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Motorola XOOM Sales Hit 100,000 in Just a Month and a Half

See what I did there?  We’re not about to make this the next “XOOM sales ONLY at 100K! What a bust!” posts, because we don’t think the Motorola XOOM has anything to be ashamed of.  According to Deutsche Bank, who looked at the Android versions chart you are seeing below, decided that there are approximately 100,000 XOOMs in the wild right now (they figured that there are 50 million total Android devices and took 0.2% of that).  So, I say, “Not bad!”  for 100K sold in less than 6 weeks.

As a product that will lead the way for future Android tablets while running the first REAL tablet operating system, I’m all good with these numbers.  A hundred thousand early adopters of a product that will only get better and better over time is a pretty good sign that the Google team is doing something right.  Silly iPad owners and their childishly stretched app jukebox UI.  At least we have 100K people in this country that can think for themselves. (Kidding!  Had to!  We have love for everyone.)

What do you guys think?  100K in 6 weeks enough to consider the XOOM an early success?

Via:  Business Insider

  • There are quite a few reasons why the Xoom didn’t do as well as many of us thought it would. Motorola and Verizon basically had 3 types of consumers that they needed to attract, but failed to, which explains the small sales numbers. Read more on what they did wrong: http://wp.me/p1wchx-6q

  • Hammid

    I do hope the sand tastes good, as you seem to have your head buried in it.

    100K is a laughable number, assuming it is true. How many developers are going to get excited about building apps for just 100K users from the past 6 weeks or even 866K over a year’s time. And, your post basically admits that Google is a full year behind the iOS tablet development cycle.

    Google thought it was savvy enough to succeed against a seasoned company, and it might do so in the long run given that Microsoft clobbered Apple with the same stategic model. However, where is Microsoft now and how can anyone ignore the mistakes Google is making these days? Google’s new/old CEO has already shown “he doesn’t get it.”

  • Sharkvsrobot

    I use my ipad 2 for business and everyday applications and I use my xoom for porn. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    100,000 in 6 weeks is definitely not a success no matter how you spin it.

  • At $799 a hundred thousand in 45 is great… Hope they get it down to something like 500-600 it would have reached like a million by now…

  • Anonymous

    ” A hundred thousand early adopters of a product that will only get better and better over time is a pretty good sign that the Google team is doing something right.”

    That may be fine for Honeycomb, but the Xoom is already over. Does that mean the Xoom 2 will fail? No. But the Xoom isn’t going to suddenly start selling.

  • Mischief316

    Wow that was a close race with the ipad 2, 300,000 units sold on the first day.

  • Honestly, it is a fairly simple situation. Motorola missed the mark by overpricing the Xoom. If the wi-fi only version would have been priced at $499 to go head to head with the iPad2, it would be competing more favorably. But let’s be honest, the Xoom isn’t a device for the masses, at least not yet. Could you imagine if a typical iPad2 buyer puchased a Xoom in it’s current state? They would be confused and probably let down by the somewhat “unfinished” Honeycomb OS and the lack of Apps available. Give Moto and Google some time to get this more polished and to develop more devices, the Xoom was targeted primarily to early adopters with a penchant for Android.

  • Even though Xoom is awexoom!!!! 100,000 in over a month is a FAIL for MOTO.

  • Anonymous

    I think their estimates are low. The reason I say this is because they say there’s only 50 million Android devices out there when I would be surprized if that number wasn’t quite low. For Pete’s sake there’s more than 50 million iPhones out there since Apple sold about 50 million of those last year alone. We all know that there’s more Androids than iPhones so I would think it would stand to reason that there’s between 100-200 million Androids out there in the wild (globally not just in the US). I know the Android explosion didn’t really start until last year but last fall Andy Rubin himself said that there were about 350 K activations a day, that’s over 10 million a month. If thing’s havn’t slowed down a ton, that means that there’s been almost 40 million Android’s activated in 2011 alone. But what do I know…

  • Jim

    I love Android and the XOOM is cool, but the apps just aren’t there. Until developers start supporting Honeycomb, I’ll stick with the iPad.

  • LivinFree

    When are people going to get a grip and quit with the comparison of Apple to other Android devices. Apple will ALWAYS outsell the others if you look at them on a one to one comparison. To many morons and Apple fanboys/gilrs who just don’t even look at anything else because there is an Apple product. That said Android will NEVER steal that many Apple users. Most folks who go with Apple turn into diehards and that is just the way it is and NOTHING is going to change that.

