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Verizon Galaxy Tab Update on the Way, It’s Definitely Not Honeycomb

See, Verizon hasn’t forgotten about its version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab!  An update is primed and ready to roll out and includes a bunch of fixes, but is definitely not Honeycomb.  In fact, we’re still not sure that it will ever officially see Android 3.0, so instead, try to focus on the fact that this device which is now down to $199 on contract, is still getting some love.  

The update is approximately 34.6MB in size and includes the following:

Web Browsing and Data Access
+Enhanced browser performance and speed.
+Searching for Wi-Fi hotspots no longer negatively affects battery life.

Email and Messaging
+Access hyperlinks directly within email messages.
+Time displayed on the status bar will accurately reflect when the latest email was received.
+Easily manage and download 2000-2003 Word documents attached to email messages.
+Send multiple name cards with the “Select All” feature.
+Successfully open 5MB video attachments from email messages.
+Font size change in email remains when replying to messages.

Additional Device Features
+When using the alarm feature. the second alarm will still sound even if the firs t alarm is snoozed.
+Fixed Time Zone calendar setting ensures calendar events are accurate. regardless of the time zone you are currently in.
+Adobe” Flash'” player version has been updated to version

More info here.

Cheers Mike and Tim!

  • Do you think this imformation? About  personal estimation, I see this review is fantastic. It take for you necessary knowledge. Thank for share!

  • Anonymous

    what’s the significance of the 5MB video attachments?

  • d-roids

    any news on that samsung “droid” that was supposed to be released today?

  • This is the point at which Verizon installs a bunch of crap on it to make it even more unusable / closes all the rooting exploits to keep you from installing Honeycomb.

  • Anonymous

    about time… hopefully more are on the way

  • Tbone

    So, have they updated the Samsung Fascinate yet?

    • Gee

      no…. sorry

      • Tbone

        Wow. That means that the Droid X will get Gingerbread, as well as the Sammy Galaxy S II outside of the US, but we’ll still be stuck on Android 2.1!

        F*#k Samsung. I’m jumping ship and getting a Droid Bionic when it comes out. Yes, I know locked bootloader and all, but from what I heard, the battery on the Thunderbolt is crap and I need a phone that lasts all day. I’m never going to root, so that’s not much of a problem.

        • Shush

          my TBolt battery is fine. Whats wrong, can’t afford phones every year? Or are you just one of those complainers?

  • Gee

    Is there a way to get a manual copy of this for those of us who wont activate it???

    • Jeremy Gentry

      i would like to know this as well

      • hkklife

        Good question…but can you pull these updates down over wi-fi or do you have to be connected via 3G? I have played extensively with the Galaxy Tabs and don’t they have separate update buttons in the settings menu? Something like “Update firmware” and “Update Android” or so?

  • tjhrulz

    My mom is looking at getting one of these for her birthday, here is to hoping for honeycomb (Official of Not)