The 28th now for the Play?! Damn I need to get off this piece of crap HTC Eris and now I gotta wait two more weeks? Not to mention the rumor that production is being slowed down due to the quakes in Japan? I’m hoping the Verizon Wireless site at least gets a pre-order page up for it soon so I can at least hold my place in the queue.

  • Anonymous

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  • Queball744

    dont care about it i got my phone thunder,thunder, thunderbolt hooooooo

    • DBK

      Now that’s sight beyond sight 😛

  • Anonymous

    not a problem…happy to oblige

  • wolf

    No HTC Merge?


    Give me that phone you bastards.

  • … still waiting for a physical keyboard 4g Android device from VZW … will I have to switch to Sprint soon?

  • I am waiting for the Bionic

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    yes…I can’t wait for the Xperia play.
    Definitely happy now.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to buy the Incredible 2 on Alltel eight months worth of release delays from now!

  • Anonymous

    The Incredible that soon? and before the X-Play, hope this makes the X-Play cheaper…

    • Tim242

      That soon? The OG Dinc launched last April…

  • Anonymous

    The Incredible that soon? and before the X-Play, hope this makes the X-Play cheaper…

  • d-roids

    any1 know if this is gonna affect the bionic’s release date!

  • Ryan

    I’m getting the PLAY baby!!! Sorry, can’t help it, if nothing else at lest I can play emulator games with a real game pad!!!

  • Anonymous

    Any info if the galaxy s2 is coming?

  • Anonymous

    Any info if the galaxy s2 is coming?

  • Anonymous

    Show me proof of a Galaxy S2 coming and I’ll be happy… 🙂

    Flamers, keep to yourselves.

  • Chad

    I said screw it, sold my iphone 4 and got the Thunderbolt today. Dont regret it one bit.

    • Tim242

      Congrats! Welcome back!


    Posting from my newly acquired thunderbolt. Help no!



  • Logan

    Looks like i can’t get an incredible 2 on a one year contract 🙁 It is just short but anyone picking up a Charge still can. Might be a little push for it because of that!

  • Finire

    I might like the Charge, the question is… will it ever seen an update?

    • hkklife

      I still am in the dark about the Charge’s detailed specs. I know it’s single-core but how does it stack up to the TB as far as battery capacity, RAM, onboard storage, screen resolution and camera? Does it have HDMI-out?

  • Bwoodveteran

    its it Sony Ericsson not Sony Ericcson

  • I do not care for the PLAY since I plan on getting the NGP (AKA PSP 2). I am still looking for the Bionic or something better that is a 4G device. Will not go with Samsung do to their issue of not wanting to update their devices to latest Android OS.

  • Kevoskee

    Sears? If I didn’t have my TBolt I would go and get the Incredible. The charge to me is not a hypebeastin type of phone

  • Dieselxbeta

    …and the Bionic?

  • EKC

    I guess this kills the 4/28 Bionic rumored release date! *sigh*

  • Believe It Or Not It’s Kmart, Not Sears.

    • Anonymous

      which are one and the same entity…since kmart bought sears not long ago

      • Oh yeah, It’s The Same Lol
        But No Sears Bought Kmart Haha 🙂
        (Not That It Matters)

      • Guest

        I thought Kmart was bankrupt?

        • Anonymous

          kmart filed for ch. 11 bankruptcy protection back in either ’02 or ’03, they set world records for pulling out of it as fast as they did. they closed down like 45% of their stores, and booted their CEO(who used to be a walmart ceo). and now they’re one of the top retail companies in the US…having bought Sears.

    • Anonymous

      which are one and the same entity…since kmart bought sears not long ago

  • Vanilla Ice

    i might get the dinc 2.

    • nikon d300

      Me too! The is no 4G in my rural area and no chance anytime soon. The Incredible 2 is all the phone I need and a lot less wight to carry around. Just waiting to here how the battery hold out. If it gives me a solid day, it’s mine!

      I don’t need 4g anyway. How much video streaming does one need to do on a phone anyway!? 3g works great loading most web sties.

  • Agh, no mention of the Bionic. So frustrating. Like waiting for the announcement of Android 2.1 on the D1 back in Jan of 2010.

    • WindedBison

      Man I remember those days. It was that whole ordeal that actually led me to root in the first place. Its crazy to see how much has changed in the industry since then

    • I’m not too excited for the Bionic. It’s gonna be locked down like no tomorrow.

    • The Droid Bionic is likely coming in May.

  • Anonymous

    i’m tempted to get the charge with a 1 yr contract but i don’t know how good dev support will be for that phone. i might just end up buying the inc2 off contract.

    • Daniel

      Verizon isn’t doing 1yr contracts anymore as of April 17th. At this rate, they will probably never have a 1yr price for the Charge if it makes it out before the 17th.

  • Anonymous

    I was confused for a minute until you said this was Sears. I was thinking why would Verizon list the launch of a Sprint phone.

    Verizon’s packing in the releases, still no stock unlocked DROID successor, but maybe we’ll be surprised by the DROID 3…

  • Anonymous

    At least some will be able to get the Charge on a 1 year contract.

  • noooo the play needs to come out sooner!

  • DroidzFX


    Other than that I dont have anything to add to this post.

    • why would anyone press like on this post

    • why would anyone press like on this post

    • )v(urphy

      ^ win

    • )v(urphy

      ^ win