    What I find funny tho is the idiot who have an Android device yet go buy and Apple Tablet. So now that can pay for the same app twice on 2 different OS’s. Now that is just stupidity, but I guess there is plenty of stupid people in this society so Apple gets to benefit from that.

    Anywhoo the numbers are not great that is for sure and could be better. Fatc is IMO the device needed t obe released sooner and fully operational so it was NOT so close to the iSuck 2 release. So the combo of both of those things have not helped sales. Let alone the hassle to have the XOOM updated to LTE when they are ready for it. Just poor planning all the way around but I’m sure Google was on there case to get a HC device out before the iSuck 2 was released.

  • Anonymous

    Putting the BS spin on unexpectedly low sales makes the author sound like a politician, or worse, an Apple spokesman. Face it, the iPad 2 outsold the Xoom 20 to 1. Despite the hype from CES, Moto shot itself in the foot by only selling the overpriced 3G version out of the gate, not having tablet apps, not having Netflix, not having the promised Flash (although it has a beta now), not having the promised SD card.

    Xoom don’t.

    • Whap

      Soon to be the only 4g tablet. It will be a year before I pad does……xoom does!

    • Whap

      Soon to be the only 4g tablet. It will be a year before I pad does……xoom does!

  • Those numbers are very low for what it should be called a”success”. Xoom’s sales show us a lack of interest in that product from the potential market.

  • Jawshua

    Well, you didn’t used to have love for everyone… and that was a good thing. But now that iPhone is with Verizon, and they pay your bills, you for some reason feel the need to cater to them on a site that IA strictly “Android” related.

  • I have the XOOM, so far I am very happy with the purchase. I definitely see things that need to be updated etc, most importantly they need the 4G radio & microSD Support. Without those Apple has the edge. On thing Motorola should do is include a 32GB microSD card which would make it the true price leader.

  • Lilcal70

    my xoom has fully replaced my laptop except the only thing i need the lap to for is dvd burning but i’m sure sooner or later i’ll be able to do that on this dual core beautful 4G beast of a tablet haha..apple offers a weak substitute for the xoom but the reality is like it or not xoom>ipad2 & Android 2.2 is better than ios4.3 & with honeycomb there’s no comparison..thanks for the article droid life(:

  • I have a XOOM and love it, but I definitely think it’s an early adopter device as Google sought to redefine the tablet interface. That means a much more difficult and slower transition and adoption period. I think it’s way too early to deem this a success or failure, much like GoogleTV and the original G1.

  • NovaeMeme

    Okay, using a different extrapolation to compare with iPad sales, which you know damn well is what this analyst is using as a measuring stick, let us work with ebay’s numbers based on type of iPad. Clearly, other sources measuring other statistics is fair game based on this analyst’s use of the Android version stats. The most popular iPad is the lowest priced wifi only 16 gb model which commands 30% of total sales. In fact, the wifi only models are 61% of total ipad sales. Whereas the 32gb 3G has only 9% of total ipad sales.

    The original iPad sold 3 million in 80 days or 37,500 per day or 1,575,000 in 6 weeks. Of that number 9% (remember, the 32gb 3G’s only) is 141,750.

    I’d say the Xoom is a smashing success.

    • iKing

      Funny how this logic never works for the iPhone vs. 100 plus Android phones……

      • Whap

        I don’t think anyone denies that iPhone is the best selling smartphone. Again, android os is the software not the phone. Apple chooses not to have third party oems, so if android takes over due to providing users with choices, so be it. Motorola selling 100,000 units at $ 800.00/or $600.00 on contract seems successful to me. In terms of math that is 80 million dollars. I am sure had Motorola released a wifi version, an 8 gig version, you would see increased numbers. Would it surpass I pad? Nope, not yet. Mainly because the media infastructure is not in place. Once this happens, android tablets will be flying. (Btw 1.5 million presales on the HTC flyer, running android 2.2…) The market is ready for android tablets. Nuff said

        • yeah I think the fact that u need to sign a contract for the xoom is whats holding back sales. I for one don’t think the data plan is worth it on top of an already expensive device, but i would get a wifi version and i think that alot of people are thinking that and besides motorola has a shorter product lifespan than apple. good for the consumer cause there are new refreshes coming out all the time, but bad cause people are waiting for the next best phone or tablet rather than buying this beta device. I for one having bought the ipod touch first year out think it’s better to wait till generation 2 or 3 and besides that the new tegra 3 chips are supposed to be in devices come august which will put a second gen xoom as the latest and greatest tablet during back to school if not the holidays and how many of you think the pad is going to be refreshed again by august or even November? really with a quad core chip and updated graphics with a better screen and a better deveopled 4g network or even wifi with a likely better price tag I think moto is the way to go if they price it for 399 like the asus tablet that is coming out soon with almost the same specs

  • Agreed.

