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Invites for Fring Beta with Group Video Calling Already Arriving Today

Fring sure didn’t waste any time sending out the beta version of their newly announced group video calling app, did they?  Just yesterday, they invited a limited number of users to test out the app and we just so happened to be one of the lucky few.  We’ll be giving it the proper run-through over the next few days and will report back.  Anyone else receive it?

  • Jawshua

    I wonder if Fring will find it’s way to my phone and ruthlessly stay on it like a virus, just like that POS Skype does. I don’t even have a front facing camera. I hate fricking apps like that, it reminds of back in the day, when you would delete Real Player from your computer, only to find it arrive and dig back into your computer the next day or so.

  • Jon_G

    i can connect to it, and talk to my brother (he has iphone4) but for some reason he can turn his camera around, but my Thunderbolt doesnt give me an option to? anyone know a solution?

  • Anonymous

    anyone want to share the apk? I got: We thank you for entering the beta, however we currently have our quota for beta testers. Thank you. Fring.

  • Chris

    My bandwidth hurts…

  • Monkey

    all right three way porn chat… Giggity

  • PyroHoltz

    What a surprise that DL was able to pickup a beta.

  • If any Droid Life users want to help me out with a video review for the site, please add MattDemers and send me an e-mail ([email protected]).

  • JG

    i dont have 3 friends so i couldn’t get the beta.

    Tis a sad life i lead.

    • Me,too.

      Could you share the apk file with us for limit time?

      • Chris

        You two losers should become friends.