    The XOOM appears to be targeted toward a niche market whether intentionally or not. It just doesn’t make any financial sense to purchase a Xoom for $200 more than a device (ipad 2 16gb) that is generally the same in quality and performance.

  • MC242

    Be honest, with all the hype and the groundwork laid by Apple, 100K is an embarrassment. Motorola better get with the program and cut the price by at least $200 or they are done. Once the Playbook and Touchpad come out Android could find itself in 3rd or 4th place in the tablet space.

  • Anonymous

    i like xooms and ipads

    • Anonymous

      I go both ways too.

  • Stephen D

    No, that’s pathetic. The iPad managed 3 times that in a day. It’s overpriced, has a shitty screen, and lags. I’m definitely passing on the Xoom for a different HC tablet.

    • Anonymous

      For the features it has, the Xoom is priced less than the iPad. Therefore, the iPad is very overpriced. I am an iPad user and can tell you the iPad lags. YES -THE IPAD LAGS SIGNIFICANTLY. Between opening a browser to being able to type in a URL is 2 – 5 seconds. Scrolling the web is laggy – the crappy Safari browser is horrible, so I also use the Mercury browser – but its no faster.

      After using the iPad for 6 months, I find its more laggy than my Droid X. The iPad2 may slightly faster, but iOS is still a Dog.

  • Danthegeek87

    Geeze you guys really need to calm down a bit. So what if Kellex made a joke? Its a joke lol. You’re supposed to laugh, not go on a rant how the guy is “low” because he made an “apple joke.” Anyways, I like the ipad, its a nice device. Sure, 100,000 isnt much and im sure it will be considered a “flop” for some. But not for me I own an Xoom. Not because I think its better then an ipad, just my preference. Thats the beauty of android, choice. So I made my choice, xoom. Was it a good one? Heck yes, love that thing. Would I rather have an Ipad? I dont know, give me one and ill tell you 😉

  • Rizzidy

    100,000 means it’s not a total flop, but it certainly doesn’t make it a success.

  • Skip

    I have a xoom, wife has an ipad, I can do flash, she can’t. The above comments remind me of the early xoom commercial of the black and white apple folks with the color xoom guy. When my friends ask which to buy, apple or android, my reply has always been, if you like to be guided in how you use the device go with apple and buy android if you like the freedom to decide how you utilize the device…

  • Skip

    I have a xoom, wife has an ipad, I can do flash, she can’t. The above comments remind me of the early xoom commercial of the black and white apple folks with the color xoom guy. When my friends ask which to buy, apple or android, my reply has always been, if you like to be guided in how you use the device go with apple and buy android if you like the freedom to decide how you utilize the device…

  • Anonymous

    Oh kellex, way to start a flame war and get the trolls going. But since I’m awake, I should mention I’m writing this comment on my iPad 2. Quite frankly, it is a magical device!!!! It’s nice, shiny and thin. Everywhere I go people ask me “is that a white iPad 2?” and I nonchalantly reply “why yes it is”… (As you might have heard, ipad 2s are sold out everywhere). they oooh and ahhh to their hearts content and it makes me happy. The perfect way to compensate for a small err hmm .

    Having just said that, I agree w your article. The android os is only going to get better. Personally I was afraid to take the risk of buying the xoom and not liking the os, so I went w the iPad 2. I’m hoping iOS for the iPad 2 will evolve into true multi tasking and customization , but that’s like hoping the iPad 2 gets flash. Whelp I’m sleepy. Back to my cave (aka my mothers basement) .

  • Alright lets do a recount who has a xoom?

    Ill start I got one


  • Alright lets do a recount who has a xoom?

    Ill start I got one


  • i just received my xoom last monday, and i truely love it.. i don’t care if xoom is number 1 or ipad is number 1 tablet..

    • Lakerzz

      Amen, brother!!!